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About This Game

3DRPG is a voxelized old-school RPG where you explore a Randomly Generated world filled with random dungeons, towns and people! Every character in the game is recruitable. Hunt for prey or go fishing for food. Search for treasure in dungeons and fight monsters on the way!

You are a lost soul wandering the Underworld in the army of undead. Somehow you break free from your state and face Burzur, Lord of the Underworld. You make an agreement with Burzur, if you complete his task, you'll be free to live life again. Your task is to hunt down the killer that killed you in the first place. And so your journey begins!

- Randomly Generated World, Towns, Dungeons
- Every Character Is Recruitable
- Old School JRPG Battle System With A Twist
- Mentor System
- Crafting Armour, Weapons & Potions
- Hunting Prey & Fish For Food
- Clearing Mines & Gather Minerals
- 15 Professions
- 5 Weapon Types
- 350+ Different Equips
- 50+ Different Enemies 7ad7b8b382

Title: 3DRPG
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Doomster Entertainment
Doomster Entertainment
Release Date: 12 Jan, 2016


  • OS: 7
  • Processor: AMD A10-7300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon R6
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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This game got some attitude, if you are into it you might like it, personally i find it a bit boring, i bought it for cheap in any case so sometimes i might venture in a turnbased rpg that seems real time but it isn't, that's the attitude and it isn't cheap if you are a passionate of the genre, otherwise it's not exactly what you expect.. Procedual generation kills this game... you feel the faulty system working every time you enter a zone... because everything feels the same... 1 Life and back to start... It didn't grasp me in any way. skyrim 23 best game out now get yourself a copy now
. Don't waste your time.

If, after a few hours of playing, your game starts running in slideshow mode (eg. far too slowly to be playable) despite the fact that you're using hardware that can run Skyrim on max settings, you'll receive no help from the developer. In fact, the developer will ignore you for four months and then finally respond to you and ask you whether the problem is caused by something which you've already told them could not have possibly caused the problem. Why did it take so long to respond to the bug reports related to their fairly new game? It's simple: they openly admitted that they were more interested in working on new games rather than supporting the one they had just released.

I'd comment on the actual gameplay, but I'm afraid I was only able to play a few hours. What I did see was mostly bland and repetitive, though. Menus and dialogues were buggy, the fishing system was a pain, the whole thing screamed "MADE IN UNITY", and there was nothing to do other than kill stuff, forage, craft stuff, and repeat.. The first few times I played this game, I really had no clue what I was doing.
then it slowly started to click, now I'm having a great time playing this little game.

First off, this game should be *needs to be* played with a Controller, be it Steam or Xbox, it's just easier. (I had problems with it not responding to my keystrokes on my laptop, controller use is near flawless (you'll occasionally charge an arrow and have it drop as if it didn't register the charge.)

The idea is you've been killed, but your soul escapes the underworld are you come back to life. you choose a "challenge" to keep your life, be it killing your killer, making money, or killing monsters, amongst other things... additional challenges unlock with subsequent playthroughs, you can only start with "Killing your killer" or "exchange your soul for another"

When you start, go to a town ASAP, talk to people, add one to your team, you can have up to 6, with 4 active, this is based on your influence or level (+1 to party to every 5 levels gained, max team size by lv. 30) and whether or not you fill their requirements, (stat levels, skill levels, number of kills, amount of wealth, etc.)

Moving, searching for treasure, and clearing mines takes food. if you don't have enough food, you'll be forced to gather more. you can hunt/fish/gather it from any tile but towns, make sure you cook it before you leave the area. it's super easy, point and shoot, then pick it up, push a button to cook it, simple as simple gets.

Characters can learn each others skills by setting them as one anothers mentors, this makes for skill raising to be an easy task (I'm dealing 3k-5k damage with my strongest attacks), the stronger the skill, the longer the combo, and the longer to learn it (I've seen as high as 8 hit combos). different weapons and classes make for different skills, some can be learned regardless, (my whole team knows Lunge and Triple Strike)

Each tile has a level, if your lowest team member's level is lower than the tile, the number is increasingly red. If your lowest level is higher than the tile, it's increasingly dark grey. a white number is equal to you. I DO NOT RECOMMEND going more than 1 or 2 levels above your own, you're gonna have a hard time.

