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It's 8:08am on 8th August 1988, and the evil Dr. H8 has brought the world to the brink of total annihilation! His demands are simple: pay $88 octillion within 88 minutes, o 5d3b920ae0

Title: 88 Heroes
Genre: Action, Indie
Bitmap Bureau
Rising Star Games
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2017


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Amazing game, fun and quirky. 8/8 would play again.. Unfortunately I should put a much negative review than I want to for this Game as it is enjoyable only for the variety of Characters so NOT for his story (bare to the bones: Big bad Alien try to make quick cash taking hostage the world and mistfists heroes try to stop him. THE END no more is given to you than that so DON'T expect: cutscenes, characters dialogue with the villain, epic ending (more a "roll the credits") and things like that) and NOT for his levels (with no story the game leave you to a bunch of levels to beat and there is 88 of them, they're not randomized and you will learn to know them quickly. The first 20 something levels are fun then little by little you can see the enemies don't change much, expecially in last levels and can also see that devs put too much effort in making levels crazy unbeatable than fun (so no cool strategy to devise only a lot of luck and repeating), ideal for masochists or people who like to try,try and try levels until they beat them (pretty much like the people who play slot machines). And as someone else in these reviews pointed out Boss battles are the same for each of the 4 worlds only made the Life bar a little bit longer so the classic saying: " if you see it once you see it all" it's valid here. This are from my perspective the bad points that make this game a little bit more of a chore to play than fun. Now let's see the good part: The characters 88 Heroes is a fun brigade to know most of them useless and in there just as spoof of much more iconic heroes or to die in a spectacular explosion of pixels .You can see the developers put much more work on them than the rest of the game as each got a set of moves specific for each characters (so different in-game mechanics to use) a good brief backstory for each to give you an idea where they come from and unique voices (that make you like them more or less). They are funny, easy to get and the player will love to reuse them to try all their "quirks". Do you need 88 levels for that? the answer is No. Do they die easily? let's just say is based on how good you are with each character but even the best player couldn't complete all the levels with Mr. Colossus (too big to pass some points) or the Mucus guy (bounce everywhere and good luck passing through the skulls with the sunglasses). So the bad thing is before "retry" a character you have to collect 88 coins this to revive them and let me say there is a lot less coin around than what's really needed. Now where are we in all this? aside controlling the heroes Our perspective in-game is from the back of a monitor of the Big bad H88 this Alien guy who to be honest is also a well made character but a little repetitive in his behavior as he will in rotation comment on heroes death/winning the level: saying it's stupid or dumb, shoot manservant robot head, scream at the screen: without taking count of wich hero is on it and if you leave for a bathroom break, the villain will also go for a "pause". But in the end is fun to have around and you could tell his perspective and generic opinion on the heroes performance will be pretty much your own (slap my face each time I see them fail). The question you should ask yourself is: Is worth buy this game for 15$ only for the characters? My answer is: Meh I already throw away my money blindly for this game just because I love superheroes so retry a level every once in a while for a hour or two will be fine and hopefully (in my dreams XD) developers will come out with more content (dlc, stories/objectives sections, etc.) that will make my purchase get more meaning. If you want to help developers (who could give us some more in deep good games in the next future) and don't mind waste money [:'( *sniff* go for it. Do I reccomend other people to spend this kind of money for it: No. Go easy on this and read what you get for. Then If you still don't care.. Amazing game, fun and quirky. 8/8 would play again.. 88 Heroes is one of the worst and most disapointing games I have played on steam. As a retro fantatic the premise of this game looked amazing, retro platformer with tons of playable characters, and jam packed with humorous references to 80's and 90's. I was stoked when I stumbled on this game and skipped every other game in my backlog to play it. Unfortunately the end result is nowhere near as cool as it all looked. First the good, the humor and references in this game are fantastic. Just about every new hero made me chuckle a little bit as I read their bio. There are references to old atari games like a female version of pitfall harry complete with atari jump sound, old nes games like Lou the plumber who attacks by butt stomping, old cartoons like the armadillo brothers who fight with different weapons such as a bo staff, sais etc, and old movies like gronan who makes arnold like groans as he meanders through the levels. Those just scratch the surface of the references in this game, they are all well done, complete with humorous animations, sound effects, and comedic bios. Unfortunately, just about every other aspect of this game was terrible: 1) The screen is too small, the game has the gimmick of the main bad guy watching you through his monitor from his headquarters. As a result a good portion of the screen is the border of his screen and him sitting in his chair. This makes the actual play area way too small, you can hold a trigger to look around the level, and you will need to do this constantly to see whats coming next. This just takes away from the action and makes progressing very tedious as you are constantly stopping to see what is coming next. Another annoying thing about the view of this game is the fact that random henchman will come walking by and when they do it further obstructs the screen. Did you have fun when you were young and your parents/siblings would randomnly walk in front of the tv? Neither did I, but somehow the developer though to include random robots walking by and obstructing your view. 2) there are 88 playable characters, each time you die a new hero is randomnly given to you, similar to how rogue legacy works. However, this system is implemented incredibly poorly. First off, at least half, if not more of the heroes are completely useless. Many of them have no attack at all, and some of them handicap you in someway(example, a panda on a unicycle named wrong wei who has no attacks and all controls are reversed). When a hero dies, they stay dead, which is terrible because you never really get a chance to play around with or experiment with each hero. Sometimes you will die before you even get a chance to see what the hero does. For example, there is a hero who is a robocop spoof and attacks with a rocket. I pressed attack to see what he did, he shot a rocket, I was next to a wall, so the rocket killed me and I never got to play with him again, how could I have possibly known that would happen? 