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Title: Invicta Beam
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 4 Apr, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM


invicta beam

this game u2665u2665u2665u2665ing sucks first off the gun that the game gives you does not work it can't kill the enemis it and it need to be fixts to all hell so if the macker of this game wan't to fix the games problems which I bet he does not he should play his own game or take to peolpe like me and haer the problems that we have I want to like this game but it so hared to becaues the bugs and other problems I hope the macker of this games want his game to be good like I thogth itwas going to be.. This game deserves more attention, atleast for the good(even better) looks. It's simple, good looking, cheap. Also has good atmosphere, vibe to it.. Controls were too high. Can't change them in game. Have to load the opening menu to adjust. Have to load level again. Controls are now to low. Have to load the opening menu to adjust. Have to load level again again. Controls are still too low. Repeat. Get into game controls feel ok. Game turns out to be awful.. This is a perfect example of a game that was not properly playtested. Of course there are plenty of junk games on Steam that have that problem, but Invicta Beam is not a junk game - there was clearly a lot of effort made by the developer here, as seen in the nice visuals and overall level of polish. But it's a giant pain to play. For a quick demonstration of why, watch this brief clip (not my video) from the final room of the very first non-tutorial level of the game (skip to 7:41 if your browser doesn't do it for you): Note that the player in that video enters the room with 3 lives at full health and finishes with 1 life remaining (the health bar is in the upper-left corner). Did you spot the moments where they take damage? In this game your health just seems to suddenly drop with no audio or visual indication of what is happening, other than a little "beep" when you lose a life. This lack of feedback is the #1 problem. So how are they being damaged? The first bit of health gets taken off from the green turrets that pop up early. It looks like the turrets are just sitting there doing nothing, but they are actually firing from a little machine gun near the top. The bullets are invisible and seemingly impossible to avoid. The next chunk of damage comes from the rockets being fired by the blue turrets towards the end of the clip. They are definitely making contact since the health bar is dropping, but on-screen the rockets look like they are either passing right through the player, circling around them, or flying into the walls, again with no feedback for any of it. Another problem shown In that clip - The player has a secondary rocket launcher weapon that they fire numerous times. Half the time the rocket reaches the target, while the rest of the time the rockets immediately blow up in their face. Why does that happen? I have no idea. It was constantly happening to me also, which makes the rocket launcher useless (the other secondary weapon is a shield, which also suffers a lack of feedback on whether it is working or not). This is all just in the first level. I only made it to the end of the second level, after dying about 20 times in just 30 minutes of playing, before giving up. The problems got much worse in a very short amount of time. I think it's great that the developer provided a demo, but you probably won't need it - You will know well before the 2 hour mark whether or not you will enjoy the rest of the game. I requested a refund, but I will keep following it to see if any additional gameplay updates are made.. Let me be specific here: I do NOT recommend the game, but there is a demo and I DO recommend trying that first. I have very little playtime for a very specific reason: I do not like the gameplay mechanics. Concept and aesthetics are fantastic and right up my alley, but the way the game feels to play is just so off-putting. Let me describe to you from FPS gamer to FPS gamer: There is no inertia. Any change in movement input is enacted instantly with no respect for momentum. Aiming while moving becomes jittery and impercise to the point one must retrain how they aim in an FPS for this one game. But wait; there's more! Graphical options are a simple A/B setting. Now I don't mean individual options are either high or low, no I mean the whole set is either high or low. Add to that various cinematography effects like motion blur and while you have a great game for screenshots; it just looks and feels horrible to play. Jittery lack of inertia in the aiming while moving with having to aim through motion blur is on a level of annoyance it made my skin crawl. The same may not be true for you though. So please! Try the demo P.S: You can't change options while in-game. You have to reload the main menu, wait for the animation pan to finish, change w/e options, restart the level you were on, wait for the un-skippable description sequence to end, then it begins loading the level, and press any key to begin so you can test your changes; such as aiming sensitivity. Oh and the first run opening sequence is also un-skippable. As is the main menu pan animation. Note to Developer: If you change all these problems I have with it and notify me as such; I'll rebuy it at full price happily, and change my entire review. Love the aesthetic and concept; I just wish it was better executed.. Invicta Beam is a great-looking, very frustrating, somewhat cumbersome FPS experience. While everything you will see and hear have a sleek style to them that is undeniably impressive, the gameplay includes an annoying, unforgiving system of one-hit deaths, cluttered screens, ineffective player weapons / powerups and a host of other issues which make the game great to see and enticing to want to play more of, but very cumbersome to get through at times. The overall design of Invicta Beam strikes a great tone with colorful neon lights blazing in the distance amidst futuristic structures and great-looking enemies including spider-like mechs launching rockets which buzz around you in circles of smoke trails or boss characters such as a humongous Triceratops skeleton looming overhead with a ton of guns under its shell. This all looks awesome, and at times the combat can be a rewarding experience as you dodge their attacks while delivering your own. Unfortunately, it seems some of the enemy turrets, such as the laser enemy are bound to hit you no matter what you do, with their LOS being immediate, direct shots to the player. Other unforgiving and "cluttered" feeling moments of the game include the player waiting to progress to the next area just outside of a green laser gate. While these gates will block all of the enemies incoming shots until you decide to step through, if they have littered the gate with bullets already, you will just be standing there waiting to enter until the shots have deflected enough, giving you enough space to proceed. If you dare to step through a hair to the left or right of one of the yellow stacked up bullets, however, thank you for playing, Game Over, reload and run through the laser gate as soon as the game loads before the enemies have stacked up any bullets to try your hand at the arena ahead. This gives the game a challenging difficulty and an interesting skew of "having to plan ahead your next move and clear the room accordingly" that is unique when compared to other First Person Shooters, and it can be fun at times. Unfortunately, with enemies such as the aforementioned laser turrets being so incredibly accurate, and the player needing to receive little more than 2-3 hits from enemies to be killed, your own shots begin to feel very underpowered. Save for a sparse rocket pickup you occassionally find and an invaluable shield which deflects enemy bullets, the player powerups are few and far between. You dump tons of ammo into enemies hoping for them to finally keel over while your own vitality is somewhere between dry twig on the bed of a forest and fruitfly caught in a hurricane. Invicta Beam's recent (Oct 30 2017) update resolves some of these issues with the game, by allowing more of the game to be experienced, by side-stepping its prohibitive difficulty via unlocking all of its levels to everyone from the get go. Whereas in other titles I have found having all levels unlocked from the start to kill my interest in the game, I'm glad this is present in Invicta Beam, as I wanted to see more of the game somehow but found its difficulty and combat design to be taxing. While the update doesn't address these issues overall, I hope that in a future update the disparity between player damage / abilities and enemies damage / life total is balanced out a little more, to allow more of the game to be experienced. Although I think Invicta Beam can be an annoying player experience due to its difficulty and some issues with its pacing, thanks to its awesome visual design and immersive effects, I still enjoy Invicta Beam as more of a "first person experience" than fluid-functioning "First Person Shooter." I would highly recommend checking out the demo to Invicta Beam before deciding whether or not to purchase it, as it will give you a general idea of how it looks and feels, and whether its steep difficulty is something you want to bother trudging through or not.

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