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Fire Pro Wrestling World: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Collaboration Xforce

Fire Pro Wrestling World: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Collaboration Xforce

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Japan’s premiere pro-wrestling promotion, joins the roster! Battle alongside and against your favorites in the all-new Fighting Road scenario 5d3b920ae0

Title: Fire Pro Wrestling World: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Collaboration
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Release D


[Positive points] -Tons of unique moves -Clothing pieces from various wrestlers from NJPW and WWE -No rubish commentary to ruin your gameplay -The game is about patience and strategy -Guaranteed fun in all of your matches -Fighting road (career mode) is not repetitive -Wins and loses in Fighting road open different dialogues -NO LOOTBOXES [Negative points] -Online mode is DRM. -Most of the NJPW roster is not in the game -Corner-to-center moves are the most difficult to land, opponents will casually side step you -Official PC release took longer than expected because all resources were focused on the PS4 port -Mods are not allowed since Spike's contract with NJPW doesn't allow them. (Please, talk to NJPW and explain that the mods made were and are still harmless to the game. The community saw potential in the game and wants to help it get better. If you don't I'll. uh.. It doesn't take much research to find that there is a lot of controversy surrounding this DLC. And I do get it. While the price-point is high for a medium-level amount of content, and it's online-only DLC, I cannot help but still think it is money well spent on the greatest wrestling series ever. I believe where they went wrong was to not add even more content. As-is, this is 39 new licensed wrestlers, a full-on career mode, and a few more customization options. The new wrestlers are a moot point for some people because of Workshop support. Some say career mode should have been included with the base game. I can get on-board with both of these points; it's certainly hard to argue with them. Further, by having licensed wrestlers, it forced this online-only aspect which everyone hates. Yeah, I do too. The solution to this problem (if you are going to ask $20 for DLC), is to have a metric ton of quality content, where most players would gladly pay simply because it is 'a steal'. Because of Workshop support, I probably would have stayed away from licensed content, but hey, that's just my opinion. But again, as a long-time fan of wrestling games, I can confidently say that this series is hands-down the best. What a sandbox of fun. I'll be buying all the DLC from here on out, and while I wish things were handled a bit better, it doesn't change how much fun I have with this game.. tl;dr - Not recommended except for hardcore edit makers needing parts. I am not a fan of modern wrestling but had re-discovered NJPW through AXS in late 2017 and have followed it ever since. I was excited to get this DLC and excited for the prospect of the Junior Heavyweight DLC down the road. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this DLC unless you're 1) a huge NJPW fan who has to have "official" looking characters; 2) an edit maker desperate for more official parts; 3) have never used mods for Fire Pro World and for whatever reason never will. The latter is important because this update has significant programming changes for compatibility with PS4. Those changes break the mods and for various reasons, they can't and/or won't be brought to this version. Gone are features like 30 (or more) Royal Rumbles, custom parts, extended movesets, Wargames, etc. Gone are basic quality of life fixes like the rest holds not causing submissions mod (and don't say "logic fixes" - it doesn't if I want my wrestlers to use a rest hold late in the match when they're blown up), the ability to remove the collar and elbow tie-up when simming, or the ability to quickly organize and edit. But knowing many people don't mod, I have tried my best to put that issue aside and ask, for the Vanilla player, is it worth it? My answer: No, not for $20. Maybe for $5-10. The Good: 39 "Official" New Japan wrestlers; outside of Bullet Club, and limited to 2017 (so no Jericho or Jay White), the roster is well-covered with only the occasional WTF exception. A large number of additional edit parts A large number of additional moves The training mode/how you spend points to level up in FIghting Road seems well thought out and may be my favorite part. The Bad: A few glaring omissions from the roster - some from licensing (like the Young Bucks), some for future expansion (like Will Ospreay), and some for unknown reasons (like Killer Elite Squad) Some of the new faces look great but some don't seem to match the style of the other in-game art which is glaring when playing your edits against them. Paying for moves (that wasn't supposed to happen but. here we are). The Ugly: Fighting Road. This was the heart of the update and I understand a ton of hours and work went into it. But I've now hit "overseas excursion" time, about 15 chapters in, and it's so disappointing, I don't think I'll even finish it. The tone is weird but somewhat suits NJPW in that it's presented as partially kayfabe (victories matter a lot) but not always (you still have to hit certain match ratings and are told to "trust" your opponent and let him hit you on more than one occasion). The default dialogue probably works ok for the traditional Young Lion, but I think they should have locked down a lot more options if they weren't going to change the story to fit player choice. I was able to change my character to Rank S (which should never happen) and Charisma S but I'm constantly told how nervous I am, I nearly pass out in the presence of A-listers, and apparently Tanahashi and I are secret lovers if the flirting is any indication. I've picked cocky heel choices at every turn, won by countout, used chairs, built cheap heat, etc. but I'm constantly told I'm fighting the good fight and getting handshakes from my opponents. I guess they like having their eyes raked and taking a Kendo stick across the head. I've won and I've lost key matches but the storyline moved linearly to my excursion rather than branching; I might get a minor dialogue telling me I messed up, but it didn't seem to actually cost me an opportunity. I miss my target match rating, but the dialogue tells me it was "one of the best matches we've ever seen." Ok, maybe the Young Lions don't actually watch wrestling. There's just no sense of flexibility or control in the story line. It is very much a visual novel with all the essential elements locked, rather than a choose-your-own-adventure story. It does not seem nearly as interesting as some of the prior Fire Pro games where your actions at least led you to a different league with a different style. Not recommended at the $20 price.. It's a great DLC. It adds a lot of content to the game overall and has a cool story mode.. Although the DLC is worth it's price, the DRM on the DLC is prompting me to put down the negative review for the game, sadly :( PS: The DRM is getting removed, as per words of SC's representative.. Worth every penny. New moves, edit parts, theme music, official NJPW roster, and Single-Player campaign. Been a supporter of the series since Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, supported the game in Early Access, and I will continue to support it now. They delivered, it was late, but they still delivered. Patience was well worth it. It is worth the 20$ in my opinion. Buy it.

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