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Django And Sartana Are Coming... It's The End Movie Download Hd

Django And Sartana Are Coming... It's The End Movie Download Hd >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Django And Sartana Are Coming... It's The End

Genge: Action,Drama,Western
































A gang of vicious outlaws lead by the crazed Black Burt Keller abduct Jessica Colby and decide to flee to Mexico. Shrewd bounty hunter Django and saintly roving gunslinger Sartana join forces to rescue the poor lass from the gang's vile clutches.
"Django & Sartana" is probably the worst Spaghetti western I've seen thus far, but maybe just because of that it also provided a lot of fun and laughs. I honestly don't think it was writer/director Demofilo Fidano's deliberate choice to deliver such a bad film, which makes it all the more sad for him but all the better for us, because bad movies with good intentions are even more entertaining and hilarious. Don't feel too sorry for Mr. Fidano, by the way, because he made over twenty flicks like this and that earned him the questionable nickname "The Ed Wood of Spaghetti Westerns". Basically the concept of this dud describes itself somewhat as an avant-garde "Freddy Vs. Jason". "Django" was a hugely popular franchise started by Sergio Corbucci's classic in 1966, and it promptly skyrocketed the international career of Franco Nero. Even though the film only has one official sequel, the name Django was put on practically every Italian western film poster ever since. "Sartana" is an almost equally popular franchise with approximately twenty titles in total and the character has been played by eminent Euro-cult actors like William Berger, George Hilton and Fabio Testi. With this film, Demofilo Fidano had the brilliant idea of shooting something that featured both characters, but unfortunately his script is just too atrocious and certainly doesn't glorify any of the two principal characters. I doubt Fidano has even seen any of the other Django/Sartana movies, because their styles and personalities are completely different. Besides, even though the English titles state "showdown" and "Django against Sartana", there isn't any fight or confrontation between them at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. Both men are in pursuit of Burt Keller's gang of thieves and murders. They kidnapped a beautiful buxom blond and plan to flee to Mexico. Instead of actually doing that, the gang hangs around and patiently await for Django and Sartana to kill them. So, they kidnap a girl to assure a safe getaway, but then they stay to fight the unbeatable bounty hunters. That's how stupid the scenario is! Due to the imbecilic and simplistic plot, Demofilo Fidano does everything possible to stretch the running time. This means that nearly half of the film exist of tedious footage of various random people riding their horses and cameras zooming in on people's face even though the actual scene is already over for like 5 seconds. There even are some downright shameless padding sequences as well, like an entire game of poker in a saloon. The body count is enormous and the gunfights are exactly what makes this film so darn hilarious! The victims don't just boringly drop dead when shot here! They fly limply through the air, jump over fences, roll numerous times over the ground and some of them even make a looping! All this and more is illustrated alternately in slow-motion and regular speed and I haven't got a single idea why! The lead actors depicting Django and Sartana are pretty worthless. Django looks like he's made of plastic and Sartana actually doesn't look any older than adolescent. The girls are yummy enough and the absolute main asset of the film is the magnificent Gordon Mitchell in his role as the deranged criminal leader Burt Keller. He's an ego-maniacal lunatic who plays poker against himself in a mirror … and cheats!
This is my tenth spaghetti western review,click on the link(above)to see more spaghetti western reviews.

I had never seen any of the Django/Sartana spin-offs until i watched this little gem,and after i watched it,i wanted to see all the others,but anyway,on with the review.

This movie has brilliant acting and loads of action,Hunt Powers is brilliant as Sartana,he's almost as good as Gianni Garko,Franco Borelli,meanwhile,is not so good as Django,he's alright,but Franco Nero is a lot better,but the movies best performance has got to go to veteran spaghetti western actor,Gordon Mitchell,he plays the one most craziest and most insane and most phsycopathic movie villains ever and one of the best movie villains ever,he must have been on a sugar rush when the movie was made because he is a real phsycopath,he gives the performance his all and creates a excellent character,he plays poker with himself via a mirror,lays on a bed and plays with real winchesters just like a kid playing with two plastic cowboy guns and he becomes brutally angry,screaming his head off and punching people and destroying tables in the process,he's absolutely mad,but his character and acting are brilliant,no one else could have played his part,he should have on an Oscar or some kind of award,even in his death scene he is as crazy as ever as he screams in agony as a large knife protrudes from his stomach,in one way he feel sad that he's dead.

There's enough action to keep action fans happy,a few shootouts and several brawls,both of which are loud,fast paced and exciting.The shootouts are really funny and i was in pain from laughing at theme,the stunts the actors do when they are shot are hilarious,during one shootout one man falls head over heels over a railing,it's comedy gold,during the shootout at the end of the movie there's even a few slow motion deaths thrown in,i guess Demofilo Findani(or Dick Spitfire in this movie)was trying to copy the shootout at the climax of The Wild Bunch.The shootout in a dusty western town is brilliantly done also,during which Django kills several men who have come to kill him,the brawls are excellent and there are a lot of them throughout the movie.After the climatic shootout,Django and crazy Burt(Gordon Mitchell) batter each other up,this results in crazy Burt being stabbed and killed with a Rambo knife.

There are plenty of brilliant shots of horses riding around the wild frontier(which looks like an abandoned quarry in the middle of Spain) and the theme tune is good,but it's been used in at least a dozen other spaghetti westerns.This is a brilliant movie and i would love to see all the other Django/Sartana spin-offs and Fidanis other westerns,i highly recommend this to spaghetti western and action fans,seek this one out as it's a must see.

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