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About This Game

Welcome to Heroes Arena!

1. Endless Arena
2. Loot Corridor
3. Variety of monsters to defeat
4. Max Player level of 200.
5. Player skins
6. Weapon Shop
7. Potion Shop
8. General Shop
9. A small secret area
10. Steam Achievements

1. Use ( W, S, D, A ) to move the player
2. 'Left Mouse Button' to attack
3. 'Right Mouse Button' to use skill "Big Sword""
4. 'Space' to use skill "Spin Attack"
5. '1' to use HP Potion 7ad7b8b382

Title: Heroes Arena
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Victor Corradi
Corradi Games
Release Date: 18 May, 2018


only played it for a short amount of time but there is almost nothing to do , would be cool to see some new feutures later on.
best of luck with the game ill check it out every now & then.

now some nagging on the achievements... wt* ?coins every 500 up till 100k spend but i can get past that but you have that with fountains & monstersouls & deaths also and deaths goes up till 500 and youll get a achivement every 10 deaths ... Here's a couple of things about this game. Relating to the overall playness of the game, it's in Early Access. Of course there wouldn't be that much to be able to do as the game progresses within stages. I really like what is put out there to start. Either an endless arena of monsters to bash heads with and scale in level rather quickly, or, once you kill enough, descend into a seemingly endless hallway filled with treasures.

Here's a couple of Pros to get the review started;
- Adorable, pixelated artwork.
- Responsive attacks (There's 3, all of which are seamless)
- Rather decent enemy diversity to start off.
- You progress rather fast for a slightly grindy game.
- Decent sword diversity, all coming with upgrades.
- Enemies scale to provide a challenge.
- It's rather simple to get monster souls to purchase the tickets (100 Souls per ticket, scales every time purchased.)
- Once you die, you don't lose everything. Starts off by taking nothing from you, but as you progress you lose a bit of gold.
- 630 (?) Achievements.
- If you want, you can go idle and gain coins! (Upgradable.)
- It's overall a seamless, cute Unity game that I can't wait to see what's in store.

Here's a few Cons that i've personally noticed when playing. They're not game breaking, but slightly and personally annoying.

- Enemies will either be aggressive once they spawn, not attack at all, or only attack when you're near them.
- The pathing of enemies is slightly... Wonky. They can run into invisible walls in clusters and stop moving until you walk them around that barrier.
- Speaking of clusters, some enemies spawn 4 on top of eachother which can be slightly irritating and startling.
- Sometimes when I start up the game, I can't move, but can attack. I have to restart the game in order to fix it.
- I've gotten at least 30% of achievements in 17 minutes.
- You can stand next to the fountain, not gain any health, but gain achievements nonstop.
- I don't want to say this game is an achievement farm, but it's borderline.
- That being said, every 1000 gold you spend (So easy to get) you get an achievement
- Every 2 times you use the fountain (Refreshes about every 1 second per use even when full HP) you get an achievement.
- You have to visit the ticket salesman to get the achievement about monster souls.
- In terms of music, the game only lets you mute\/unmute it. It's a decent track, but is VERY loud.

All in all, this game is worth the $1.79 USD that I sold some items to get. It seemed very nice to play, it's not very grindy, and it's fun to see the exponential scaling of your cute character as you just skyrocket in coins, and die, die again. I'm going to continue playing this game after this review, and hope to see ample progress in the future!. Knowing Heroes Arena is a simple, idle hack n' slash game, I will be going a tad easier on it.

Gameplay: 3\/5: There are a few things to do here. You can stay idle to collect coins, go kill monsters, and buy\/upgrade stuff in shops. Nothing complicated or unique, but it's cheap, so not a problem.

Diffuculty: 2\/5: The only real diffuculty here is when your weapons don't deal much damage, and your health isn't that high. There is an easy fix to this, as you can use a ticket to collect chests worth a lot of money. After your first chest room, things get VERY easy as you will be making heaps of money and get weapons that one-shot every single monster.

Lasting Value: 1\/5: I only played for about 15 minutes before I got bored. There is a limited skillset (only 3 moves), no unique monster abilities, and a lack of features. A decent time waster, but not much else.

Overall: 2\/5: Heroes Arena boils down to just another grinding RPG, just with a lot less features. I personally don't reccomend it, but the price IS very cheap, so it's your call on whether you want it or not. Just know this isn't great for the price.

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