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Risk your life in countless dog fights, returning home in a smoking plane full of bullet holes! Whether the next sortie puts you in the seat of a traditional British Spitfi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Battle Of Europe
Genre: Action
Maus Software
Strategy First
Release Date: 23 Mar, 2006


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the game is good for 3 levels onley like the game how to have the game go for all levels i will buy this game .. Flying the planes is one of the most enjoyable experiences on Steam.. I can't believe how underrated this game is! The tutorial mission isn't that difficult (the only problem is than they didn't mention you also need the left, right, up, down keys to maneuver with the plane). You just need to press W + down and that's all you need to lift the plane. W-S: Control speed A-D: Control direction UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT: Control inclination (Left-Right inclination may turn the plane down. You can correct it by using DOWN key). E: Shoot bomb/missile (Change with Q) SPACE: Shoot bullets CTRL+SPACE or CTRL+E : Shoot special projectiles (if available - Seen over score, at the left) F1-7: Activate different kinds of view. G: Pull/hide plane wheels Aaand that'd be all I guess. SPOILERS -Really loved the bomber plane mission, I was just shooting while a pilot was driving and suddenly he was shot and I had to drive the plane! It was a bit difficult since the plane was really slow (as it should be nonetheless). -I suffered a lot with the mission where you steal a reaction plane from the nazis, it wasn't specially difficult but it didn't have any checkpoint. So you could go back to the beginning of the mission quite easily. That made this mission even more difficult than the last ones. I remembered it now. I didn't know I had to press G to pull the wheels out. Otherwise I couldn't land and I ended up exploding. SPOILERS END I played this game as a child and it's been a long time since then. I hope someone else can also enjoy this game as I did.. absolute pure gas game here lads, well worthy a cheeky cop. all the planes are bare easy to fly n feel the same, but for a fiver u cannae really ask for more una.. The British planes are nice to fly.and easy.adjusting your speed will incease you time over target, but will also increase hits. I attempted several times to get beyond the "training" no avail. So, you have no choice but to fly the traning mission.over.over.over.and over. The game is apparently not suppose to do this. After the training mission, you are suppose to go on actual missions. But, the the game will not let you. SO.the game's software is CORRUPTED! I am sending a message to Customer Service . and ask for my money back.

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