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Dreamals: Dream Quest Full Crack [hacked]

Dreamals: Dream Quest Full Crack [hacked]

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About This Game

There is a world of dreams called Dreamland, where anyone can have their wishes granted.
Three wounded and homeless animals happened to enter Dreamland.
Will they be able to find the lost treasures of Dreamland and save the world?
“And will their wishes to regain their health and go back home safely come true?”

- Innovative Action Puzzle Game: Each animal moves in set direction. Combined animals can move in more directions. You can also separate combined animals! Find the perfect places to combine or separate animals and clear stages quickly!
- Over 30 exciting Trap tiles
- 6 themes and 100 well-designed stages 1075eedd30

Title: Dreamals: Dream Quest
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
XINESS Co., ltd.
XINESS Co., ltd.
Release Date: 9 Jul, 2017


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I play a lot of puzzle games. This one is incredibly entertaining and challenging. A step UP from the previous Dreamals by a considerable degree, and the previous one was challenging at times as well, however repetitive.. If you like:

* Cutsey Anime animals
* Absurd Chinglish storylines presented via skippable text
* Puzzle platformers with floating jumping
* Puzzle games that hurt your brain due to the puzzles
* Platformers that hurt your brain due to the control scheme
* Only getting 4 stars out of 5 even thought you\u2019re doing it as fast as your poor brain can muster

then Dreamimals is for you!

You have to restart the level multiple times before you can finish it to figure out where everything is, but restarting a level requires you to press start -> down -> a. It would be more helpful if it was bound to a shoulder button or something.

edit: Apparently this is the second game in the series. The first one might be easier. I have no idea as I've never played it.. \u2b50\u2b50\u2b50\u2b50\u2b50. \u2b50\u2b50%5

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