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About This Game

Card Crawl is a solitaire style Dungeon Crawler played with a deck of cards.

Card Crawl is an original solitaire card game in which you fight through a deck of cards. Clear the deck and defeat various monsters by picking up swords, shields and drinking health potions to replenish your precious hit points. Each run you can equip 5 ability cards (mini deck building) which will give you unique skills. Collect additional 35 ability cards which enable new tactics and even better highscores.

  • solitaire style card gameplay
  • Mini deck building
  • 4 game modes (Normal & Constructed, Daily & Delve)
  • Deck Merchant to play custom Dungeon Decks
  • 35 unlockable ability cards
  • Tricky Quests to unlock new dealer and avatar skins
  • Steam Leaderboards to compare highscores

Title: Card Crawl
Genre: Indie
Arnold Rauers
Arnold Rauers
Release Date: 7 Feb, 2018


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I am enjoying it, plus there's some grind in there for fans of boxes, but you don't have to.. The first time I saw this game, I knew I would get addicted to it. The interactions and user interface absorbs the player, and all the ability cards commensurate with eachother. Scrutinizing through the ability cards and constructing a deck of 5 is the most enjoyable part. This game is definitely worth your time.. soo this game wont work? i finish the first game and then nothing happens, the animations continue but i cant progress. tried it 3 times. Great little game to get into. Perfect for lunch breaks. Pretty Straightforward, pretty fun.. Well, my first sitting was 4 hours long. Does that tell you anything. Very enjpyable and well worth the $3.
Still havent figured out how to creat the 20 coin card, To unlock the Archer, thought for sure it was the Midas Scarf, but to no avail. LOL. Great card game with good replayability and nice progression system.. Very addictive and relaxing little card game. Hours of fun, especially once you begin expanding the deck.

Highly recommended for the low asking price.

Fingers crossed that Card Thief also comes to Steam!. Great time killer cheap too. Card Crawl is a really good casual, card based video game. It’s easy to learn and enjoyable to play. There are two things that make Card Crawl great: First, playing a full game doesn’t take long. A full game averages maybe five minutes. Second, this is a game that is a lot more tame when it comes to the difficulty. This is not another frustrating/rage inducing game. Success in Card Crawl depends on what cards you are dealt, and how you choose to play them. There is some strategy involved and you do have to think about how you want to play your cards. There are also a lot of special ability cards that you can unlock as you continue to play and get better. The game’s randomness with regards to what cards you are dealt, and which special ability cards are also randomly chosen for you, provide tremendous replay value for Card Crawl. There are also extra gamemodes and characters that can be unlocked as well. This is a game that can be enjoyed in both short play sessions and long play sessions. There’s also a mobile version available for Android (on Google Play), and for iOS (on the App Store). Card Crawl is definitely one of the very best card based video games that there is. For a game that costs so little, you get so much in return. Card Crawl is great if you like casual games and/or card games. I highly recommend it!

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