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Migration to the cloud is the process of moving IT infrastructure to the power of cloud services. Every year more and more companies are switching to such a solution. Its advantages are obvious: there are no load restrictions, no difficulties arise with the addition of new projects. Constant updating of services allows you to instantly respond to new business requirements. The use of cloud services allows you to reduce the cost of money and time for administration, provides flexibility of tasks and control over peak loads. And these are not all the benefits of transferring business processes to the cloud.
Migration of information systems is a fairly popular phenomenon in the world market. Such corporations as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have already refused to store data on their own servers. In the coming years, this list will only expand. Small and medium-sized businesses are most actively using cloud services.

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The benefits of transferring the entire IT system under the control of a Cloud operator are obvious and undeniable. Especially when it comes to commercial enterprises, because business is sensitive to the effects of external and internal factors. This solution solves most of the structural development problems at once.

Cloud migration is the transfer of enterprise IT resources from internal data servers to a public or private private cloud architecture. The process includes the use of specialized software for virtualization and performance enhancement. Migration can be done either with public cloud hosting tools or by creating your own cloud.

Building the cloud is the starting point  To start working, you need to transfer all working programs and their data to the cloud, integrate programs with working equipment and processes without radically changing them. Migration to the cloud changes the responsibilities of the IT department, but does not completely eliminate them. It is necessary to train the staff and make sure that the team knows what tasks they are still responsible for and how the new environment works. On the cloud drive, you can create various documents and share them with other employees. A flexible remote environment is great for building enterprise remote desktop database applications, CRM interaction models and administration tools.

The implementation of reassembly, with all its greater complexity, increases the efficiency of resource use by tens of percent and even fundamentally raises the level of service reliability. And most importantly, it makes it possible to quickly test and roll out service updates into industrial operation, reducing the time to market for new products.

For every technology or business requirement, there is a cloud service (or several in some cases) that meets your needs. Knowing what is best for you can help you make better decisions and achieve your cloud computing goals. One of the main tasks of cloud consulting is mapping your cloud service requirements.

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