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About This Game

Toxtronyx have now realised their game “Bridge2!” on the powerful Unity engine. Very realistic visuals and lots of new features as well as the possibility to create one’s own levels helped create a completely new game.

More than 50 diverse missions with increasing levels of difficulty are waiting for the virtual builder. The player can make use of the 20 original and authentically designed construction parts. As both a constructer and a structural engineer he gets to decide which of the three specifications of those construction parts he is going to use. Particular highlights are the special features such as reinforced concrete and counterweights. By using these elements you can build never before seen constructions such as balance beam bascule bridges, folding bridges and reinforced concrete bridges. The player can not only develop new bridges but also repair or complete previously initiated projects.

It is an exciting challenge constructing bridges with the given limited budget and to prove its static load-bearing capacity during different realistic endurance tests. In Bridge! 2 the developers win you over with a completely new, very realistic physics engine.

By advancing in the game you can unlock up to six different scenarios in a train and street variant each. The extensive, integrated editor enables the player to use these tools in his own missions. Players can publish their missions on the internet, thereby ensuring a steady flow of new tasks.

The soundtrack in Bridge! 2 comes from the well-known game composer Sven Gerlach who joined forces with the developer team again. Thanks to his catchy melodies, Bridge! 2 is now a real treat for your ears as well.

  • 50 different missions, 8 tutorials
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 6 diverse scenarios (two versions each)
  • 19 different construction parts with up to three specifications
  • True-to-original construction part designs
  • 8 life-like endurance tests with realistic physics
  • Missions editor: Scenario, construction parts (depend on mission progress), budget and description editable; identical to developer’s editor
  • Exchange of missions on the internet
  • Soundtrack that’s worth listening to

Title: Bridge! 2
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
toxtronyx interactive GmbH
Aerosoft GmbH
Release Date: 21 Apr, 2016


This game is a typical bridge simulator, but its a bit sloppy.

Two main issues:
1. Draw bridges are goofy and have a lot of weird oddities. They snap open or closed to surrounding roadways, which is just dumb.
2. You have to progress through the bridges one at a time. Don't like a scenario? Too bad, you can try another bridge until you beat the one you're on.

Graphics are ok, controls are ok, but overall, just feels sloppy.. It's a fun little "time killer" game, has some issues but still fun.

-Snap points don't always seems to work

+ Fun little puzzle game for those moments in between
+ Offers some interesting challenges
+ Make your own levels

- Tutorial not skippable
- All levels have to be done in order
- Not a lot of content (50 levels but all I've seen so far very short)
- Not cheap at EUR 9.99 (or the current 8,99 I spent on it)

I've enjoyed the game so far and will finish all the levels so I can recommend the game, however I do hope some extra level packs will be added either in the game or as cheap DLC (or comunity level packs will become available - on that subject: why is there no steam workshop integration for that!?). Bridge 2 is the successor of Bridge Project, to keep it short and sweet; i own the first part and ill show you the pros and cons...


B2: You cant skip it, you have to do it


Can\u00b4t choose it you have to begin with the Easy Campain - Level 1 - ?, one after another,; remind me of a school day....*headache*

Graphics: Looks real nice, fluid and good choiced colors.

Music: Nice ambient music

Sfx: Normal, nothing bad

The only 2 things i really hate are:

1. The Tutorial (not skipable ^^)
2. the very strict level tree

Can i recommend the game...?...Yes, but its no game for badass hardcore shooter cracks.

Stay away!
Aviod it if you can!
Take it if you get it as a gift!
Interesting game!
Best game of its kind!
Superb Game, if you dont have it, nobody can help you! ^^. I disliked this game (I wish I could get a refund) because it lags so much so that I can't even play it or even quit out without using force quit. It could be my computer and that is probubly (<-I don't know how to spell this word) what it is. Spent $10 for this game and it crashes right when i click to play the game. Screen goes black then says it crashed and to send the report to the developers. This is stupid. Really doubt i will get my money back or an update since the last update seems to be from 2016... Whatever. This is a horrible version of the bridge build games.
- Many levels are no more then 'connect the dots'.
- There is no room for creativity, you just have to fit the pieces.
- When testing a bridge for boats the camera will point away from the bridge, so you can't see what is happening.
- The tutorial is mandatory, takes ages. I could not find a way to skip it.
- When testing the exact same bridge multiple times the outcome varies.
- When running in fullescreen mode the menu's overflow their boxes. This means for the level menu you have to scroll all the way down to be able to click the ok\/cancel button.

I regret buying this game.
. Bridge 2 is a very good bridge construction game, where you can play a lot with physics and construction mechanics.

Bridge! 2 Update V 1.0.3:
The update V 1.0.3 for Bridge! 2 involves a very important change. The black screen crashes at non-native resolution in full screen mode have been fixed and ​​various performance optimisations were made - thus as of now building bridges run more smoothly!. Bridge! 2 Update:
The first Bridge! 2 Update is available now! The new version includes a revised Mission description of tutorial 8 as well as an optimized Menu backgrounds for a better readability. The Boxbeam raildeck separation joint gets properly unlocked for the editor and is available for everyone who solved the mission "Railway bascule bridge". Also a VSync option is added to the options menu.


  • Boxbeam raildeck separation joint gets properly unlocked for the editor and is available for everyone who solved the mission "Railway bascule bridge"
  • Mission description of tutorial 8 has been updated because some users complained that it is not clear enough how the decks have to be built.
  • Typo in mission description of mission "Footing and crossbeams" has been fixed
  • Version number is now shown in the main menu
  • Menu backgrounds are less transparent now for a better readability
  • VSync option added to the options menu
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