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Long Gone Days is an RPG that imagines the world of war that's coming for us, told from the perspective of civilians and deserters, with a focus on language barriers and th 5d3b920ae0

Title: Long Gone Days
Genre: Indie, RPG, Early Access
Release Date: 28 Mar, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 Ghz dual core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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So, It is COOL! I played it to the end of 1 Chapter and it was really great. I enjoyed my evening. I am waiting for the next chapters as in Kentucky Zero, because it is very interesting how it will develop. The game has it minuses, but on the whole it is 4.9 / 5. I've been waiting for this game since the demo was released a long time ago, I followed the development on a monthly basis since and have been keeping tabs on where this game would be going. Fast forward to a month ago and you can imagine that I was happy to hear the game would be released. A little disgruntled that it would be under early access, but at least there was a game to play. So now that its out how does it hold up? pretty well to be short. In more detail the game is about a soilder who deserts his army that he was raised in and ends up fighting against them to protect civilians. In the plot you meet different party members who will fight with you and you will have sets of quests for each area you are in. Now the gameplay is split up into clear sections, which go from small subquests to fighting sections. The subquests are usually collecting items for people, and picking up flavour text, but these are important becuase they lead into you getting morale, which is this games equvilant to MP, so try to complete them all. The fighting sections are longer than your typical RPG style fight and require a bit more item managment. This isnt the type of game where you can stockpile items untill the end and never use some, from fight 1, you will be using healing items and damage dealing items. This system makes fightiing tense and it makes you thankfull when the next quest section is coming in so you have some breathing time and a bit of develpment of your characters. Overall the game has some issues, its fairly on rails, with the only real freedom you have being whether you want to do the quests or not, but it isnt a bad thing. The game wouldnt feel right if you had all the freedom in the world, and the game works well with what it has. The writing is solid in my opinion, though its hard to say for sure if it will maintain its solid level in future since the only thing released right now is Chapter one. I only faced one bug, and thanks to some smart saving from myself it only took me back a few seconds, so its harly worth mentioning. Overall I think that this game is great and I can;t wait to see how it develops in future. The whole game with almost all quests done, reading all text was about 4/5 hours, but I feel compeled enough to replay it, and there will be more released in future, so I think the cost is justified and that the game is worth it.. It's a really good game, I was happy with the new changes after the demo I played of the game. The soundtrack and the places you move around goes well with the atmosphere the game tries to gives us, A pre-war zone.. So, It is COOL! I played it to the end of 1 Chapter and it was really great. I enjoyed my evening. I am waiting for the next chapters as in Kentucky Zero, because it is very interesting how it will develop. The game has it minuses, but on the whole it is 4.9 / 5. story: interesting, hands down. gameplay: ok, i like how they implement the morale system but i still didn't enjoy the battle system bcos i still struggle with trying to buff/heal the party while at the same time attacking the enemies. controls: ok, but i wish they let me use game controllers for controls too. music: some of the tracks bore me out quickly unfortunately art: i love the pixel art and the sci-fi aesthetic in this game. also, good colour choices. overall: very good. not 100% recommendable due to it's early access status, but i would recommend it if you like stories about war, sci-fi, visual novels and RPGs combined.

Launch Date & Trailer Reveal! : Hi everyone! We are glad to announce Long Gone Days will be launching on March 28th , and here's a shiny new trailer to celebrate! Long Gone Days - 2018 Trailer We have also updated our FAQ [] and our PressKit [] with brand new info, but feel free to ask any questions regarding our Early Access here. Thanks to everyone for your constant support, and remember to follow us on Twitter , Tumblr [] and Facebook [] to get the latest news about the game.. Simplified Chinese Demo Released! : Good news! The Simplified Chinese version of the demo has been released, thanks to Indienova Project Gutenberg [] 's team: Alwaysmadowl, , West, , , benzoin, Gabriel, , Canny, KENNY FENG, V, craft, , daqicheng, SisseL, Paledust, shawn.. Last Update of 2017! : Hi people! It's almost the end of the year, we can't believe how fast time flies. Since the last update we posted here on Steam, we have shared plenty of stuff besides screenshots. For those interested in game development, some weeks ago we published an article about our map creation process [] . We hope it can be of use! We also shared a shorter article on our devlog about our custom Event System [] , and how we use it to create a simple cutscene like the one below: Anyway, those are just some of the things we shared since the last update, but there's plenty more on our Devlog [] . We'll be updating the Screenshots of the Store Page since a lot of things have been improved since then.. Chinese Localization : We are currently integrating Chinese in the demo of Long Gone Days, thanks to the amazing people at Indienova s Project Gutenberg [] : Alwaysmadow, , West, , , benzoin, Gabriel, , Canny, KENNY FENG, V, craft, , daqicheng, SisseL, Paledust, shawn.. Important Update : Hi everyone! We have posted a very important update regarding our upcoming release. You can check the announcement on our devlog [] . Don't hesitate to reach to us via email, social media, or even leaving a comment here if you have any questions.. Long Gone Days at Tokyo Game Show 2016! : Hello everyone! We are super excited to announce well be attending Tokyo Game Show 2016 next week! If any of you are attending as well, dont hesitate to contact us!. Animated Battlers, Portraits and more! : Hi people! It's been a while since we updated the Steam Store page, so here's a summary of the most relevant news. As you can see on the GIF above, enemies are now animated during battles! We are also adding more animations depending on the weapon and/or skill used. Another important addition is that portraits are now animated: We've also been working on tons of new maps, characters, outfits, but we don't want to spoil too much (at least not yet!) but here are two of our favorite screens: There are a couple more on our devlog [] too! As always, remember you can follow us on Twitter , Tumblr [] and Facebook [] for the latest news!

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