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Guided Missile is a vehicle specialization available in Battlefield 3. "Laser-guided missiles launched by the pilot which can lock on to and track enemy land For Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic diamond on it, that means you can lock on with the guided missiles. Jun 28, 2016 Fellow IGN and Battlefield 3 (X360) fans can also join our friendly platoon "Platoon Unlocked" through Battlelog (click the link or search for Nov 17, 2011 Contents[show] Battlefield 3 Guided Rocket Vehicle Guided Rockets do not require a previous lock-on to track enemy vehicles and cannot be countered or Personally i got battlefield 1942 installed through origin. Battlelog just Seeing that every battlefield game is of EA that shouldn't be a problem. How can to obtain a TV missle ( do u have to unlock it )_ should get most of the kills and if he has TV missile unlocked get your nose up in the Guided shell is a perk that requires teamwork to use effectively (or at all). You need a teammate using a laser designation device (SOFLAM, I've unlocked the TV-guided missiles for the attack jet, attack chopper, and attack boat. It feels like I am completely unable to control the.Oct 8, 2011


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