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There is a new version of the game that is more RPG heavy coming in the near future!! Play as a Cleric, Crusader, Enchanter, Necromancer, Oracle, or Shadowlord in an openworld style RPG with areas tuned to certain player levels. Do grunt work and buy armor, upgrade weapons, learn new spells, and learn more about the incoming stampede of the Draconic Order who are emerging as solid force against the land.

[Original version's game description:]
Are you ready for a Virtual Reality Survival RPG experience on the HTC Vive? In Chapter 1, the early alpha game has you play through the prologue of the chapters to come, setting up the world for a great war. Following chapters will have you command the role of other heroes from different races as they are dragged into the fray. The story begins with you, a half-blooded human descendant of the ancient Draconic Order, exiled to an island for the rest of your days. With some skill, intelligence, and some good luck, you just might turn the world upside down and return to the mainland as a powerful warrior mage.

Discover mysterious tomes, written in different race's native tongue. These can be transcribed at various portals around the island. Holding the items in your hand when near the portal will cause them to 'react', meaning a tome can be transcribed after a few seconds when opened. Learn various spells, and summon legendary Guardians to aide you in Battle. Seek out the epic weapons of fallen Heroes once lost to the Island. You will need Guardians to take down the 4 big bosses you learn of from the notes in the Prison cells beneath the island.

Explore new areas to find more clues of their whereabouts and defeat the evils that hold them.

The dungeon within the island holds the key to your past and future. There you will find the great Ecirnaus.

Will you give rise to Draconic Order once more? 7aa9394dea

Title: Draconic Order VR
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Seek n Destroy Studios
Seek n Destroy Studios
Release Date: 31 Oct, 2016


Hold off on this for now. It still has a lot of bugs to iron out. I do not doubt they are working steadily on improving the game. Has great potential. You are welcome to decide for yourself: https:\/\/\/U5oKTlKQH8s<\/a>. This game is too expensive in my opinion, there is a lot of bugs in the game and they dont even update it anymore. I don't recommend this game.. Do not buy. This game is garbage!. Overall - A very early attempt at trying to open up rpg gaming from linear paths to small scale open world gaming. The menus take a bit to learn and are buggy, but you can see where the development is headed - and it is good.

This is not near as polished as a Vanishing Realms or a Left-Hand path - but where those games lead you through, this one allows you to explore. If Draconic Order is able to put the polish of a Vanishing Realms into an open world concept, it will be very exciting. As it stands, the game looks to need some time before that could happen.

I had fun with my couple days of roaming. Once the bugs are worked out, areas are a bit more defined, and combat is a bit more hashed out this could be a game that I could sink many an hour into.

I've been looking for a VR game that feels like it did back in the day when I heard of mmo's such as everquest creating the world that players could rpg and interact - they were exciting times. I know Brad is over ther trying to bring back another hard core mmo that will bring back the feelings of grouping and social interaction. For my money I'm going to bet that some indie game like this is more likely to replicate those feelings than any attempts to replicate old school mmos. \/hoping. love the game played it for 3 hours still playing it. This game had potential but it has been wasted. Not worth the $20 maybe $2. Hasn't been updated in 1.5 years. It's dead. Good so far. Hope they keep going with it.. I started off the game with a stick and a torch. I then started gathering resources and before long I built a forge and some better weapons. Then I messed around and built myself a small house, all the while slowly venturing into the wild. Soon I had a brotherhood of golems who followed me around laying waste to all the creatures we found. Shooting fire from one hand and my star mace in the other we assaulted the Necropolis. Alone I ventured into the depths of the dungeon to find my destiny or death.

Dev has a lot of big plans and I for one am excited to see where it...

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