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Free Download Insane Decay Of Mind: The Labyrinth .exe

Free Download Insane Decay Of Mind: The Labyrinth .exe

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About This Game

The Story

Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth is a first person horror game. You play the role of Katherine, a young girl lost in the eerie hallways of a building she believes to be her school.
As she begins to realise that this labyrinth that she has found herself in, is slowly warping her mind; She must make her escape in order to regain her freedom.
But freedom comes at tremendous cost.
Leaving the labyrinth is not as easy as it seems as you are not alone, there are entities that wish to keep you from escaping.
During your dreadful experience, you will meet beings called "Shadows", manifestations of your worst nightmares; you will have to subdue them as you continue wandering the darkness that envelopes you and, perhaps, you will achieve your freedom.

Why is the Game Named This?

Insanity is undoubtedly the main element: represented by the Shadow, it will encompass the entire story, haunt every frame, perhaps even disturb you own mind.
It is from insanity, from foolishness, that the decay of mind begins.
The only way to oppose this deterioration is to piece together the fragments of Katherine's story; they are hidden in the vast maze in which you find yourself, look for them very carefully. 1075eedd30

Title: Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
GoManga Interactive
IV Productions
Release Date: 6 May, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4460 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 (no VR) or GTX 960 (VR) or AMD Radeon HD 5670 (no VR) or R9 290 (VR)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requires Oculus Rift DK2, Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive Pre or HTC Vive to work in VR


Instant motion sickness for me and you don't immediately understand what to do. No thanks.. Poor, undeveloped game. A work in progress with lots to still do. VR was decent enough but the game itself needs major development. Should have been a free demo.. VR and Vive support is lackluster, not enjoyable :(. To sum up what you might expect check out this video\/watch?v=it70u3cnaF4\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_2\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=it70u3cnaF4<\/a>. Okay, this game is far from perfect BUT it's still a lot of fun.

It has been developed by few people and they are all smart and funny guys, they made the game with passion and it was the only way to improve their professional skills.

Give this game a shot.. Purchased this with the Indie VR Bundle during the latest VR sale. I am not the type of person to get scared by a horror movie or even a haunted house, but when that Bunny Man popped out my heart raced. My first VR horror experience and is well worth the price just for the shock alone.. Because there's no middle-ground rating system, I have to give this game a thumbs down mainly because the majority (like me) do not have VR, for which this game seems better suited. I'm sure those who are really into this genre will like this game enough, and the price is definitely right, but I had issues with it.

- The "story" is in the store description, and not all that much is revealed while playing other than "secrets" you find that reveal things in the short notes of the acheivements earned. Strange.

- The teaser trailers (not the one on the store page) show better graphics and have a lot more in them than at least the first hour of the game. Very misleading.

- The key rebinding in the game's launcher is largely irrelevant, only the "jump" entry is actually used for item interaction in game. Confusing.

- The mouse sensitivity is extremely high with no game setting available, so you have to adjust your own mouse dpi. Annoying.

- I did run into a couple of bugs. One was an npc was stuck running into a wall; I could even put a barrel under him. Two was on the esc menu screen the mouse cursor disappeared, requiring alt+f4 to exit the game.

- It really does look and feel like this game was designed for VR first.

This game seems to have an interesting backstory and all, but for some reason it's just not presented to you and wants to rely more on atmosphere and tension scares. So if you're just looking for scary, especially in VR, you'll probably have a better time.. locomotion in this made me very ill quickly and I can play Vivecraft for hours flying all over the place. Seems like it could be a cool game if it had better controls.

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