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About This Game

Gravity Wars Is An 90s Arcade Game.

Try to survive in the chaos of this hardcore geometric battleground, customize entirely the scenario you want with up to 12 arenas available, and see which of you or your friends can survive the longest. Nearest enemies will be attracted to you.

You will need reflexes and focus to avoid every particles displayed in the screen. Other players will try to kill you by any mean to be the last one standing.

You can entirely customize the number of entities. Set this number at your own risk.

Key Features

  • Playable Up to 4 Players Using Gamepads.
  • Access to 2 superpowers : a turbo and a shockwave
  • 12 arenas available
  • Customize entirely your game
  • Amazing music made by Réno
  • Full Controller Support except from the launcher to select your screen resolution and fullscreen mode.


Title: Gravity Wars
Genre: Action
Black Potion
Black Potion
Release Date: 1 Jul, 2018


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Once you figure it out, it's a pretty addictive and competitive game!. Once you figure it out, it's a pretty addictive and competitive game!

One Week To Release Day!:
Just 7 days to wait until Yinyang is released worldwide.

The ball it is rolling, the exits are red.
The arrows are pointing, the leader is led.
The maze is amazing, the lights are aglow.
Yang has been kidnapped!
And to save her you go...

Be here on April 19 to play for yourself.

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