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Lands of Hope Redemption is a massive 2D RPG with MMORPG elements, play with hundreds and even thousands of your friends OR simply play as a lone wolf. At the start of the 5d3b920ae0

Title: Lands of Hope Redemption
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Regal Computer Services
Regal Computer Services
Release Date: 8 Jun, 2014


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection


I am not a great review writer ( my english is not so good ) This game gave me a big supprise it's is really nice try it it;s a lot of fun :). Let us look at this in perspective, for a moment. A small indie team made an actually decent experience that works as intended most of the time. To that end, it's better than a lot of stuff on steam. For $1.99, if you really want a cheap mmo experience, LOHR is worth two dollars. That being said, there's some critical flaws here that need to be addressed. One, the game is brutally unforgiving. I got murdered in one hit by a monster my level. The game is positively begging you for money at every turn. Strong boxes need purchased keys, avatars need buying, and even premium classes. This starts on tutorial island and does not stop. The level design feels directionless and meandering. No real game tutorial for a new combat system Did they achieve something pretty cool? Yeah, actually, they did. Is it worth paying money for? Well, see, I have a rule. If you're charging me for the game up front, you don't get to ask for microtransactions. So, no, this game is not worth it at this juncture.. Game simply does not run (runs in background, no screen, no game) on my top of the range Windows 10 PC. The day of reckoning (when I installed this game) let to the death of all Hope.. I really love this game! There is a lot to do, sometimes it feels like too much. As well as the general main quest progression with associated side quests you have challenge areas and player dungeons, most of which dynamically match the playeru2019s level. Combat and quests are relatively simple. Combat is turn based and quests usually follow along the lines of kill x monsters or get y drops from monsters. There is a good crafting system in place and various standard to decent loot drops from mobs. You are able to spend skill points to not only learn new active powers but also new base skills u2013 these new skills are available to anyone no matter what class you pick to start out. The thing that most people seem to not like about this game is the in app purchases/micro transactions. Thing is they are not really necessary to make. Yes some of them can be of use, especially in the early game, but most of the really good stuff I have has come through game play not purchases. This game is well supported by a very dedicated Dev how always seems to be around, unlike many bigger, more expensive titles.. Im in love. This game is freeking awesome. It's totally wrth the 2u20ac :) Update 17.10.2015 I asked the gamemaster (Dev) can he but the xp bar whit numbers. so it's easyer to track how much you need exp to level up. 2 Minutes and gamemaaster says '' When it is convenient to do so press F5 on your keyboard it will refresh the game window and you should see a new XP bar.'' And there it is. new XP Bar.. Great game. Easy to get into and lots of fun to play. Would highly recommend trying it out.. In-app purchases. I don't do in-app purchases. Just charge me and let me play.. Huge potential. Creative ideas. Unfortunately most of them feel rushed. My guess is zero funding. I feel the pain of indie developers. Creating games which require a great deal of time for little to no money. Random thoughts: 1.) Bands mixed with monster level scaling to the player. The system IMO revolutionizes what it means to group in an MMO. Other games can learn from this. Any level player can group with any other level player and enjoy the same content because monsters scale to the unique player. Bands earn points per kill to spend on various things. The entire idea is amazing. I hope other devs see this and get inspired. 2.) The loot system and stats overall. Items range from +0 to +10 and the possibility of more stats but rare. Unfortunately, the combat and character building was so simplistic. Combat consisted of spamming 1 ability. So itemizing around such a simple system was pointless. 3.) On-use leveling and losing progress if you respec is a huge no no. Time investment lost because someone wants to try other skills. 4.) The game tries to be a sandbox but ultimately feels like a themepark game that throws you into a linear story line. I think the game woulda benefitted from being a full-on sandbox with no skill limitations and a large open world, especially how the banding works and treasure maps etc. Being a linear quest game makes most of the cool features feel lackluster. Overall, a game that has/had huge potential. Seems like there is zero funding so I would guess "had" potential.

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