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How do I promote my art on Spotify? What algorithms does Spotify use and is it possible to cheat? Or is it still worth hoping that one day success will come by itself?

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The first thing an artist has to do on Spotify is set up a profile. The setup is done through the tool Spotify For Artists, where you can not only upload photos and music, enter a description of the project, but also track statistics. It is desirable to make the profile in Spotify as detailed as possible. The user's path on your page should be simple, clear and comprehensive. There should not be a situation where a person clicks on the profile and does not see playlists, clicks on bio and does not see the text, links to social networks and photos. The listener is hungry for as much information about your project as possible so they can subscribe and get lots of likes.

There are many different ways to do it, and in the end it all comes down to marketing strategies, investing a lot of money, and no guarantees of success. Yes, that's true, it's all life and no one is immune to failure. But we also all know one important thing-no one listens to no-names. So whatever promotion option you choose, you need to show future followers that you already have an existing audience. If you don't, all attempts will fail. My advice is to visit the Cloutsy website for the best deals.

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