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LED illumination of paintings, incorrectly selected according to the type of lighting and location, can cause a distorted perception of the canvas. Unfortunately, some believe that only originals need additional spotlighting, while reproductions do not need such tricks. This statement is fundamentally wrong, since correctly illuminated canvases determine the thoughtful and aesthetic design of the room and its stylistic direction. If we talk about the basic principles that you should pay attention to when wanting to buy lighting for paintings, the following criteria should be noted: the type of lamp used, mounted in the lamp, the location of the light source in relation to the canvas and the color rendition. Remember that light can distort an art canvas and transform it.

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Absolutely everyone wants to spend time not just in a home full of modern technology and furniture that correspond to the latest trend. I would like to somehow be more original, perhaps, so that everything is harmonious and aesthetically attractive, while pleasing the eye and delighting the guests. And it is in this case that a magnificent LED picture will come to your aid.

To see all the beauty of the landscape in the picture, for this you need to apply special lighting and set it correctly, and this will emphasize the quality of the picture. Today, such devices can be purchased in the online store and make the right choice.

Most often, the backlight for paintings has a laconic design. However, there are also exclusive direct wire picture lights   combining several types of textures and materials. If you decide to install lamps for pictures, then before buying it is worth considering important points. The illumination for paintings installed below will help to transform a photo of a picture into a reproduction. It is possible to emphasize the beauty of the landscape with the help of illumination from above. Luminaires with halogen lamps and incandescent lamps should be installed at a distance of at least 25 cm due to their peculiarity to heat up. The catalog contains models for illuminating pictures from below and from above, flexible lamps for side lighting, multi-lamp systems. Depending on the interior, it is easy to choose a lamp in a classic and modern style. A huge assortment of models will satisfy any design fantasies.

If there are many paintings in the house, then of course you need to think about how these works of art are on and in the best way to show all their dignity to your friends. Lamps for paintings can complement the artist's skill and create an unusual atmosphere in the house.

Correct illumination of the picture will not only allow you to see the details of the image, but also preserve the play of shades, the texture, the mood of the canvas. It will emphasize the character and uniqueness of the artistic idea and at the same time enrich the aesthetic component of the room's interior. And an unsuccessful one will easily ruin even the most expressive canvas.

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