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Like any decent demon Cid spends his nights performing all kind of evil deed 5d3b920ae0

Title: Darkestville Castle
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Epic LLama
Buka Entertainment
Release Date: 21 Sep, 2017


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This game was so much fun and I've found a new universe and lore that I enjoy! It is a point and click game with great humor, abiet extremely dark humor. Some small memes and easter eggs too scattered throughout. It's not exactly a kids game, due to some language and subject matter, but it's not too extreme either. It heavily reminds me of the old Monkey Island point and click games, which is a good thing as those are classics. I got it on sale for about $10, I don't think I'd pay the full price for the game, as it's lacking in some parts but for my $10 I was extremely statisfied with what I had. I got about 8 hours out of the game, but as with most point and click games I get stuck/just wanna experince the story so I started to use a guide. Some of the items to me feel like you wouldn't even think about trying them, so I guess if you had time on your hands and randomly trying to click on everything you'd get longer than 8 hours out of the game, but still 8 hours is pretty long for a point and click game. Or maybe if you're smarter than me you'll get it done faster. There's also alternate dioulague options which extend gameplay if you want to go back and try all of the options and not just click on the obvious ones relevant to the plot. Overall I enjoyed the game, but a few problems to note are some minor visual glitches + one single line isn't voiced in the game. First of all, I'm not sure if it was a stylisitic choice or not but Cid stands out as if he doesn't belong in the game, making it look slightly unfinished. He has no shading, and compared to the bueatifully done backgrounds and the fact other NPCs had the coloring and shading to match the bg, it's kinda odd. Though it could of been purposeful so he DOES stand out against the world, I just personally think it'd look better if he had the propper lighting and shading on him + I did find concept art online that had him drawn with the lighting done correctly. That aside though it doesn't really break the game and the game is still enjoyable. Some other NPCs look like a diffrent art style and aren't up to par with others, like the Romero brothers look like they are done in a diffrent art style, more pale and washed out, espically the small one, Mongoose. I also noticed Mongoose is missing a line in the cryptd, though the subtitles still display so it's not a problem, and the Imp Scout's body just didn't load in so he was a floating head and limbs. Again nothing that outright broke the game. Getting into spoilers now, so you have been warned. The ending felt a bit lackluster. as soon as you enter the underworld and see that stained glass you know it's gonna go the typical route - Cid is actually a lost prince, and thus the actual rightful ruler of the underworld. I was expected to finish the game and Cid take his place, but he just completely brushes it off thinking its a mistake, and blows up Vigo's castle and then head's home to Darkestville. Humble I guess, and points for not being cliche, but It just felt unstatisfying knowing he didn't resolve that and no one pointed it out to him. They also don't explain what happens after the Romero brothers find out Cid is a demon, and lied about being Dan Teapot. I'd love to see their reactions and opinions about him once he tells them this, espically how it effects his small crush on Foxy, etc. It's never resolved though, we just get the credits. I'd also like to know who the narrator is too, all we know is that they are a demon and find the ending sad because Cid can do good. Room for a sequel mabye? My complaints aside the game was very good and fun and I enjoyed it, money well spent. As I said I love the universe and lore and it's so sad there's not more content for this game. It seems to be originally russian so over in the russian forms or something maybe I'll find content but as for english users there's like little to no content or fanart about the game which is sad. I really do enjoy the universe and characters, and If a sequel is ever made, I would totally buy it!!! I had fun and I'm sad the joruney is over.. I had a lot of fun with this game and recommend to those who like point & click with lots of dialogue. The voice overs were great. The story was funny and clever. At first I thought the game was pretty easy, but by the time I got to about the middle of chapter 2, the challenge level of the game got stepped up. Length was very good. For all of these factors, I thought this game was very fun and well worth both my time and the price.. I just recently reviewed the point-and-click game The Wardrobe and don't want to have to rewrite a lot of the same details for Darkestville Castle , so the short version is that I prefer the puzzle design to be logical first and foremost for these types of games. While this game definitely has a few confusing puzzles, it's overall a lot more manageable and understandable. When a character needs something, they'll say it. And usually you'll find out that another character has it and wants something else, so on and so forth. But at least it's generally interconnected and you work backwards to some starting point. Unlike some games where you have to make an utter guess of what you're supposed to do. Darkestville Castle has quite a lot of dialogue and interaction, which is a plus for me, because it gives more details about the funny world, and also helps make some of the goals a bit clearer. The main character, Cid, is pretty snarky and yet bearable, and most of the characters you meet are funny, which is ideally something critical for games of this style. Thus, I'd say this game was in a better group of point-and-click games I have tried out. It's not necessarily in the best, but it's pretty good overall and worth a try.. I just finished the game recently and now I wish there was more. It was fun and I couldn't stop laughing my whole playthrough, would recommend to anyone who likes point&click games like me.. Reminds me of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.. It's worth the 12.00. Game is very short though, I solved all the puzzles in under 10 hours on my first playthrough. The puzzles were mostly pretty fair, I had to go to the interwebs for help twice, once on a puzzle where a person could have figured it out, and the other was one that I think the solution was totally unreasonable (or I just missed a clue that would have made it possible). If you like the old-school adventure games, you'll like this, and it's much less frustrating and does a good job recognizing what makes a puzzle solvable. It's also quite funny, and the voice acting and music were good.. It's worth the 12.00. Game is very short though, I solved all the puzzles in under 10 hours on my first playthrough. The puzzles were mostly pretty fair, I had to go to the interwebs for help twice, once on a puzzle where a person could have figured it out, and the other was one that I think the solution was totally unreasonable (or I just missed a clue that would have made it possible). If you like the old-school adventure games, you'll like this, and it's much less frustrating and does a good job recognizing what makes a puzzle solvable. It's also quite funny, and the voice acting and music were good.. The game leaves you wishing there was more of it. The game got a comedy theme so the story shouldn't be taken very seriously. A classic point and click feeling with good puzzles and artwork, this game shouldn't be missed by any adventure games fan.

