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About This Game

Fluttabyes is a bright, cheerful, and fun take on a "Match 3" game. Easy to pick up and play, and thoroughly addictive! Your aim is to help the butterflies fly away by matching 4 or more of the same colour. Earn score multipliers by creating matches very quickly. If you match more than 6 butterflies you will earn a ladybird. If you match more than 9 butterflies, you will earn the magical rainbow butterfly!

There are different modes of play:

SURVIVAL - Race against the dandelion clock and earn more time by freeing butterflies.
ENDLESS - There is no time limit so you can perfect your match-making skills.

There are online leaderboards for each mode so you can compete with other "Fluttabytes" around the world! Can you beat the number 1? 7aa9394dea

Title: Fluttabyes
Genre: Casual, Indie
Red Chain Games Ltd.
Red Chain Games Ltd.
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2010


Kind of match-3, that game is pretty relaxing and very well done. Good soundtrack, visually pleasant, very easy to play, I can only recommend it to you. You want it? Don't hold back and get a copy.

There are several modes, everything related with butterflies. Forget everything you have ever been taught about butterflies.. It's kinda cute but the gameplay itself is like any other 'match' games. But instead of matching 3 things together you have to match 4 or more butterflies. It's pretty casual and requires no explanation really. It's a bit zen like because you have a lot of time and, I don't know, it just feels relaxing. I like it.

[Rating: 75\/100]. Grid-based puzzle game where you use your queue of butterflies to replace ones on the board and match four or more of the same color to score points. There's a bit more to it but it's not worth explaining, because the game is just not fun or challenging.

There's a free mode, timed mode & leaderboards. Easy achievements, high res & looks pretty. Music and voice are annoying.. Absolute bare-bones matching puzzle game. It's just like a ton of other matching puzzle games but without any features other than the actual matching part.

There's a "survival mode" (read: there's a time limit to make a move which resets after making a move) and (the well-named) "endless mode" (where... there's absolutely no win or lose conditions at all), either one of which basically just means you sit there and match things until you get bored and quit and\/or fall asleep and let the timer run out.

I don't like giving short reviews that just say "I don't like it" but... there's really nothing else to say about the game because there's nothing else in the game to talk about. There are achievements for getting big enough chains, but outside of that, there's literally nothing to strive for, you just match things because you've been trained to match things by other matching games up until you realize the game has no feedback and doesn't care, and you shouldn't either. Some of the other reviews call this "relaxing", but I honestly never felt Bejeweled was terribly stressful enough to start with that it required a version with no levels, win, or lose condition.

My previous review was taken down because the developer went under, but now it's back, so here's the review again!. 36 of 40 achievement in less than 2 hours ( 37th is bugged )... so EXTREMELY EASY. In 30 minutes time, Fluttabyes pooped out 25 achievements with only a miniscule amount of player effort. For a color matching game, this is about as simple as they come. but the music just makes you feel happy so it's hard to knock it.. 1\/5 Stars.

Pros: Pretty graphics and peaceful background music. Complexity is added to the game with the ability to see a preview of the "incoming" butterflies that will replace the ones you remove.

Cons: Gets boring very quickly. The only reason I would recommend this is if someone said they were limited to a $3 budget, loved butterfly themes and had never tried a match-them-up game. Otherwise, go with a more established version of this type of game such as "Bejeweled" or another equivalent released by the PopCap company.

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