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This is text adventure game of survival of the astronauts on the orbital station that is lost in time. You will have to take care of the rescue of the station's crew. You will be the key participant in this small team, and lots of complicated riddles and situations will make this adventure even more interesting.

You are granted access to communications with five characters whose acts affect each other. Every astronaut possesses his or her own character, history, and interactions with the other people. The orbital station, the dead planet, the giant's belly, the star's surface - those are some of the real and surreal places, which the members of your crew will have a chance to visit.

- 32 different variants of the ending - from the total horrible destruction (0%) to the happy end (100%)
- Many pictures illustrate conditions of the characters, their gear, and objects
- Go and find the key knowledge to get access to new dialogs and possibilities
- Come to the rescue on time, coordinate the astronauts' work among themselves
- Atmospheric soundtrack 1075eedd30

Title: Lost Crew
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 15 Sep, 2016


I consider myself a veteran of interactive stories genre and a somewhat skeptical person, but I have to admit that Lost Crew did really impress me.


* Great immersive story. You really want to find a way to help those people and find out what's going on.
* Lots and lots of branches to take and secrets to uncover.
* Surprisingly good and enjoyable prose (*I played the original russian version)
* Its stylish and atmospheric with a nice futuristic sci-fi setting
* Its insanely hard to reach any real ending, much less the perfect one. The best I did was 67% happy ending. But each time you really want to try and make it work!
* It has somewhat unique interactive fiction game mechanics. You won't find another game like it on Steam and I doubt you've ever played something like this before.

* The 'tutorial' at the beginning is really messy and will likely annoy you. Please suffer through it.
* There is lots of trial and error and restarting. But each time there's something new, so you won't ever be bored.
* Again, very hard. There is no full walkthrough that I know of, so prepare to fail if you're not persistent enough.

Much respect to the developers, really hope to see new titles.. A quite ingenious and very well put together game.

I normally despise puzzles but the storytelling, plot and craft to this really took me by surprise. There's an awful lot to discover in this game considering its engine.

Very much worth it at the price, a novel experience.. Story is well thought out and very engaging. Interesting puzzles. Great game.. If you like puzzles via trial and error then you would like this game. If you are extreamly bored and want to sink a few hours in, then you might want to try this game. Im one of those people that judges games by hours of fun per dollar and I can say it kept me interested for around 5 hours (until I beat it and decided to not go achivment hunting). Here is a small preface to help you understand on what you will get.

So you you are in charge of making sure the crew survives, however you are you and you can only communicate to the crew via some weird mind communication thingymadoodad. In an effort to save spoilers the crew's ship is geting to get destroyed in 6 ingame hours and you gotta communicate to and for the crew on how to survive. Luckily for you the ship is stuck in a timeloop, and you can just reset the whole thing at your leisure (with exception of one part). However it affects the ending somewhat<\/span><\/span>

Now personally this game wasent bad, I mean it could of been better, but alot of games can be better. I like the idea of the crew being stuck in a timeloop and how each crew memeber has their personality. The writing is well and descriptive, although this was made by a russian company so the english translation can be faulty at times. There is this key facts system in place that allows you to remember some things you from a alternate cycle, which allows you to do things you couldent do in the past.

If your curious on what the bad stuff is, it follows:

  • The game isnt a puzzle as it is more of a trial and error game with the rougelike element of having to redo everything from the start, this can get really tiresome.
  • The limitations of the game are clear and extreamly linear. Even if you know the answer some questions, because you did not experience it in the right way you cannot choose the way you really wanna go.
  • There is no way to pause the game, but if you tap the ESC key it closes the game (dont worry the game saves itself everytime it closes). This is frustrating as I tended to press the key accidently to bring up the menu a few times, only to get sent to my desktop.
  • Some parts of the game require timing the idea is soild but it requires you to listen to the music and if you screw up just a tad you have to restart most of the game over again.
  • Some parts of the game change randomly with each cycle, A good idea in concept but if you dont read carefully as you click really fast to get back to where you reset you might end up clicking the wrong one because the answers changed. Also some parts there is trial and error, and the question changes which means you just have to get lucky twice in a row or spend alot of time restarting. How am I suppose to know how deep im suppose to dig in basalt or tuff?<\/span><\/span>

    There are probably alot more but I dont want to turn you away, it is a game well worth 2 dollars and this is the first game these devs made. (atleast according to steam)

    TLDR, just buy the game and make your inference. If I was force to rate this game out of 10 I would give it a 6\/10.<\/li><\/ul>. If you like puzzles or games that touch on time travel you may like this game.

    The player is tasked with saving the crew of a space station that is falling out of orbit. Your only tools are your wits, a comm device, and the ability to bend time backwards. As the crew faces their many trials and gruesome deaths, you will come to understand more if the mystery surrounding the station and the planet it orbits.

    The game itself is engaging, well written, (which is saying something, as it is translated from Russian) and the characters seem really fleshed out for such a bargain bin experience. Some players might get annoyed with the mechanic of having to loop back to the start after each "failure". You usually obtain useful information with each wrong decision, but again, users might find it tedious.

    Overall I would consider the game a success and recommend that anyone interested in puzzles, text adventures or just looking for a few cheap hours of entertainment buy this game. It's $2, people, it's worth it if you have the time to actually play it.. The very beginning was a little more frustrating and obfuscated than it really had any right to be, and there's a lot of questionably-translated English throughout, but if you can look past those problems there's a really enjoyable story and characters to be had in here. There's also a generally frustrating trial-and-error nature that this game inherits from its Zork-esque roots, but the game rather cleverly rolls that into a narratively-justified gameplay mechanic, so you shouldn't end up losing too much time to restarting and it never gets TOO bogged down as long as you've got a mind to do a bit of multitasking.

    6\/10 - Fun little game that's somewhere between a VN, oldschool point-and-click adventure games, and even older-school text adventures.

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