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Looking to transition to a new career in IT

I'm wondering how to transition to a career in IT. I'm an ex-submarine radioman with a wide spectrum of electronic and IT skills. I've earned my A+ which hasn't helped me get a career. I'm currently in school working towards my Security+ soon. I'm also taking some online classes from Microsoft that will lead me to a "self starter certificate" as well as teaching me some basic Python.

I live in Seattle, a tech hub, and am not sure what it takes to get going. The jobs I've seen all require degrees, experience, or both; I have neither.

I don't expect to be earning big bucks right away, but a decent career where I can learn and grow would be awesome.

How do I get going? Where are the entry level jobs? Thanks!

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Having such good knowledge is make your entry easier in IT field. There are more scope in IT industries and its upon you how much you can learn and apply in field. 

I recently got my job at Apple !!!!! It was my dream!!!! To get the job i was getting ready for the interview. I was helped by interview questions at apple . Bizarre and tricky interview questions job seekers have faced at Apple.

It specialists are now in great demand. I hope you can find a company that needs your knowledge.

You have good experience! Have you thought about your own business or freelancing? You can create your Instagram account, use Instagram promotion This will give you popularity in Instagram and the opportunity to receive orders!

I myself doubted whether I could make such a breakthrough. But the reality turned out to be simpler than I thought. There are special services for finding remote IT jobs. This applies to both experienced professionals and beginners in web development - I filled out my resume and my employers wrote to me. Everything is much easier than in a normal job search situation. Even my interview was virtual.

Yes I do! What can you offer to me?

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