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About This Game

BLADENET is a multiplayer only game of hide & seek set within a cyberpunk future.

Created by a team of two people; the game is designed to be a spy vs spy experience for friends to enjoy online.


Players blend in with the crowd simulation to stay hidden while the watch for rival players who are also attempting to keep their identity concealed.
Find and fight the human controlled avatars to collect their data to escape the program and win. Remember incorrectly attacking a crowd member will bring a swift response from the network security.


The bladenet is a virtual sub-layer which runs parallel to the real world. Inside the bladenet citizens come to go about their daily routines but unbeknownst to them it's also the place where hackers go to steal valuable information. User identities are protected in the bladenet by a simulated crowd of dummy AI users. This crowd makes it difficult for hackers to find real users and target them. Held hostage by 'The State', prolific hackers are forced to retrieve sensitive information before they can free themselves from the bladenet. 6d5b4406ea

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Flyleap Studios
Flyleap Studios
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017

English,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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Absolutely dead. Developers have been MIA since 2017 and it's looking like they gave up the ghost. No idea why this is even on Steam anymore.. games fun af with friends. BLADENET should be a slam dunk: it's SpyParty, but all the players are spies. It's like a multiplayer Hitman. I love cyberpunk. All of these things should make this game an easy win for me. What went wrong?

Sadly, the game's current state is simply not good. It doesn't run too well (at least for me), but more importantly, the mechanics at play here are unsatisfying. Maps feel dead and empty, despite being loaded with people. Everything comes with a level of jank that is just a little to strong for my tastes; it simply doesn't feel good. Objectives are simply unclear, and accomplishing them doesn't feel good.

Maybe BLADENET will get better. It's a good candidate for Early Access, but I simply cannot recommend it as a complete product in it's current state, as swell as its potential is, when it simply does not give what it could. May refund; but will keep an eye on the future of BLADENET.. Game has huge Potenial but the Controls are clunky and kinda laggy especially in Multiplayer.
I love Cyperpunk and all that Style but it doesnt really looks that great but it can be really awesome game in the Future. BLADENET presents an interesting concept in an atmospheric, beautiful world. Sadly however, there's just nobody playing it and the game itself isn't very fleshed out.

I've yet to see a recently released first person game depict a cyper-punk city as well as BLADENET. Just walking around the map itself is worth the tiny fee I paid to play this game when I bought it on sale. If you're a fan of Bladerunner, you'll love exploring the relatively small outdoor portions of the map. The inspiration the game takes from the films is very obvious (and no, I'm not just saying that because of the name).

The gameplay is fairly interesting. Countless numbers of AI characters wander around the map under the watchful eye of NPC police robots while the human players try to disguise themselves amongst the crowd by acting just like them. The human players must collect a series of objects (data tapes), and the first player that collects a certain number of objects wins.

Human players can kill each other in the tape finding competition by using the guns that are spread out across the map. However, if you mistakenly kill an AI human you thought was a player, the police robots will try to kill you.

This is where the game is interesting, players trying to identify what characters are NPCs and what ones are humans all the while trying to pretend to be an NPC so they themselves don't get spotted and killed.

But with the way the playerbase is now, nobody is going to kill you and you'll have nobody to kill either. That's because the game is dead and the development team don't seem interested in supporting it. That is why this is pointless to play unless you have a group of friends who all buy it at the same time and are willing to play it with you.

I'd say pick this up if it's on sale and you have a friend or two that's wanting to try it out. You might get a laugh from it for an hour or two together. Don't expect much more than that. There's only one map and you'll be the only ones playing it.

. is anyone still playing this game

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