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Dark Matter recreates the excitement and frantic gameplay of the title that made history. In 1980, Asteroids was one of the most commercially successful games that helped t 5d3b920ae0

Title: Dark Matter
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 27 Feb, 2015


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It's asteroids. if it's a dollar it isn't bad, but I've played plenty of free flash games with more depth.. This game reminded me of "Alien" for the SNES(?), just with better graphics and crab-like alien enemies. 3-4 hours game Not a bad game, tho i never found the cryo ammo, otherwise worth checking out.. Pew pew pew! I had a great time with this game. I think it's well made for what it is. Will definitely be jumping in again from time to time. Also, lasers. That is all.. I live in the country and just went through a septic tank (sewage) problem and out of just fun I was thinking heh let's play this game "Darm Matter" since the name itself reminded me of my poop experience recently. well what I didn't expect is for this experience to get worse. First a big foot slaps up on the scream for the companies logo of what appeasrs to be flying poop of all shapes and sizes. So, I start up a campaign and start firing away at this floating poo and all be the firing sounds like terds going into a toilet. Then trying to figure out the controls which wasn't WASD I get pop up tutorial and thrust uncontrablly into the flying poo while firing terd noises and collide with the upmost and grossest plop noise like more poo hitting the bottom of a sceptic. Now if you've ever played Asteroids on Atari then picture than with flying crap on the scream with toilet noises to match and you get Dark Matter. Any game that reminds me of my sewage experience with a name to match with flying terds and noises too match is thumbs down. I should be paid for the nightmares about terds I will have I am forever mentally damaged from this game. Bottom line: It's a terd of a game.LITERALLY.. No. Let's see if this developer can make it better. but we'll see.. This game reminded me of "Alien" for the SNES(?), just with better graphics and crab-like alien enemies. 3-4 hours game Not a bad game, tho i never found the cryo ammo, otherwise worth checking out.. This is a great little game especially if you can get it on sale for only a dollar. I already put in maybe 6 good hours, it's fun, the game is hard, the difficulty comes from actually flying your ship since you use thrusters and the only way to slow your momentum is to fire the thrusters in the opposite direction of your current momentum otherwise you keep sliding all over the place. You can shoot asteroids which is the main objective in the game, little alien enemy ships spawn sometimes throughout the game that you need to focus down, some of them shoot lazer beams at you that you can shoot and homing missiles that you can shoot, some of them throw out death beam lazers that you can't shoot that you just have to move to avoid, and there's occasionally a boss fight like what's in the video preview for the game the really big ships that take up half the screen. It is a great game, i was pleasantly surprised by it, I recommend, if it looks like you might enjoy this by watching the preview video I recommend trying it, it's fun.. I remember finding this game when I was 10, now I'm actually good at it. Its a fun game if you are looking to kill half an hour.

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