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Old age can come quite unexpectedly due to some kind of illness, or it can come gradually when a person loses his former strength and interest in life from year to year. Elderly people become dependent on their relatives, therefore it is important to take responsibility by fully caring for them. Caring for an elderly person is a difficult process and requires a lot of patience and a lot of time. It is important to remember that you need to take care of both the physical and psychological state of a loved one.
Experts believe that the main problems of the elderly are the difficulties of socio-psychological adaptation. Old people suffer from memory impairment, reduced ability to navigate in time and space. Because of this, confusion, anxiety, fear appear.
Very often, caring for an elderly person, relatives encounter such a problem in the elderly as guilt and inferiority. Usually it occurs in those who suffer from any chronic disease, considering themselves a burden for the family.

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All is correct. Older people need to be taken care of. For example, I am now very worried about my parents because of this new Chinese virus.

Unfortunately, with age comes not only experience, but also disease. Even those who in their youth could boast of excellent health, in old years experience various ailments. It happens that a person’s character doesn’t change for the better with age - there is nothing fun in old age and disease, moreover, many elderly people feel that time seems to have carried them to the sidelines of life. They suffer from loneliness, from lack of demand, and sometimes from helplessness.

When my grandfather was very old and refused to live with us, we began to look for solutions to this problem and contacted home health care agencies where we were given an employee with a medical education who takes good care of our grandfather

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