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Original Title: Manhunt

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller



















































Death-row inmate James Earl Cash awakens from his "execution" to discover that prison officials were bribed to fake his death and deliver him into the clutches of a snuff film ring that wants to use him as its newest star.
Manhunt is like a super-violent Truman Show. It is a very dark, disturbing and creepy video game. Most certainly NOT to be played by children or teenagers. There are no heroes here. Only villains. Not one single character is the type of person you'd want to run into a dark alley with. Including the main character. The game is filled with nothing but thugs, Neo-Nazi skinheads, psychopaths, corrupt police officers, lots of cursing, gore, and violence. The star of Manhunt is a serial killer on Death Row who goes by the name of James Earl Cash. On the day he's set to be executed, they take him to the chamber and he is then put to death....or was he? It turns out the "lethal injection" he received was nothing more then a strong sedative. In one of the first scenes, Cash wakes up in a locked dark hospital-like room, alive and well. Over the intercom a strange man's voice speaks to him and tells him to put on a wireless earpiece that is on a table next to him. He does this and then the voice tells him that if he does exactly as he says, he promises that this will be over before the night is out. Cash then enters a Hellish City and is told that the streets are being patrolled by gangs. That they are scum.....just like him. And that they are there to hunt him down and cut him up. The voice tells him that he will try to direct him the best that he can but other then that, Cash is on his own. Cash now has to sneak around the dark ghetto and stealthily kill gang members with whatever objects he can get his hands on since he is completely unarmed and outnumbered. If Cash can get past the first gang, he will have to take on many other gangs afterwards. Same rules apply with each gang he takes on. After he is done with one gang, he has to drop all his weapons and start off on the next level yet again with no weapons and has to use whatever weapons and objects he can get his hands on. In this whole process, he is being recorded by surveillance cameras which is being watched by "The Director," the man speaking to him through the earpiece. It turns out this man has the power to pull a killer off Death Row and place him into an enclosed city where he has to fight to stay alive amongst gangs and what not. It's a night of kill or be killed for the delight of The Director. If James Earl Cash does as The Director directs, he might just survive with his sanity..........and quite possibility his life.
*Possible Spoilers* Manhunt, the latest from Rockstar North, creators of the notorious Grand Theft Auto games, have branched out into Manhunt. Manhunt is a stealth game, and a great one at that.

I will not mention the story, as you can simply look up into the Plot Summary to get your details. I will say that the cutscenes are few, and at first glance the story doesn't really develop at all. But that isn't so. Unlike most games, Manhunt's story is progressed IN THE LEVELS. If you watch the situations that James Earl Cash is put in frequently, you see how his, and even Starkweather's characters develop.

Cash turns from a menace to society to a tragic hero, and Starkweather is revealed as a pitiful creature, who can only feel worthwhile by watching others suffering. Especially the level where he takes some things VERY personal to Cash, if you play that level, and the subsequent cutscene, you'll really see when the story becomes more than graphic gratuity.

Now on to the Gameplay. It's wonderful. It's really not like much that has been out before it. The Director (Starkweather) has Cash hide in the shadows) and the only way he can get through the night is by killing several gang members in the corrupt, impoverished, ****hole Carcer City. These games were hired by Starkweather to play the cat and find the mouse in these Manhunts. The thing is, Starkweather also wants Cash to kill these gang members in a special way.

Executions with melee weapons are what he wants. This is done by trailing behind the would-be Cash killers with your weapon, locked on to the back of their head, waiting to power up three different levels of gruesome death. There are several weapons in the game, and Cash can carry one of each type at a time. 1 big weapon (like a baseball bat, Shotgun, etc.) 1 small weapon (machete, hammer, revolver, etc.) one single use item (like a plastic bag or wire) and one throwing item (like a bottle, a brick, or the decapitated head of a gang member.)

The executions are wonderful, and are seen from a security camera, in other words, what Starkweather films. It's hard to get tired of the executions, but right when it happens things get switched up with the introduction of firearms.

This leads us to Graphics. The graphics in this game are beautiful. They use the same graphics engine as Vice City and Grant Theft Auto 3, but it has been severely powered up for this game. All the buildings are a washed out, uncaring gray. The entire city reeks of corruption, crushed dreams, and death, there nary is a happy moment or colorful place in the whole city. The cutscenes are beautiful, however sometime rats crawl around on the ground, and they look rather bad. On the whole, the game is beautiful.

Sound. Sound, in a stealth game, needs to be one of the most important components, and in Manhunt, it is. The ambient, yet rather dark, score is reminiscent of John Carpenter's own, and there's a moment in one of the later levels, where I was in a deserted casino, holed up in the highest indoor room there, and fending off a legion of corrupt cops. Since only a few bullets will stop Cash, it was quite difficult, and the way it mixed with the score is a moment I shall not forget. Aside from the score, the sound of the game is wonderful as well. Gunshots ring loud and clear, hitting a wall makes a scarily clear thud, especially with a gang member breathing down your throat. It sets up tension like almost no game I've ever played, except probably Metroid Prime.

I give the game a 9.7 out of ten. If you have any kind of built up anger from a day of hard work, just sit down, turn on your Playstation and put in Manhunt, the ultimate game to take your rage out on. With dozens of varied and very violent ways to execute exceptionally hate able characters this is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth for gore. Done in a cctv camera style, this is an original, addictive and challenging stealth game that in fact requires a lot of time and thought. The only drawback with it is the later levels where stealth kills are no longer the way to succeed; it's an array of fun but repetitive gunfights. But don't let me give you the wrong idea; this along with Max Payne and San Andreas is easily Rockstar's finest offering, well most violent anyway. Vicious, blood thirsty and good fun.


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