: It's time to pick winners of our creative contest! Weve got dozens of awesome artworks from all over the world and it was a pretty hard choice to make. Many thanks to all participants! As we promised, there will be not only one winner, but a several of them in a different nominations.. Cid meets Linux and it works! : We got more news for you, guys! Darkestville Castle is now available on Linux.. Holidays! Finally! (and yeah, another 50% discount) : You'd ask how Cid is doing? Well, he's just fine! Cheerful, witty and full of energy! Let's hope that Dan Tipotot won't spoil everything as usual. But we won't let that happen, right? As part of the winter sale, Darkestville Castle is available with a 50% discount.. Halloween sale and brand new game mode! : With only a few days left before Halloween, Steam sales is well under way. We just couldnt pass up such an important event.. Darkestville Castle. The Legacy of the Monkey Island. : In 1990, LucasArts, formerly known as Lucasfilm Games, released an amazing story about Guybrush Threepwood, a brave young man who dreamed of becoming a pirate. His pixelated adventures caught the fancy of players and were followed by four more games the final part of Tales of Monkey Island was released in 2009, along with the re-release of the original. Even a simple nostalgia was enough for an ordinary point-and-click game to skyrocket in the charts, leaving first-class shooters behind. And in fall of 2017, the developers of the Argentine studio Epic Llama ventured to release a new two-dimensional humorous exploration game Darkestville Castle, which followed the patterns of Monkey Island and it also brought the success. So let us discover what relations these projects have and why do they enjoy unfailing popularity.. Cid is going mobile! (also added Italian localization and 60% discount on Steam) : Ciao amici! Weve got good news: starting today, Darkestville residents also speak Italian. Cid continues to conquer the world! But that's not the only news we've got! By popular demand, Darkestville Castle is now also available in its full glory on your iOS and Android devices. Now you can experience Cid's adventures on the go! App Store : Google Play : In honor of such an event, a 60% discount on the Darkestville Castle is valid all week.. Interview: The indie developer behind Darkestville Castle : Hello, would you mind introducing yourself to our readers? My name is Hernan Lopez and Im producer at Epic LLama. Since we are a small developer team I did a lot of stuff in Darkestville Castle (like editing audio, fixing some minor things on the graphics, and stuff like that). But I guess the more relevant thing I did in Darkestville Castle is write the story and design the game! Why did you decide to enter the world of videogames? How long have you been actually creating games? Well I really loved video games when I was growing up, and as a kid and as a teen we use to play a lot with our friends, we designed our own games as kids on paintbrush growing up I learned to use flash and started to make games for my friends as a hobby, then I realize Hey. I could sell flash games to gaming portals. Then I quit my job as a call center guy and started to do videogames for living and that's how Epic LLama started like almost 10 years ago! What was your first games console (or computer), and what did you like and dislike about it? My first console was a Famicom What I liked everything To this day I collect Famicom and NES cartridges. The only thing I disliked was that my mom didn't let me play it more than 2 hours a day and only in weekends and only if I had good grades So I'm not a psychologist but I guess that making videogames a prize to earn played a major role on making me a video game developer And that's why I went to my friends house to play videogames Now everything makes sense. What made you want to make video games and specifically what made you want to make Darkestville Castle? Darkestville castle is one of those games that WE ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE, but since we made flash games for browser that was impossible don't get me wrong, we loved to make flash games but flash games are so much smaller in size on scope than FLASH got sick and his market shrunk so we as studio have to choose a new path or just leave the industry And since there is no way we are going to leave the game industry we decided to grow, to grow in a direction we always loved to make that game we always wanted to make, but we weren't able and so we starting the development of Darkestville Castle. With Fabian Peruggia Ribeiro (super mega awesome programmer of the team) we are not just colleges, we are friends from out teen years we lived a few block from each other (in fact we have moved but still live a few blocks from each other) and if a franchise made us bond a lot was the Monkey Island franchise Our favorite one Monkey Island 3. We spend hours playing it So we wanted to make something that feels as if it is the late 90s again and you are about to play a forgotten graphic adventure of that era. What is Darkestville Castle about? Could you tell us what the story of the game is without revealing any spoilers? Thats a tuff one talking about the story without spoiling But Ill do my best, Darkestville Castle is a game about being the bad guy. Cid. The character we follow, is the Demon of Darkestville Castle, he loves to do evil and evil loves