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39 Days to Mars is a co-operative (and single-player) steampunk puzzle-adventure game.

Step into the shoes of Sir Albert Wickes and The Right 5d3b920ae0

Title: 39 Days to Mars
Genre: Adventure, Indie
It's Anecdotal
It's Anecdotal
Release Date: 25 Apr, 2018

English,French,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Italian

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The game basically boils down to: Solve puzzles that are made signifcantly more difficult due to the awkwardness of one person controlling the left hand, while you control the right hand. Maybe that's fun for you for extended periods. My buddy and I got through a couple of levels before it became dull. What really kills this game is that, in an effort to pad out the gameplay, you have to perform the 'make tea' or 'make scones' challenge repeatedly. Neither of these challenges are fun; they're a 'forced fun' wall that you have to climb over to get on to the next challenge. The ham-fisted parody of 'this is how Ye Olde English people act' is humorous as a premise, but the repeated bludgeoning of the schtick becomes quickly tiresome. ** Ho ho ho - the ship is falling apart, but they must have their tea first! Ho ho - so English! ** Repeat that 20 times. If you're ready for that joke again a 21st time, then this game may appeal to you. I want to give props to any game that attempts to focus on co-op (where you work together, not where you have to compete against one another). Perhaps this game deserves praise for that, but it feels like they took the simplest path in both concept and humor to get there.. Very fun, yes.. enjoyed playing this game with my hubby. Good game, the puzzles are meh but can be fun with others but not really worth the money for time you get to play took me 35 min to complete the game first time 15 the second, went back second time for better results since did not like how it went first time but yeah not really worth the money but still a good fun game, though wish the puzzles were a bit more. Edit: There was a content update, which gave some new puzzles. I estimate the gametime is now twice as long as before - I will change to thumb up! Very nice co-op game for 2 players. That's how co-op should be. But unfortunately it is really short. There is even a achievement for beating the game within 20 minutes . The only reason for replaying it, is collecting all the achievements. With a friend you can have an hour of fun, but the full price is a little bit too expensive in my opinion.. Briefly, it's a good game. Do not expect high levels of adrenaline. It is super casual, a very short but beautiful story and characters that you will love. If you want to see something more detailed about 39 Days to Mars visit Brevemente, es un juego bueno. No esperes altos niveles de adrenalina. Es super casual, una historia muy corta pero hermosa y personajes con los cuales te encariars.. Twice now have been forced to start new adventure, requiring play through of not-fun intro quests. No thank you.

Additional Victorian Adventure coming July 23rd : New puzzles, new adventures, and a healthy dose of scones will be arriving in a free update to 39 Days to Mars on July 23rd! The Additional Victorian Adventures update will contain a variety of new puzzles devised to stretch your brain and your co-ordination in new, fun, and unusual ways.. 39 Days to Mars is now available on the Nintendo Switch! : Clear out the tea strainer, oil your penny farthing, and hunt out your Joy-Con controllers, because: 39 Days to Mars is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Yes, Albert and Baxter have set off - once again - on their ill-fated adventure. And now it's in a more portable, share-able format. You can find more details and buy it directly on the Nintendo eShop. [] To celebrate the imminent demise of the HMS Fearful (and the launch on the Nintendo Switch), I've edited together a brand new trailer that's packed full of explosions.. 39 Days to Mars is Out Now : Pack the teapot, fill the coal scuttle, and get ready for the most fantastic little adventure you'll have this week - because 39 Days to Mars is now available on Steam! It's available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Here's a gameplay trailer that will give you a peek into the world of Albert and Baxter and their somewhat unorthodox voyage to the red planet. If you feel inclined to adventure, come and join the discussion on Discord [] or over at the Steam Community .. 39 Days to Mars is coming to the Switch and Xbox! : Pack your teabags, and hang on to your penny-farthing. 39 Days to Mars is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2019! I'm excited to say that development is already under way, and you should be off and sailing to Mars on your favourite platform earlier rather than later in the year. The console releases will come complete with the expansion content from the PC version, as well as all of the small updates and quality-of-life improvements that have been made along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements - including the launch dates for each platform closer to the time! If you're impatient for an adventure, you can also pick up 39 Days to Mars right here on Steam - and to celebrate the news it's going to be on sale from the 3rd to the 10th of December! Don't forget there's also a discord for you to join [] and chat with us about the game.. Additional Victorian Adventure Available Now! : It's here! New puzzles, new disasters, and a healthy dose of scones are now available as a free update to 39 Days to Mars. Visit the 39 Days to Mars Store Page The Additional Victorian Adventure update contains a variety of new puzzles devised to stretch your brain and your co-ordination in new, fun, and unusual ways. The content slips seamlessly into the existing story, making the ill-fated 19th century adventure a little longer and a little more puzzling. So grab your walking sticks and join or revisit Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter in this co-operative steampunk puzzle-adventure. Work together on the problems that arise to keep the two hapless engineers alive; prevent the ship from falling apart around them; and successfully pilot the HMS Fearful on its maiden voyage to Mars. 39 Days to Mars and the additional content is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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