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How to protect children when they are on the Internet - criminals?

The internet can be a great place to study, shop, play computer games, and hang out with friends. Unfortunately, there are also intruders, identity thieves and others out there who might try to harm you online. In order to stay safe on the Internet, it is important that you and your children are aware of the dangers that exist.

Many children believe they know how to be safe on the Internet. However, there are several reasons why children are most often at risk. They may not always think about the consequences when sharing too much personal information. In addition, children are sometimes attacked by online bullies or intruders.

If you are a parent or guardian, you can help your children stay safe online by talking to them about using the Internet, educating them about the dangers of the Internet, and learning as much information about the Internet as possible so you can make better decisions. if necessary.

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When your child spends time at the computer, do you know what he is doing or who is communicating with him? A study by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in America found that while most parents reported talking to their children about safe Internet use and established guidelines for safe computer use, less than half of them regularly check their children's online activities. In addition, more than half of the children surveyed reported that they did not need parental permission to use the Internet and that they did not have any restrictions on the number of hours they spent on the Internet.

Discuss with your children what they have learned from the Internet, talk about the dangers!
It is in your power to protect your children. Install Refog Keylogger
This program will record all the actions of children at the computer. You will be able to find out with whom and what your children are talking about. This is an elementary way to keep your kids safe.

I finally found a great solution!

About a month ago I installed phone tracker . This gave me great features such as seeing the 24/7 location of the child's phone; know with whom and what the child is talking about on the phone; know who and what the correspondence is going on in social networks and messengers; know what games the child is playing on his smartphone; know what applications are installed

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