him, every night he disrupt the lives of the citizens of Darkestville that are used to his presence and evil deeds, in fact, they rized Cid since he was just a cute little Demon. As every villain Cid has a nemesis Dan Teapot, and he will trigger the events that will change Cid life The rest is spoiler. What will the gameplay be like what will make this game different to other games in the same genre? The game is like a classic graphic adventure from the late 90s not only in the style, the art and tone but also in the gameplay with the 3 action verb coin, grab, see and talk! We believe you don't have to fix what isn't broken, however we added something of the new graphic adventures, a button that highlight the things you can interact with, we want the player to focus on the puzzles and not on the pixel hunt, of course this is button is optative But the main new thing here is the fully voiced story, we will be on the shoes of Cid, The Demon of Darkestville a declared villain, and he will live a pretty unusual story. I love the art style, what inspired this style in art direction and why were you drawn to this style? Is there a particular method you are following? How did you come up with the main character? Thanks! We tried to emulate the late 90s art style of Monkey Island 3, but with our own touch, so we make him a bit darker and with the perspective of the scenes a bit more twisted, matching the tone of the story. For the art we made 2D digital painting using Photoshop, Gonzalo Sayavedra is the man behind those lovely backgrounds you see in game. The artistic result ended looking like a son between Monkey Island and The Nightmare Before Christmas. To make Cid we used as basis an old nameless character I used to draw on high school the original one was more skeletical and creepy, yet had the distinctive BIG Smile Cid have for mouth, the big round eyes, the cape and the hat. We adapted that nameless character making him more likeable and easier to draw that resulted in the Cid you can see and play now. For all the characters we used vector graphics as base, that later we animated, those were drawn by Juan Arfinetti and animated by me and Fabian Peruggia Ribeiro. What game development tools are you using? The game is made in Unity, the art for the backgrounds is made with Photoshop, the vector art of the characters is made with Photoshop Illustrator and most of the animations are pre-made in Flash. What were the greatest challenges in the making of this game, and how did you overcome them? I think one of the greatest challenges on the technical aspect was handing and editing the hours and hours of voice acting the story has organizing the sessions with the actors, doing all the data entry and checking that the lines are ok, well delivered and with the right timing. On the artistic side something that was a great challenge is writing that long story. And making it funny, because the only way to test if a joke hit is to test it with people and see if people laugh humor is something really subjective so writing humor is something really subjective and there is nothing more sad that a joke that is bad. Music is such an important part of the gaming experience; what style/genre of music would you like in this game? Again, we wanted to transport you back to the late 90s graphic adventures but with our own dark twist and that detail was persistent on the music, so when you listen to the tunes of the game you surely will feel like in a spooky graphic adventure game of that era. What was your favorite game (or most inspirational game) growing up? Well I have many games that are favorite and inspirational but right now I can't stop to think on Monkey Island 3, I simple loved it and I have to admit it The first time I played it wasnt on my own PC when we were teens Fabian home was the kids headquarters, it was a time when you played graphic adventure games in local multiplayer and we played session of like 4 guys trying to save Elaine from the cursed ring! What is the most rewarding aspect of being an indie game developer? Living of the gaming industry is awesome because it was a dream so big and so impossible to reach when I was a kid that is just incredible but being an indie is more than that is following your dreams and driving your little dream boat as you think is best that is just great and when you find someone who played your game and you see that it means something to him it's just awesome. What about your thoughts on the current state of gaming? As developer I see that visibility is starting to be a problem there are so many games released every day that showing your game to people is so hard! Don't get me wrong I love the idea of a lot of people making games that's what gives that many released But that makes hard to find a public for a game! When will we be seeing Darkestville Castle and what platforms will the game be available for? In the last quarter of the year, and will be for PC and mobile devices.. We invite you to illustrate the most insane and demonic prank ever! : CONTEST IS OVER. Darkestville Castle is 20% off on Steam! : Darkestville Castle is 20% off on Steam.. Darkestville Castle Launch Trailer : The teams at Epic LLama and Buka Entertainment are excited to share the Darkestville Castle launch trailer with you! We hope you enjoy it and thanks for all the support and excitement during development.

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