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A car DVR is the most reliable witness to all the nuances of a trip, therefore it is an extremely useful gadget for a car. It records, stores and reproduces video and audio sequences, which will help resolve disagreements with the insurance company, and, if necessary, prove the driver's case in court. The standard DVR is mounted on the windshield of the car with a bracket with a vacuum suction cup that allows you to remove and reinstall the camera an unlimited number of times. This is convenient, but it is the vacuum suction cameras that are most easily detached from the window. A more stable and reliable mount is double-sided tape, but it will not allow you to move and reinstall the DVR.

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Because of the heavy traffic congestion, accidents often occur. To justify yourself in the eyes of law enforcement agencies and to prove your case, you need a reliable witness in the role of which you can use video recorders recording everything that happens during your trips.

This modern device will save you a lot of money on fines. You can buy a video recorder in an online store where you will get acquainted with a wide range of goods that are categorized. Such a measure helps to navigate the site and make the right choice corresponding to the capabilities and wishes of each specific buyer.

Any modern video recorder     ezlogz best eld provider   is equipped with a built-in battery. It provides the possibility of autonomous operation even when the car engine is off and the car is parked for a long time. Some models of DVRs have built-in GPS receivers. But this feature is not required. Due to their simplicity, compactness, lightness and functionality, these video devices have become very popular among car enthusiasts. The recorder is installed inside the cabin under glass - front or rear. For fastening, suction cups are used that securely fix the gadget to the glass. These mounts are not afraid of vibration effects, high humidity and the risk of the suction cups peeling off is minimal.

The presence of a built-in or flip-down display allows you to fully customize the car DVR and also quickly view the recorded videos to resolve controversial situations. In this case, the presence of the display, as it were, confirms the presence of a DVR in your car and has a psychological effect on road users.

Now it is difficult to find a motorist who would not use a car DVR. Car DVR is a very interesting novelty that, in addition to recording video in very good quality, also has a radar detector function thanks to the built-in GPS informer. The model is compact, practical and reliable.

The registrar model is selected based on personal preference and budget. We recommend the classic candy bar in the middle price segment. The most popular models are concentrated in the range from 4000-8000. All that is above are premium autos or hybrids (a radar detector and a navigator in one case).

A convenient function is the information displayed on the screen about the vehicle speed and other parameters at the time of an emergency. The battery capacity has an increased resource and the battery built into the device retains a record when the power is turned off.

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