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How to Get Quality Links with Thought Leadership & Speaking

Over 5.6 million blog posts go live every day. That’s more than 233,000 per hour.

And, despite only about 20% of the world’s population speaking English, 66% of that content is in English.

That’s a lot of competition for users’ attention.

One way that you and your content can stand out in such a crowded space is by earning your place as a thought leader.

A thought leader is one of a few go-to people in their field of expertise. They are the type of person who is frequently quoted in the media and who many look to as a trusted source of information.

Not only does a thought leader inspire with their innovative ideas, they can show people – step-by-step – how they turned those ideas into reality.

But you can’t merely brand yourself a thought leader and have it be so – it’s an honor you need to earn.

When you do, your content will rise to the top of people’s considerations, where it can be consumed, rather than lost, among the 4.4 million other blog posts pushed out on any given day.

On your path toward becoming a thought leader, it’s important to remember that it’s about what you think and believe, not about what your company does. Thought leaders are innovators in ideas, as well as in application.

If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader to sell more, stop.

People who earn the title do so by educating and empowering others in their field. It’s more about building your reputation and trust with your audience, clients, and colleagues, than anything else.

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