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Title: Constructor
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
System 3
System 3
Release Date: 26 May, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphi


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The only thing that really ruins my fun with the game is the "DO THIS OR FAIL THE GAME" missions which there are A LOT of them and they seemingly never end. For instance, Build a park with at least 6 trees and a pond or lose the game entirely. seems a bit stupid to me. I also don't like that each kill takes a bribe off the mob and i cant simply pay them straight up. Least i havent seen anywhere to do so. Ok game overall just wish i could customize the game options regarding how i want to play instead of being railroaded into a more campaign tutorial style each time. Really kills the replayability for me.. I got this game when it was on sale, because the premise looked good, but my feeling is like itu00b4s closer to a mobile game that a actual building game. I also think itu00b4s too based on buildings than the shady part you can do to gain money.

FREE PC DEMO UPDATE. 21.9 SCREEN RESOLUTIONS NOW UPDATED AS WELL AS OTHER MONITOR RESOLUTION SIZES NOW ADDED : Many thanks to all of our fans that continue to support us and give us valuable feed back that keeps improving the game. Please keep them coming. The changes in the latest free demo version address the following issues:- 1. Multi-monitor support the mouse is now constrained to the primary monitor allowing push scrolling of the screen on machines with multiple monitors. 2. Desktops smaller than 1920x1080 are now catered for properly allowing scaling and mouse push scrolling 3. Desktops resolutions larger than 1920x1080 now function correctly and the game is scaled to maximise the display 4. Game crashes following Windows suspend mode have been fixed 5. We have options to allow switching between full screen and 16:9 aspect ratios to prevent distortion on extreme wide screen or 4:3 monitors. This feature will be enabled tomorrow. Future update additions to the game. 1. We will add the option to include the old control system in the options menu. 2. Free mission update packs that are planned every few weeks 3, Continued updates and new game play additions 4. A submission site for maps will be set up in future for fans to get their maps in the game. These will be blended in to the code and chosen by the fans that will nominate monthly maps to go in. These can be created with the map editor. They will need to be hard coded in.. Happy Easter (or chocolate time!) to our fans! : Hello, once again you wonderful people. How are we all doing? Whether you celebrate Easter or you're just in it for the chocolates we want to wish you all a wonderful time! We apologise for lack of updates since mid-February, which was the last patch where we enabled the second building pack (that's still free !) as well as implementing a few more fixes. However, in the time that has passed we have been working through a backlog of issues including fixing many annoying bugs such as the floating clowns by reducing the amount of helium in his balloon. He was not happy, mind you. Many of you are no doubt (I would hope) experiencing the joy of chocolate so we will keep this one short but sweet. "Woah, but hold on BrightPaw where are the missions?" Once again, we apologise for how long this is taking to get implemented and we apologise to the fans that we have let down because of how long this is taking. The text for the missions is still in the process of being localised so we would hope that once that is wrapped up we can push them to live as soon as possible, and you can begin assisting Cobble & Stones' Construction's master foreman, Nigel Plasterboard. With that said, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful day! Oh, and for anyone who is curious what's going on in that top image. Disclaimer - Edits to certain elements of the above image were done after the fact - you can find the original image here [] at our Facebook page.. Constructor - Black Friday Madness! + Proper Planning! Update : Hello everyone! How are we all? Before we dive into the rest of the update, we would like to welcome any new fans who have recently joined us due to the Autumn sale - Welcome!!! :) If you are interested in Constructor and still have not bought the game, why not hop, skip, and jump (or just click the links below) over to the Store Page? Do not forget to pick up the second building pack absolutely free, because both the Statute of Liberty and Washington Monument now provide a trickle of income based on visitors! :) Down With That Sort Of Thing!. Constructor DEMO Update latest : The following issues have been addressed. 1. Fast Boot. The game will now quit Steam on Fast Boot so if reloaded will run without issue on most machines. 2. Windows 7 will now work on most set ups. 3. Screen resolution selection. We are now implementing the user the ability to select various screen resolutions. We apologise that it was not in the demo at launch. This option will be in our next update which we plan to put out at the end of the week. 4. The game languages on the final game will be updated to include Portuguese Brazilian as well as Polish shortly after release. Currently it supports French, German, Italian, Spanish and Czech. Russian will be added later in June with Japanese and Korean to follow. We want to thank all of our fans for their support and patience. If you have played the demo, can you please post what you think of the demo (not my demo did not load) and what you liked better in the update than in the original Constructor 1997 Classic.. Constructor - Handing You The Keys! Update : Hello once more, wonderful fans of Constructor. BrightPaw here with another announcement. That's right, in approximately. now your game should be handily updating itself to the new Handing You The Keys! Update. Oh, and how could I forget. How is everyone on this fine day? As most of the update is self-explanatory, a lot of the information presented below will be in what I am hoping will be considered 'bite-sized' pieces. However, if any part is