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A Detective's Novel Free Download [Patch]

A Detective's Novel Free Download [Patch]

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About This Game

On a cold November night in a desolate estate deep in the mountains an innocent life has prematurely perished. Surrounded only by his family and closest friends, a controversial yet immensely successful businessman William Goldberg passed away under mysterious circumstances. Being an upstanding member of society and the owner of Goldberg Industries, a multi-million dollar arms company responsible for providing the military during the World War 2, news of his death caused an uproar at the local police department. It seemed the case was tailor-made for the legendary detective Knox, a prodigy who successfully solved over hundred cases. Accompanied by an aspiring young detective Clark assigned by the Chief to keep an eye on him, Knox departs towards the Goldberg's estate to discover the truth behind the incident.

Miles away from nearest settlement in a mansion hidden from the eyes of public, it is only natural to presume that only those present at the time could have been involved. Follow clues, look for evidence and discover key information by interrogating the suspects. All pieces of the puzzle will be presented and it's up to you to deduce who, how and why the murder happened. A mystery visual novel inspired by classic novels from Arthur C. Doyle and Agatha Christie and "When They Cry" series.


Age: 29
Profession: Senior Detective
Blood type: B

One of the most famous detectives in the entire state, Knox has yet to stumble upon a mystery he is unable to unravel. Despite his young age, he decisively solved over 100 cases. A prodigy by nature, he rarely puts any effort in his detective work often neglecting it to enjoy cigarettes and coffee.

Age: 26
Profession: Junior Detective
Blood Type: A

A young and naive detective working on his first case, eager to prove himself. According to Knox he is a narrow minded simpleton sent by the Chief to ensure Knox plays by the book.

Age: 32
Profession: Ex-Soldier 1st Class
Blood Type: 0

Eldest son of the deceased who has just returned from the Second Great War. His intellect and bravery allowed him to prove his worth on the front lines in the Pacific. Being the eldest heir, he is the first in line to inherit his father's fortune.

Age: 58
Profession: Businessman
Blood Type: 0

Well established businessman and a close friend of the deceased. He helped Goldberg create his financial empire during the war. Despite his short temper his charisma makes him beloved by his employees.

Profession: Housewife
Blood Type: AB

The widow of the deceased. Although their marriage lasted very short she claims that she loved the deceased deeply. Ms. Goldberg is a very emotional person that can change her attitude very quickly if provoked.

Age: 65
Profession: Butler
Blood Type: B

The family butler that has served the Goldbergs for decades. Calm and patient man which despite his old age still chooses to work instead of retiring. b4d347fde0

Title: A Detective's Novel
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Amaterasu Software
Amaterasu Software
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2016


The story is interesting and the final is unexpected :). While the artwork is at least interesting (if a tad ugly), there's not much else I can say for the game. I didn't finish it due to absolutely mind-numbing dialogue and narration. Spelling errors, melodramatic\/immature outbursts, no clear flow... there was nothing to lead toward an investment in the story. Flat characters who--when attempting to be entertaining--were about as funny as a rotten corpse. In fact, that's an insult to the corpse.

Even at \u00a30.79, I would not recommend this and, if you see it going for free, I suggest you spent your time playing something else instead.. Great Game xD. This game is pretty abysmal and I simply can't force myself to get through it. First of all, something that you notice almost immediately that is just incredibly irritating for a game centered around it's story, is that it has a LOT of typos and grammatical errors. Which normally you can overlook, but you really can't when a game is focused entirely on text and there isn't anything else too interesting about it to make you overlook it.

As you continue on the personality of the main characters just becomes absolutely unbearable, Knox is a total ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ for no reason whatsoever and his partner Clark is just a cuck who takes all the crap Knox gives him with no actual resistance whatsoever.

But if you try to look past the poor grammar and terrible characters, you're just met with another steaming pile of sweaty♥♥♥♥♥ and that pile is known as the actual game itself. It doesn't play how a crime-solving game should play such as Ace Attorney or something along those lines. No, this game doesn't even let you examine the full evidence to try and figure out the case, all your options are just pointless because this is just a train wreck of watching Knox berate Clark with a series of mispellings and bad character design.

I got this game for $0.49 and I really try to keep an open mind about games, especially when they have such low pricing you really just try to overlook anything bad, but this entire game is just an atrocity and I am petitioning to make this game officially recognized as a war crime by the Geneva Convention.

Do not play this game even if it eventually becomes free, it isn't worth it even then.. Pretty twisted ending, tricky if u are not lucky with the questions u ask, the rest of the game was well written and the characters are pretty interesting and unique.. The vast wealth of characters drew me in. The finely photoshopped backgrounds that surrounded the supremely human and lifelike drawings kept me watching with a close eye. Especially the young girl character Alex, who will stay in my nightmares for many weeks to come. I was unable to finish this game, sadly, because the true horror of murder and all it's dirty details was too much for me to bear. I hope someone with a stronger heart than mine will venture forward with detectives knox, clark and don't forget ROBERT! This is a mystery worth solving. 10\/10. I'm not sure what it is about visual novels that attacts the worst of the worst developers ever to pollute the Steam store, but here we are once more. One would think the low effort glut of retro-pixel platformers is the bottom of the pile, but visual novelists have been working feverishly at being far, far worse.

The point of a visual novel is to convey a story with a modicum of visual interaction. For this to succeed, all of those elements must be of decent quality. In A Detectives Novel, we have an implementation so bad in all aspects of this, it's not only insulting to gamers, it's insulting to non gamers, in fact, it's insulting to people who've never even seen a computer before.

The story is glutted with grammatical errors and is just completely awful. It may well be one of the worst stories ever written, just for the sake of the sheer mediocrity of it. The artwork is so bad I nearly suffered permanent loss of sight... the artwork is so bad it looks like a high school art dropout tried to copy the bad artwork of a high school art dropout but failed terribly at it. I have never seen someone so devoid of artistic talent (or even practice). The developer seems to have scoured the world for the person least qualified to do visual novel artwork, and hired them for the job.

Overall this is a solid -5,398 out of 10. This game makes the entire body of video game development worse, and we are lessened as a species because of it. This game has given me PTSD.. pretty good game. Keep in mind that this is aimed for younger audiences. I did not enjoy the writing, but I am probably not in the age range. Going to recommend it since it is priced right and it fills a void in a genre that does not have enough to choose from.

I was distracted by the juvenile writing, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was unbearable. Just be prepared for it.. Pretty twisted ending, tricky if u are not lucky with the questions u ask, the rest of the game was well written and the characters are pretty interesting and unique.

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