The controls are simple enough, choose your attack, your target, and hit the A button when the two moving squares line up. if they're not overlapping, you miss/break your combo, the closer they are, the critical hit chance goes up. all in the reflexes.

The isometric graphics are meh, and the camera has ADHD during the battles, and there's a terrible blur in a couple areas... Redaval Town is almost unviewable, but I discovered its that way for a reason, FYI...

-expect it to move slow in the beginning, expect to die in the beginning. it's just the way of the game.
-check EVERY MOUNTAIN for mines, the monsters are great for grinding (you'll have to sooner or later) and the resources are necessary for decent progression.
-always go for the investigate events, it's a valuable farming resource.
-Craft often, you'll need the skill 100% Maxed asap.
-you'll run out of leather more than anything.
-sell everything you don't use, there's no reason to keep it unless you're one of those 100% sive file completionists.
-you WILL grind. and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind....

all in all, I'd give it 8/10 certainly replayable, but quite repetitive.. Controls are wonky, the HUD gets lost in the over-done bloom, challenge is nonexistent, and the collision detection is so crap that you can easily find yourself accidentally trapped in an out-of-bounds area with no way to return. From what I can tell, this game makes the mistake of confusing mechanical bloat and complexity and raw number of options with fun and quality and actually meaningful options.

You have a buttload of options at the very outset, but from what I could tell they're basically cosmetic, because the actual combat gameplay was so simplistic that there's no way it could possibly account for all those minute differences between classes. Not only that, but the battles themselves are basically modeled after the very worst of the turn-based grindfest genre, with unimaginative enemy design, gratingly repetitive music, obnoxious visual effects, an unexplained battle/statistic system, and EXP/loot rewards so low that you'll probably be falling asleep before you reach Lv 2.

0/10- Was expecting 3D DOT GAME HEROES graphics and nostalgia-fueled fun meets Final Fantasy IV old-school RPG goodness, instead got MOTHER's obnoxious grinding with none of the charm or the wit combined with enough meaningless options to make a classic choose-your-own-adventure book jealous.. i had already written a review of this game at one point i thought but it seems to be missing.... so here goes:

i bought this game AWHILE back now... because of some really kind of over-unnecessarily negative reviews, and the fact that the game intrigued me.

this game is... not very well polished, a bit repetetive, and overall may not be for everyone... BUT!

this game has some really cool points to it, and is actually kind of fun to do a playthrough every here and there. it'll only take you 2-5 hours more than likely to complete most 'storylines'.

if you've played other simple RPGs you may like this one. i used to play a lot of games that other people would scoff at, like final fantasy mystic quest and some of the old dragon warriors and the like on the old snes/nes and i have to say it's nice to have a game whose sole purpose is to just make a character and go on a journey casually at my own leisure.

the game has some cool mixtures of elements, like a survival element with food, and hunting/gathering... it's kind of interesting to have in a game like this, especially since that sort of brings the feel of a survival-crafter into it (which it isn't, at all, but still kind of cool to have elements of).

there's a lot that this game sort of leaves for want but... i can see a really cool sequel to this coming out at some point and rocking the socks off of this one, but in the process getting more people to buy this one too.

i would recommend it if you have the cash and dont mind casual exploration and random battles with very little focus for story. it's clunky and odd but charming nonetheless.

Update 2016-01-13

- Fixed a flee bug (you're not supposed to be able to flee from ambush)

Update 2016-01-14

- Bug: Lilithium Mines did not provide ores (fixed)
- Special dungeons smaller
- Raised base stats a bit
- Removed certain enemies in low lvl dungeons, to avoid being insta-killed
- Reset active player cursor in battle (so it does not remain active)
- If collected all treasures, spawns an exit-prompt (don't HAVE to exit)

Update 2016-01-14

- Dungeon compass > shows closest treasure dir
- Minimap rotates with player
- Don't allow ambush on lvl 1

Update 2016-01-15

- Dungeon bosses now added!
- Bug: After battle in Redneval Town game freezes (fixed) (was caused by latest patch)

Update 2016-01-15

- Enemies gain combat levels aswell (attacks get more powerful as they level)
- Balanced higher lvl enemies a bit (steeper leveling curve for enemies)

Update 2016-01-16

- Selecting Burzur event with mouse led to a crash (fixed)
- Character Join Req. "Killer" exceeded lvl 5 (forgot to update after patch) (fixed)

Update 2016-01-17

- Max food ammount added (20 per character in party)
- Fixed sound bug while fishing

Update 2016-01-22

- Pre-Load Shaders (in hope of fixing some of the lag)

Update 2016-01-23

- Bug: Invert-y axis didn't work as intended (Fixed)

Update 2016-01-31

- Bug: Player could move outside of worldmap boundries (Fixed)

Update 2016-02-03

- Hard Reset: in Main Menu press Tab + R to hard reset everything (lose all stats saves etc. if your save file gets corrupted after a power outage etc.)