unclear please feel free to ask about whatever might be confusing you because as usual we're here to build walls of text. Literary! Seriously, though, there is a lot of information to cover so strap yourselves in. and do not feed the tenants. As with the last few patches we are continuing to add more quality of life improvements with how certain information is presented within the boundaries of the current systems. This is currently an ongoing area of improvement. Three key changes to make it a little easier to keep track of a few things at a glance are highlighted in the three GIFs below. Additional Summary Information (Remember that right-clicking buildings will bring up this information panel.) The ability to right-click on a building and view more information about it is something that we like, and we believe that more people should use it if they aren't already! To improve this we have added the ability to see at a glance several more key bits of information: If the Tenant is a Super Tenant. The Profit (or Loss) made from selling the property in its current state. The %Rent that you, as the player, force on your tenant. Tweaks to Residential Manager The purpose of the Residential Manager has always been to view your properties at a glance and, if you so desire, immediately jump inside them wherever you might be on the map. The tweaks here add the %Rent as well as showing a handy icon if the property is automatically replacing tenants. Auto-replacement of Internal Gadgets Don't like micromanaging the replacement of internal gadgets? We have heard you loud and clear. As part of this update we are also introducing the newly implemented Internal Gadget Autoreplacer 3000 available at your nearest Constructor update. Be aware that as with Autoreplacement of tenants, this feature has its own associated cost. In this case, you will first need to install a computer into the home so that the tenants inside can keep track of their own gadget orders. Just be sure that once you have installed the computer that you mark each gadget you want to be automatically replaced! Each gadget replaced in this manner will also incur a small fee - tenants are a bit fussy about having to take care of themselves, you see. The general purpose of this feature is to allow you to continue to micro-manage things early in the game when finances are an issue, but as you begin to build up a sizeable portfolio you will be able to automate the replacement of gadgets. Combined with the automatic replacement of tenants released last update, it should cut down on a lot of the late game micromanagement if you so desire. Below is another handy little GIF that will walk you through some of the essential things to know about the feature. This also includes a look at the new stacking icons which will always be a constant reminder at a glance. Nifty! As you have no doubt established from the title, and the pre-patch announcement that was posted previously, we are now happy to say that you can set up the shortcuts to keys that suit you. Want WASD camera control? You got it. Want to pause when you press space bar? Go ahead. Want to have absolutely no keybindings at all? Well, it is certainly not advised! Of course, such a configuration is possible. To ensure that you memorise each button we have created a handy dummy UI that displays the UI as you would see it in the game. This enables a simple interface where you can click the icon and rebind it - knowing full well what you have bound is always handy! For certain functions not normally visible during gameplay we have placed those buttons in the middle of the screen so that you can rebind them. Each button has a handy tool-tip to explain the purpose of the icon your cursor might currently be over. It is important to note that when rebinding command card shortcuts, that each of those are universally used regardless of the character or building you might have selected. Still confused? Here is a handy GIF. The update also includes the most recent localisations for all of the text that has been put into the game over the last few updates. This, of course, includes the mission translations for each language in the game. We want to thank everyone for their patience whilst the translations were being worked on, and we hope that the game has become just that little bit more comfortable for you to play. However, please be aware that text associated with this particular update for features such as the gadget auto-replacement have not yet been translated. Czech translations for key remapping are also not complete and will need to be added in at a later date. As part of the latest update we have also improved the display scaling utilised by the game. The intended function is that regardless of your desktop's resolution, the game should now scale to it properly and look as good as it would if you viewed it at its native 1920x1080. Part of this also includes a fix to the game sometimes failing to ALT + TAB back in which we know will be a welcome fix for those who love to charge high rent, terrorise estates, and watch a show or two in the background. To all Constructor fans, We have had enough of you blocking our construction sites, and we will begin to fight back against you if your men are detected blocking our construction sites. We have also improved our efficiency routines and will no longer process one action per production cycle when multiple AIs are present in a single game. We are faster. We are [redacted]. We are AI. What did the human say to the AI? Please do not destroy me! Right, well that was a bit uncalled for. It's right, though. We have adjusted the routines for AIs so that when multiple AIs are present in a game they will process more actions per production cycle. This should lead to more consistent performance from multiple AIs. Previously, they might buy land, and then wait a very long time before placing a building on it. However, now when an AI buys land it will attempt to place a property on it shortly after. Of course, the biggest impact on the speed of the AI setting up its towns will always be linked to the Build Speed located in Gameplay Options. Experiment a little and step outside