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Title: Caverns: Lost Sky
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Tetravoxel Limited
Tetravoxel Limited
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2019


  • OS: Windows 8 (64 bit only), Windows 10 (64 bit only)
  • Processor: Intel i5 @ 3.0 GHz or higher (or AMD equivalent)


caverns lost sky

The premise of this game is very exciting. I am particularly impressed by the obvious power of the game's proprietary engine - it suggests the game has a great future as the developers continue to add features. I do have a few suggestions to improve usability . the "hints" that scroll by when you launch the game need to be, at the least, slowed down a bit - they go by too fast to read completely. Better yet, give the player the ability to control how fast they scroll by. Also, eventually adding user programmability to the keyboard controls will be a great addition. All in all, for a pre-alpha release, this is an exciting RPG with enormous potential.. It's very satisfying to dig and tunnel to discover massive unexplored caverns with fancy chests, resources, and to awkardly encounter what seems like a family gathering of many challenging enemies. You never know what's in each cavern you're tunneling into. Each cavern is wholely unqiue in it's layout, size and what's inside. Some caverns are a lot more valuable than others or substantially more deadly. The game will keep you on your toes when you hear the creepy noises of the powerful and quick enemies or when you have to carefully navigate around treacherous plant species. The leveling and skill system is rewarding. As you level you find better items, including better recipes for crafting which are argulably the most valuable type of item, and Strato improves greatly as you use your leveling points as you please for the various stats. The crafting system is smooth and let's you craft much needed items on the go. There are many command features including cheats that are listed and available, although I have only tried out a couple of them as I usually like to play games without using cheats or mods. Watch out for accidentally falling off large cliffs, getting too close to colourfully harmful mushrooms and occasionally not being able to tunnel away from or defeat swarms of enemies fast enough. It is a lot fun and I am excited to continue discovering better and better items and more crazy caverns. Highly recommended.. Upon death game totally relaunches, being forced into third person camera only is annoying, why not add first person? Game looked fun, but so far it isn't. It seems very laggy, lots of stutter. I have no problem with stutter or lag in other games. There are no video or graphics settings for different resolutions, only a full screen on or off. I do not currently recommend this, but will hold on to it and keep checking back.. Game is broken, can't start, CRASH right after hitting ENTER!! Plz fix it now :(

UPDATE: Patch 0.1.3 : Hello Everyone, Patch 0.1.3 is finally here! This patch address several performance and game-play issues, and contains numerous improvements to enemy AI and combat mechanics. Included in Patch 0.1.3: The game now plays battle music when enemies have targeted Strato and are nearby Numerous threading tweaks behind the scenes resulting in large average FPS gains while chunks are loading Loading chunks now have an invisible boundary preventing the player from entering the chunk until it is loaded Enemy animation sequences now loop correctly when the same animation repeats consecutively Poneroid attack patterns have been tweaked so that they aim properly at Strato, and do not intersect each other. Some save corruption issues resulting in missing equipment when the game is saved and exited too quickly A crash on some systems within the options setting screen has been resolved Note : If you have previously installed Caverns: Lost Sky , you may need to reset your music volume in the options screen as a result of these changes. For the full list, see: 0.1.3 Patch Notes We've also increased the length of the spawn "treasure trail" - follow the torches for some surprises! Our next update (Patch 0.1.4) will finally change the game over mechanic so that you automatically load from your last save file - without restarting the executable. Patch 0.1.4 will release next week, by Friday. As always we thank the community for their suggestions, bug reports, and support.. UPDATE: Patch 0.1.9 : Hi Caverns fans! We are happy to introduce our second mob to the realm of Caverns : the Acari . These small creatures are known for ambushing unlucky Spelunkers. A short stature and fast movement speed allows Acari to prey on unsuspecting victims. Watch out for their drill-like snout which they use for a strong piercing attack! In this update, besides adding the Acari, we also overhauled our path-finding algorithm used by all enemies - including the ant-like Poneroids. Our new approach helps enemies navigate complex terrain surfaces to reach and attack Strato. As shown in the image above, enemies can now dynamically change their path to reach you as you're moving. In order to accomplish this, we have implemented a pathfinding algorithm based on D*-Lite, extended to work with agents that can navigate on walls in 3D. This new system works well enough, but it still has some issues to iron out. In other words, you can "confuse" a large group of enemies if you try! Don't get used to it - as we iron out the flaws, you may find it harder to confuse them. Implementing such an system may seem overkill, but we have a good reason for it. As each new enemy we introduce has it's own method of moving around, implementing a customized pathfinder for each would be incredibly time consuming. H* was designed to work with any method of movement, in any number of dimensions, with no changes. This means we only have one pathfinder to maintain, not several. The next update will bring additional capabilities to the Acari, such as jumping off ledges and, time permitting, underground sneak-attacks! Here is a greater list of additions for this update: Fixed problem with looping SFXs not terminating Poneroid and Acari eye colors can change from yellow to red if aggro'd Adjusted Poneroid spawn numbers and stats, adjusted CavernWeed stats Fixed Enemy shake when hit by Strato Remaining stat Points are now displayed upon leveling up Prevent most cases of mob's "lining up to attack" Improve accuracy of mobs pivoting to point at their target. Allow large numbers of mobs to "gang up" or "mob" the player without lag occurring. Rewrote wandering system to use less resources, get stuck less often. Created path debug HUD system for displaying AI thought patterns over the environment in real time (with command "showpaths"). Implemented H* ("Hippocampal D*) algorithm, rewrote AI scripts to use it. Fixed dug-out objects (non-ore) floating in the air, they now have physics as expected. Fixed spastic health mushrooms healing Strato multiple times a second For the full list of changes, see 0.1.9 Patch Notes . Our Discord Server is now properly configured, so feel free to give us a visit at our Discord! [] Here at Tetravoxel Limited we would like to thank the community for all their suggestions, bug reports, and support.. Release Date Announcement : Hi Caverns Fans! We are excited to announce next Thursday, January 31st as our Early Access release date. Since shooting the teaser trailer we have been busy adding a lot more new content. In the next few days before the release you can expect a road map post where we will discuss the game's current state, and future development plans moving forward.. UPDATE: Patch 0.1.7 : Update 0.1.7: Visual Combat Indicators. UPDATE: Patch 0.1.2 : Hello Everyone, We have released Patch 0.1.2, containing much requested fixes and changes to the Options screen, including Mouse Inversion, Mouse Speed, Resolution settings and Particle System settings. This update also contains several performance tweaks, which should hopefully help smooth out or eliminate input lag due to stuttering. In addition, we fixed an issue related to the Inventory Screen which could cause the game to crash, as well as a bug which causes equipment durability to decrease incorrectly in some cases. Some equipment (eg. Armor) did not break upon reaching 0 durability. This no longer occurs, and these items can now be broken. The changes in Update 0.1.2 include: Added Mouse Y/X - Axis Inversion Setting Added Mouse Y/X - Axis Speed Setting Added Resolution Setting Added Particle Density Setting Added Particle Enable/Disable Setting For more details, see 0.1.2 Patch Notes in the Change Log forum. Also contained in this update are several behind-the-scenes changes to prepare for the replacement of the "application restart" game over mechanic. Progress on this feature has been smooth, and we are still on track to enable it within the next couple weeks. We would also like to thank everyone for their feedback and suggestions - we consider our user's feedback the most important information we can receive, and together we hope to make Caverns: Lost Sky as fun, satisfying and rewarding as possible.

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