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How to determine the quality of the leather

1. The easiest way to identify genuine leather or artificial is to touch it. Genuine leather will quickly become warm, while remaining dry. The leatherette, on the contrary, will only heat up after a while and even become a little damp from your hands.
2. For this method we need water. Drop a couple of drops on the skin, somewhere from the inside of the jacket. Genuine leather absorbs water and darkens a little. Artificial water does not absorb, and a drop just rolls off its surface.
However, this method does not give a one hundred percent guarantee of the result, because modern products are treated with water repellent.
3. For this method, our main tool is the eyes. Look carefully at the skin. For clothes made of genuine leather, the edges (hem) will be slightly rough and not processed. If the edges are processed and tucked, then in front of you is a leather substitute.
4. In general, slices can tell a lot. This, so to speak, is the visiting card of the material. In artificial leather, the cuts are usually smooth and similar to plastic or foam. And basically artificial leather has fabric, knitwear or non-woven material. In genuine leather, on a slice, you can see the intertwined fibers. But on jackets in the store there is usually no way to demonstrate a cut.
5. If possible, be sure to look at the inner surface of the skin - the wrong side. In a professional language, the wrong side of the skin is called the scary word "mezdra." In genuine leather, the mezdra is similar to suede, velveteen, velor or velvet.
Now look at the texture of the skin - its natural pattern. In genuine leather, it does not repeat; in leatherette, it is the same over the entire surface. The same goes for skin pores. On natural skin, they are arranged arbitrarily, on artificial skin they have the same depth and shape.
6. High-quality skin to the touch delicate thin and soft. Squeeze the skin in your palms and release sharply. What do you see? High-quality skin will not hesitate strongly and immediately, before your eyes, it will begin to straighten.

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Great info! Now I will know how to determine the quality of the skin

For me, a tactile feeling is important. I like soft skin.

eats a lot of different skin cranking technologies. Its quality will also depend on it. The source material is also different.

Previously, when I wanted to buy leather products for myself, I often bought products from fake leather. For some reason, it’s very difficult for me to determine the quality of these products. So a month ago, a friend of mine recommended I contact olpr.  this is a small leather workshop in Mursville and only high-quality materials for crafting are used here, and ordering is very fast. In addition, olpr products. have a very beautiful and original look due to the use of color stitching

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