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Left-Hand Path

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About This Game

"One of the most interesting and promising experiments in making large, complex games I've seen on the Vive." - Many A True Nerd

Title: Left-Hand Path
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Strange Company
Strange Company
Release Date: 10 Nov, 2017


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Excellent Game! One of the more atmospheric in my collection. I have actually screamed out loud during some play sessions. Highly reccomended.. Incredible dungeon exploration in VR This dev is so creative and passionate. Seriously in my top 5 games and I own + textures, top 3d objetcs, top lightening, top ambiance, top sound. creepy inferno. I would like to play this game, but the few I played was so much incredible, I am just waiting next update. I keep this game for the complete experience. I cannot wait to have a total bad-trip journey inside this scary dungeon. Very dark, very creepy, very mature. Today June 2017 the best dungeon . It s not an fps, it s more based on casts with hands movments, a bit like in Arx Fatalis in its time.. , , , ,. ok game with good content, it is worthwhile of you dont expect too much I wasnt exctly blown away with the graphics, but good gameplay, has a basic narrative/story, does what it needs to do to provide a good gameplay experience. Great game, great dev who actively answers questions and takes suggestions. This is a very cool dungeon crawler, with several hours of content. And with locomotion options, everyone can explore this world the way they want.. An awesome experience for VR and by far my favorite game on the Vive as of now. The room extending movement setting is an excellent feature and helps add to the immersion since it enables you to actually walk through the world by using your room scale space. Game is creepy and adrenaline inducing but not to the point of it being unplayable. Spells are fairly simple to cast using the gesture system (though I found myself fumbling around during the first few surprise encounters). Even though the game is still being developed I would highly recommend it even in its current state.. Overall, this game just isn't fun. It's certainly closer than a lot of other games out there right now, but I dunno, maybe I'm too picky. My biggest complaints are 1) Enemies are dumb. Like *really* dumb. They just kinda run at you and die super fast. 2) The number of spells you have at your disposal is very limited, and they aren't very interesting. The game really tries to pull you in with the horror and light storytelling, but neither are really what I am looking for (and neither are very good here either.) My other nitpicks would be that the screenshots almost make it seem like there is some sort of alchemy mechanics or a lot of interactivity with objects, but there's not any of that. You can't touch/ pickup most stuff and even if you could, there's nothing to do with it. This game is literally "walk down the hallway, spam fireballs at the braindead enemies, rinse repeat". There are no complex systems. There is no combat depth. There is nothing interesting here. This game is boring.. This is fantastic! The gesture system for spells feels really good. I can't wait to find more spells! The atmosphere is genuinely creepy. I haven't been this cautious moving through a VR game ever. Please don't ever add giant spiders. I'll never be able to finish the game hahaha. I do wish there were some sort of melee attack though. When the enemies get the jump on me, its a huge pain to fight back. *Disregard this, I got a little further in the game and theres a spell for that. I had to stop because of a very rough bug where the game slows to a crawl once the letters for the compass directions appear. I'm glad I was kneeling when it hit the first time I did the ritual. Not everyone has this issue it seems, just brace yourself for it the first time. *The developer is already aware of this bug. Get in the discussions for the game if you need help or to report bugs. He's responding super quick, which I really appreaciate! Other than that and occasional object getting stuck to my hand, this game is going places.. Great adventure game - really like the exploration and magic! Some of the environments seem really great, although it is difficult to see them properly as it is very dark.

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