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About This Game

Red had grown, she understood what happened, why he always mentioned those words although she couldn't stand watching and being overwhelmed by the old memories all the time. Now that he's dead, it doesn't have to be so anymore...

Dear Red is a game based on two choices: Truth or Lie. Each of your choices will lead to a different result. In the game, you are Red, a girl with a plan to look for her mother's murderer to end his life. You have planned this for a long time, but nothing goes as expected when you're facing the one whose neck you long to stab day and night.

There are 16 - 17 endings, and some of them are short, some are long. The playtime will be longer or not, it all depends on you and your choices.

[Extended Version]
- Endings changed
- Graphics changed
- Bonus content (Digital artbook included)
- Gameplay changes b4d347fde0

Title: Dear RED - Extended
Genre: Indie, RPG
Lee Sang
Sometimes You
Release Date: 12 Apr, 2016


dear red extended download. dear red - extended

Got it in a Bundle

after my playtime 0.6 Hours

i got all 11 Achivments

game is still okay

the story (with all possible endings) is very ... .. . deep. Dear RED – Extended is a nice short RPGMaker game. You play as Red, who comes to kill the man that killed her mother. That is all I am saying about the story.

About the game, again it’s short but nice not to hard. The only problem with this is the Price, 2.99 for a short game like this is a bit much. So get it on sale. But all that said it’s a nice short game to play, with nothing else to do so get it if you want you may like it.
. Extended my♥♥♥♥♥ This game is seriously unfinished. There are a lot of games out there, even rpg maker games, that give you more than your money's worth, even if you only payed a dollar. THis is not one of those games. There's some seriously incomplete writing here, with plot points merely hinted at but never actually revealed. The fact of it is, you could get the full "extended" experience watching someone spend 30 seconds playing it on youtube. Since each ending can take you less than a minute to achieve, and lacks any satisfaction as an ending, this game is not worth your money, much less your time.. 100 ONLY if !!!!! 20-49 cent - than YES get it + trading cards + me SUCKER for all things Dark that I am ;E x666
. Deer Red be a smart girl and dont buy this!. a game you do nothing but press "enter" the story is weak and confunsing and it has nothing to do in it. i'm trying to understand de "extended" part cause is really a game full of nothing, i'm glad i bought at sale. This is a game made in RPG maker, so you just walk around and choose the dialogue you want to use. There are 16 different endings, but you can easily see all of those endings in under an hour. This is not a great game; it's short, boring, and the story is rather lame. I can't recommend you buy it or play it.

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