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About This Game

Locked in her one-room apartment, Maggie Mallowne must uncover the mysterious celebrity conspiracies of the outside world by talking to her neighbors through her apartment walls.

Who is this squishy marshmallow girl? Why is she locked in? Does she have chocolate or strawberry filling? Only Maggie can answer these questions for certain, but it’s up to you to ask her why, when and how.

Maggie’s Apartment is a “one-room” point and click game centered on Maggie’s mysterious involvement with superstar Randy Rosebud. Fully voice acted and animated, Maggie’s Apartment is heavily built on dialogue accompanied by unique animations that match actions and item combinations. As you investigate, you’ll use Maggie to meet plenty of wild personalities like Mrs. Marinara, Hector Cheese, and Beauty the radish. Maggie doesn’t mind being locked in all alone, but maybe you will. Pointing and clicking, chewing and swallowing, dragging and dropping, and living and breathing are all things you will have the pleasure to experience in the company of Maggie’s Apartment.

Purchase includes an 8-song soundtrack featuring some of Randy Rosebud's greatest hits... and more!

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Title: Maggie's Apartment
Genre: Adventure
Anatola Howard, Duncan Cross
Anatola Howard
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2017


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I have never written a review, but I felt like I needed to for this game. The story is well-paced, the characters and environment are illustrated wonderfully, the soundtrack and voice-acting was some of the best I've heard in a while. It was reminiscent of old point-and-click games I played as a kid, but still original and fresh. Please play this game.. There were a few things about this game that irked me. The transitions to get outside took a while, I got lost once or twice because I couldn't find the right thing to click on and some of the puzzles were teetering on moon logic. But overall, I think this game knows what it is, and manages to play to its strengths.

Maggie's Apartment is a short single room point and click. It gets in, tells a story it has to tell and gets out. Do I wish it was a little bit longer? Yes. Am I happy with the time I got with the game? Also yes. The opening cinematic does, as other reviews put it, use great use of cinematography to establish the mood of this story.

So I'm going to reccomend you give this game a try. The art is beautful, the voice acting is fun, and the story is interesting and revealed in such away that it will keep you guessing all the while.. It is a short story point and click game, but with a satisfying and invested story. Not to mention that it is accompanied with its charming artstyle to suit it. I can't say much about it since it would be spoilers. But all I can say is, it is not what anyone would expect at all. If you want a surprising and eventful story, go for this.

I just finished playing it, and am like. "WHOA, PHOO. WOW."

It is something that you just have to play it yourself and experience.. A memorable, lushly animated, surprisingly dark and claustrophobic classic li'l adventure game. Why isn't this on the front page. Steam is broken.. FANTASTIC GAME!!!! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story keeps you on edge, I couldn't wait to figure out the mystery and I was not dissapointed. All the characters were well fleshed out and fun to talk to, and the items were easy to interact with, while the puzzles were still challenging enough to make you think through things. I can't wait to play it again!!! (also the music and voice acting was hella good, 10/10). There's something refreshing about Maggie's Apartment that I can't quite put my finger on.

Something that's important to know going in is that it's a very small, self-contained story. It feels like you're learning just as much about Maggie and her relationships as you are about the mystery. I'm not going to spoil what happens, but the game definitely has some interesting commentary on celebrity culture and idolization.

I really like the art style in this. It has kind of an 80's quality to it, for lack of a better description. Lots of highly-saturated colors and dramatic, rubbery character designs reminiscent of the work of Craig McCracken or David Feiss (the person who animated this is a Calarts student if you couldn't already tell). I dig the designs of Rascal and Randy in particular- they're both very funny and memorable. I know it's not a huge deal for point n' click games to be hand-animated, but I think it's honorable here nonetheless, especially given how much care is given when it comes to basic movements, like climbing onto a couch.

As with many point n' click adventure games, Maggie's Apartment can be a little cryptic sometimes- there are points where you have to exhaust every single character's dialogue options (sometimes multiple times) to advance the plot. Keep that in mind particularly when talking to Rascal. The game also doesn't explain this right away, but instead of having an inventory, you just click and drag objects in the room to other objects. Sometimes both objects are move-able, and sometimes only one, like when objects need to interact with the window or the Randy poster.

I was kind of hoping the game would have some branching paths, but it appears to be a series of puzzles based around a linear, predetermined path. This is honestly fine by me- it's a game made by a couple of art students, not programmers. Play this game for the art, the story, and the comedy, but it's probably not what you want if you're looking for a challenge.. A great mystery with rich characters and a story you can get invested in. gameplay is simple without being boring. also ive had most of the soundtrack stuck in my head all day!. this was not that bad. It really could have been longer. I was still waiting on an explanation on why Maggie had to eat Beauty. (Spoiler) Nice little Indie Game though. Dont get your hopes up to high though if getting this.They story was a little interesting. Unique art style. liked it. Not bad, but not great.

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