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Girls, who goes/has gone to the gym for workouts or group classes. What kind of clothes do I need to buy for this? I want to go to the fitness (trainers) and aerobics, and what clothes I need to buy? I know what not cotton and that' all :( and about footwear share your experiences in this direction.

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Fitness clothing should be comfortable for squatting, bending over, and stretching. Sports clothes should not have rough, protruding seams. For Pilates, Callanetics, stretching, fitness yoga it is enough to choose a bra with a light degree of support.

If you don't sweat too much during training, a cotton T-shirt may be fine (but it's better to take two for training, so you can change if necessary). On legs it is better to wear leggings and bikinis made of synthetic fabric, because if you sweat, they will not show wet sweat stains. As for the color and model - at your discretion, I have a favorite - legging rose from AchievePrime. Some people wear thermal pants, but coaches say there's no point. You need sneakers so that your foot is well secured.

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