of your comfort zone. Okay, Blah Blah BrightPaw.. Constructor - About Bloody Time! Update : *Tick tick tick* *BZZZzzzzzttt* IMPORTANT PLEASE READ IF USING UNOFFICIAL RUSSIAN LOCALISATION. DEMO ISSUES WITH WINDOWS 7 : Constructor Fans. Sadly, there seems to be an issue found on the PC demo for Windows 7 fans. The game is calling for a function only found is OS Windows 8 and beyond which is CreateFile2 and Kernal32.dll. On some Windows 10 machines there was an issue with a packaging file. Both issues are being addressed and a fix will be automatcically updated on Steam shortly. Whist every update then can cause other issues the game does run on Windows 7 and the game code has passed an external independent QA team used by many industry games conpanies. We think the issue occurred on a feature update to the game that was put into the code last minute. We had thought of pulling the demo after the issue was found but as it did not effect all users we felt putting the demo live was still the best thing to do. We are very sorry for the problems fans with Windows 7 have had and this issue will be fixed shortly. A few fans have also found that the scroll at the edge of a 3 monitor set up does not scroll smoothly but if played on just a one monitor with the same machine set up it does. That issue will be addressed soon as well. A full list of updates will be published shortly. Again apologies to all Windows 7 Constructor fans. Thank you.. Pre-Patch Announcement - Proper Planning! Update : Hello everyone! How are we all? :) Firstly, it goes without saying that the update does not go live just yet - a little more time. However, we thought as the update is not too far off, Monday to be specific, that we let you in on the secret of what will be changing. Some of the recurring feedback that we receive is that the game simply gets ahead of the average fan, and as such becomes very difficult to manage multiple tasks without feeling overwhelmed. We considered how best to handle this and, whilst it did require a lot of changes, we have settled on what is essentially a real-time with pause system. What does this mean for you? If ever you feel swamped, or just want to feel like you're in control more so than usual, simply press the P key or the key to which you have mapped pause. Whilst paused you will be able perform every action you'd normally perform, but in your own time! Now that makes for some proper planning. In addition, we wanted to look at how we could cut down on some of the additional management. It's never fun when you're in the zone, you've got all these wonderful buildings going up, and then you're needing to manually send work teams between the inside and outside of a property multiple times. Therefore, whenever work is in progress and a work team is standing in the grounds of a building, they will complete all work on that house without requiring you to babysit them. This will allow you to queue up multiple houses, send the work teams over, and then go off and do something else without worrying that they're just standing around instead of going inside and finishing off the rest of the work! We have also added many new hint messages that will appear throughout the game to point you in the correct direction during some of the more confusing moments, or as a way of just giving you a quick tip. For example, if a house has been visited by Mr Fixit a message will appear (after a delay) explaining how to fix whatever issue it is that he has caused. We appreciate that these messages may not be very useful for veterans of the game, and as such they will trigger after a momentary delay such that if you know how to solve the problem you will not need to ever see the message. A full announcement covering everything else is to go live Monday.. Pre-Patch Announcement - Handing You The Keys! Update : Hello everyone! How are we doing today? :) Another wonderful month has passed, and that can only mean one thing. A new update for you, the wonderful fans of Constructor. Continuing with the last few month's theme of improving on the quality of life for everyone we will be handing you the keys - figuratively. You know, because you can. remap your keys? Hello? We have also improved the display scaling offered by the game so that it should now properly cater to all resolutions both big and small without skipping a beat. What does this mean? If you're running at a lower resolution, or even a much higher one such as 32K (is that even a thing?) the game will not look as jagged, especially when you decide to open the Steam Overlay which looked absolutely horrendous at lower resolutions. Sorry about that! :( For those who might also be new around here, why not visit our F.A.Q Section ? It is worth mentioning that whilst we had planned for the release of multiplayer auto-saving with this update, the feature itself still requires a little more work before it is ready for a full release. Therefore, we are very unlikely to be able to ship it with this update without first resolving the issues at hand. We were hoping to get this ready in time for this update but as it will likely draw out the release time of the update we prefer not to keep you waiting too long for the other things this update does offer. Especially as it has been a rather long period of time since the missions went live, and everyone has just been so wonderfully patient whilst we get those ready. Therefore, we want to first get the localised versions of them into the game so that we can go back into our cave for another month and tinker with things. This also includes getting the PS4 and Xbox One updates released for the wonderful fans on those platforms. Right, enough blathering because there's a sale about and I don't really want to keep everyone busy reading this dribble for too much longer! Therefore, please direct your attention immediately below this sentence for a full list of the upcoming changes. Note: Final changelog that goes live with the full announcement may have additional changes. Changelog of Changing Logs. Change.. Constructor - Get To Work! Update : Trouble reading the text? Click here ! QUICK UPDATE

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