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Cryptocurrency is digital money. They differ from the usual in two main parameters.

Independence. Crypto money is not tied to any existing currency, nor to the price of oil, nor to any other asset.

Virtuality. Cryptocurrency exists only in the digital space, it is stored in an electronic wallet.

The cryptocurrency does not have a regulatory body like the Central Bank. The only type of digital money emission is "mining" (mining, mining) by users who run applications. For the use of resources (computer power), they are transferred some amount of virtual money. The more powerful the computer, the more "mining".

it all started with bitcoin, which appeared in 2009. The boom in popularity of digital coins began three to four years later. And now about 300 types of cryptocurrencies are traded on the largest exchange.

Anyone who is advanced in technology can write their own cryptocurrency, even a schoolboy. And this is not a metaphor: tech-savvy students do create their own crypto money. Cryptocurrencies are written according to approximately the same principle by which programs are written.

The "finished" digital coin needs to be listed on the exchange so that users can buy it. And it is better not to one exchange, but to dozens: just as it is more profitable for a farmer to supply milk to ten stores, and not to one store. And the more a person buys your cryptocurrency, the higher its rate will rise.

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The cryptocurrency market is not limited to one bitcoin and boasts many promising analogs that require separate consideration. Ethereum is one of the new types of electronic currency, a timely financial investment in which can contribute to a significant increase in the final profit.
You can buy or sell Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies using online exchangers. Here you can choose an exchanger for eth to usd or for any cryptocurrency

Ethereum is one of the new types of electronic currency.

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