3) This leads to the game terrible difficulty. I love hard games, this game is hard for all the wrong reasons. Besides the terrible level design, which is mostly really easy, but will kill you for things you could not see, and slippery controls, you also have to contend with the terrible hero choice. You have 88 lives in this game, but at least half of them you are forced to play with unplayable characters who are sure fire deaths, I wouldn't mind the comedy aspect of it, but when all of your lives are done the game is over and you are back to level 1. This is a fairly lengthy game (88 levels total) so being put back to the beginning of the game will suck all desire you have to play the game completely out of you. 4) The time limit makes no sense, you have 88 seconds to beat each level, you also have 88 minutes to complete the whole game. You don't need to be a math genius to see what doesn't add up. If you take 87 seconds to beat each level you will run out of time and be forced to start the whole game over. I think most gamers as a whole hate time limits, but if you must have one at least make it a level to level thing. Who wants to go through a game only to realize, after playing for 88 minutes, that you are forced to restart and re-do all 88 minutes. 5) The boss battles in the game are terribly boring, every 22 levels you fight a boss, but because the developer decided to make half the heros useless they had to be designed in a way that any hero could beat the boss. As a result they are all the same, a rocket in the middle, you jump on a button to fire a rocket at the boss, rinse and repeat until dead. The best word to describe this game is tedious, it has so many good ideas, but they are all implemented so poorly that it just makes you not want to play. With a few tweaks this game might be decent, but as it is this is one of the most poorly executed games I have ever had the displeasure of playing and should be avoided at all costs.. 88 Heroes is an arcade style game developed by Bitmap Bureau and published by Rising Star Games in 2017, released on the pc, Xbone, and PS4. 88 Heroes is the spiritual successor to that 8 game the narrator talks about in The Stanley Parable. At 8 AM on August 8th, 1988, Dr. H8 announces to the citizens of earth that if he doesn't receive 88 octillion US dollars withing 88 minutes, he will throw 88 nukes at the planet from atop his 88 story space tower! To thwart his evil plan, Dr. Cupid (Dr. H8's sworn nemesis) sends out the call to assemble a crack team of super heroes to save the day! Unfortunately, the only person of note who shows up is Batman, so the two of them collect 86 of the ok-ist super heroes they can scrape up on short notice and set out for Dr. H8's space tower. We know the story here's an instant classic, so how are things in the gameplay department? Well, in general, it's a fairly generic platformer; run, jump, and gun your way through a deadly obstetrical course of enemies, traps, and pitfalls. You get 88 coins for an extra guy, you run to the level exit without loosing it. Basic platformer. What makes 88 Heroes stand out is of course, the titular 88 playable heroes in the game. They get pretty whacky, some of my favorites include Dr. Scitzo the bomb lobbing madman, Beelzebutler the Black Butler parody character, Power Hos the spanish firefighter, and Major Overload the cosplay electrician. They aren't all winners though, a lot of these guys straight up blow, ether for poor design or for bad movesets; like the various meme characters such as Rick Astely, El Delayo the input delay hero, and Glass Girl, the character who takes fall damage. In the main game mode you control one of these freaks and/or geeks selected at random and must make use of their power (or lackthere of) to get to the elevator at the end of the stage without dying. The game ends when you loose all 88 heroes or fail to clear all 88 floors within 88 minutes of total playtime. To win the game, all you have to do is get a hero into the final room and defeat the last boss in what I would describe as a simple reflex minigame. All the boss fights boil down to basic reflex minigames to ensure that each hero can beat them; and while it's very thoughtful of the dev, it's also super boring. I suppose it's for the best though, I've got into plenty of situations where I'm forced to cram Captain Colossus through though a tiny hallway (oo-er) or Ladder Lola through a level where you have to go down. Still, it's intensely satisfying to nail a level on the first try, and it only gets better when you do it as a hero with moves (like Toxic Snot, the bouncy ball) and Dr. H8 threatens to throw a temper tantrum. Speaking of temper tantrums, this game gets hard. I'm talkin' balls to the wall, controller throwing, drunken cursing, hard. Not only do you have to restart an entire floor if you die, no mater where you die in the level; but at a certain point you're going to start loosing more heroes than you can revive with coins. This cruel difficulty, coped with the relentless and harshly strict game timer make for some high stress, blood boiling situations. If you're a hothead like I am, you'll definitely need to take frequent breaks. Still, the game is very completeable with practice, and even if you're bad at the game, Batman will come to the rescue with his overpowered time stop power. with basic pattern recognition you can complete the whole game with him. 88 Heroes is a simple game with a simple goal, and while not as stand-out as some other titles that came out in 2017, I feel like it definitely earned it's place in my collection, a solid title. Originally posted at ! Follow me there for more reviews!. An extremely fun game, all of the heroes are unique and interesting, fun and silly. The random aspect of keeps the game fresh and fun. It reminds me alot of an old Genesis game called Kid Chameleon, but with way more heroes. Also has a very enjoyable sense of humor and fun tone to it. very awesome game.. 88 Heroes isn't just some generic retro-styled game - it positively reeks of the aesthetic of 80's and 90's British computer games. Computer gaming was a far more powerful force in the UK back in the late 80's and early 90's than it was in the US. And computer games were more open to experimentation than console games. Open worlds and excellent soundtracks abounded in those days. Speaking of which, this game's unique concept also elevates it above genericness. It's crazy challenging, even on the main mode, but that's just how things were back then. It's definitely worth $15.

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