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AppGameKit - Giant Asset Pack 1 Free Download

AppGameKit - Giant Asset Pack 1 Free Download

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This Giant Asset pack for AppGameKit contains over 500 sprites, sprite sheets and sprite construction sets providing more than 2,000 individual action orientated sprites 5d3b920ae0

Title: AppGameKit - Giant Asset Pack 1
Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Education, Software Training, Utilities
The Game Creators
The Game C


  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or better
  • Processor: Intel Celeron / Athlon Sempron or better
  • Memory: 1 G


appgamekit - giant asset pack 1. appgamekit - giant asset pack 1

Owners of the Indie Graphics Bundle (by Eldon Harris) will notice a fair amount of overlap between it and the AppGameKit Giant Asset Pack 1, especially in the space and spaceship assets. I am assuming that The Game Creators obtained a redistribution license. However, there are also some assets that are not in the Indie Graphics Bundle and the sample programs alone are worth the price of this asset pack. The second asset pack, Giant Asset Pack 2, is almost entirely made up of assets not in the Indie Graphics Bundle. In both cases, the assets are a great way to whip up a prototype with a reasonable, if unoriginal, look.. great library of 2d Assets would suit allot of games and they are constantly updating it with new ones. Although not as good as Giant Asset Pack 2, the first one still has some stuff going for it. As another reviewer mentions, this one might not be worth your time if you already own the Indie Graphics Bundle as there's a fair amount of overlap. Other than that I can cautiously recommend this pack at full price, but easily recommend it on sale. In addition to the assets it includes some useful demo code. It has the same examples found in Giant Asset Pack 2 for loading sprites from a sprite sheet, and animating sprites. It also includes a breakout clone and a space invaders clone; both of these use assets found in the pack. This one includes all of the assets for a breakout clone, a huge range of ui elements, a half dozen animated side-scrolling characters, a set of animated colored frogs. It includes a number of animated assets including explosions, fire, a number of pickups and powerups, and racing flags. It includes a few top-down planes and cars, all the assets to build a whack-a-mole clone, an asteroids clone, a scrolling space shooter, a top-down tank game, a top-down soccer game, and a handful of other random assets. It's a good number of assets for the price, but I feel like overall these assets were designed with specific games in mind whereas the assets found in Giant Asset Pack 2 are a bit more generalized.. I don't use it. I don't use it. great library of 2d Assets would suit allot of games and they are constantly updating it with new ones

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