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Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus Full Movie Kickass Torrent

Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus Full Movie Kickass Torrent ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus

Genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi





































Godzilla returns to terrorize Japan! This time, however, Japan has two new weapons to defend themselves. The Gryphon, a high-tech ship, and the Dimension Tide, a device that creates artificial black holes! During a test of the Dimension Tide, eggs appear in the city of Shibuya and hatch into terrifying Meganurons! These creatures need water to grow and flood the city of Shibuya by breaking underground water veins. As they multiply and grow, they start to feed on the energy of humans. After gathering enough energy, they transform in to giant dragonfly monsters called Meganuras! And now they target Godzilla for energy to feed to the larva of their queen, which eventually hatches into the terrifying 60-meter Megaguirus who also begins to attack Godzilla for his energy. Now a 3-way battle between Godzilla, the Megaguirus, and humans begins! Will Godzilla win? Will humanity survive?
When Japan's new Black Hole machine spawns a race of killer insects, they set their sights on Godzilla, collecting enough energy until, their queen, Megagurius, arises hell bent on becoming the dominant species, even if it means going up against Godzilla
As i say, there are monster movies that get lost (understandably) trying to run many subplots or to develop characters. Latests Mechagodzilla movies give that up to an extent and focus on what people (who buy this kind of movie) want to see: man in suit rampage & cartonbox miniature levelling. Here they try some character development (EG the old story of the female soldier seeking revenge; the silly, unaware child bringing unknowingly a monster back home ) but keep it in line & don't try to overact or to oversize it. A very watchable, nice movie with good SFX. Of course the idea of a war machine shooting black holes is silly, but in the early 70's Go Nagai (the cartoon/comics writer ) had portrayed alien invaders doing just that in his spurious series "Daiku Maryu Gaiking".
It took the words right out of my mouth.

The Meganulons and Meganura, were trying to

Japan's answer to the creatures from two

1997 bug films MIMIC and STARSHIP TROOPERS.

The film was shot on a big budget. The

special effects, traditional: big fake

props, poor CGI, animatronics, miniatures,

and men in rubber suits, plus good sound

effects. I found a goof in the film, when

Megaguirus (the "I" is silent, but I would

pronounce it as Meg-a-guy-rus) was flying,

the strings were shown. Megaguirus was some

sort of combination between Mothra,

Destroyah, and Battra. It had Rodan-like

powers. A lot of scenes will remind fans of

RODAN. The Meganulons from RODAN are

recreated for the 21st century. It was

predictable the Godzilla will whoop his

butt. The combat with G and Megaguirus was

awesome. I didn't see the scene before the

credits ended, where they show the kid and

the bug collection, because the Sci-Fi

Channel ruined it with the commercials. But

you can see that scene on the DVD. This

film is followed by GODZILLA X

MECHAGODZILLA (2002). If I'd give GXM an

MPPA rating I'd give it a PG for violence,

language, and a few scary stuff plus

thematic elements.


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