Update 2016-02-09

- Bug: could go into free-cam mode while in cooking animation (fixed)

Update 2016-02-17

- Bug: could go into free-cam mode while in fishing animation (fixed)
- Bug: Food from chests and battle didn't count (fixed)

Update 2016-05-09

- Sountrack available (in root) (Steam picks it up automatically in your Music library, so no need to buy as DLC)
- Minor fixes (performance etc)

Update 2016-05-10

- Flee from mine resulted in bug (fixed, again). OST Available:
Sountrack available (in root) (Steam picks it up automatically in your Music library, so no need to buy as DLC). PATCH 1.21 LIVE:

EDIT: crammed 1.21 in here aswell (prev 1.2) (Updates Below)

Hello! The long awaited Patch is finally here! Patch v 1.21! :burzur:

This patch has been a re-write of many systems including controls. I've also updated the Unity version and fog system.

All in all it has improved the games user friendliness alot.

Since there has been alot of changes to save files (Cloud Saves are implemented) etc. A New Game is required, but you can now Skip the intro.

Changes are below:

  • Controller Support + Vibration
  • Mouse and Keyboard Controls Updated
  • Everything is mouse accessible
  • Clickable GUI buttons
  • Free Mouse Look (not locked to 4 rotations as before)
  • FPS Mode (Standard FPS controls, no auto-aim)
  • New Crafting System (Complete revamp with GUI buttons, pictures, info)
  • Simplified Fishing (Wait for fish to get hooked, then catch it by pressing the mouse button)
  • New Mentor System: Everyone is now a Mentor to everyone else. This means that if someone is using a Sword, other Sword wielders will learn their swordskills as well. Other Combos that are "free-for-all" will be learnable by everyone too. (which ones "are and aren't" isn't apparent (yet) and I'll adress that in the next patch)
  • New Status Window: Clickable buttons. Also added an "Equip Best" function to simplify the equipping process
  • Balance to various enemies including bosses
  • There is now only 1 Equip Shop (for both Armour and Weapons)
  • Skippable Intro Sequence (Press Q)
  • Updated Character Creation with better info on classes + stats + rating
  • Updated NPCs with Profession icon above head
  • Updated so all NPCs (including player) walks with the Weapon visible
  • Changed Initiative stats of player/NPC/enemies to better balance it
  • New Fog System (Volumetric Fog)
  • BUG FIXES (Several, old ones, new ones. I've tried to find them all, but there are still a few minor ones. Should be no crashes)
  • Added a GUI "x" on Cleared Mines that were Empty
  • Mines are now auto-clamied after clairing them
  • Treasures spawn visible Equips / Items
  • Removed Dungeon Compass (that showed treasure direction) Instead use a "Light Pillar" above the Treasure to simplify the search
  • Updated Dungeon Minimap (live movement instead of steps)
  • Enabled players to heal teammates not just themselves
  • Added new Special Events
  • Updated Options / Controls
  • Cloud Saves! (Now you can finally start off where you left, regardless of what computer you used!)
  • New GUI Helpers for Controller
  • New GUI Showing If you're playing with Keyboard or Controller
  • Minor new bug fixes
  • Probably tons more stuff that I forgot to write down.

If you find bugs: Post in the Bugreport forum
If you have suggestions: Post in the Suggestions forum

Plan: I'm writing up bugs / polish ideas / features etc. For a new Patch later on. But for now this adresses the main issues.

Also there is a new price 0.99€ the reason being, I took way too long to patch the game and I feel bad about that. Sumimasen! :foxxing:
. 3DRPG is 75% Off!:
Get the game for 0.99€ (75% Off) for yourself or a firend! :foxxing: :oohapresent:
Have you played the v 1.2 patch? It's much more enjoyable to play now! :blobb:

. Doomster Entertainment Merchandise!:
There's now merchandise available for all of Doomster Entertainments games! :burzur:

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