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OVERWHELM Activation Code [Ativador]

OVERWHELM Activation Code [Ativador]

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About This Game

  • OVERWHELM is an action horror-world platformer where enemies power-up and you don’t.
  • Horror-world Exploration: Explore the oppressive caverns of the hive, guided only by a sparse map. Enemies can appear from anywhere at any time.

  • Bosses Give Enemies Power-Ups: As you defeat each of the five unique bosses, their abilities get distributed to the enemies of the world with escalating difficulty.

  • Tactile, Tense Combat: Combat is crunchy and fast. One hit and you die. Three deaths and the run is over. Defeat bosses in different orders to optimize your playthrough.

  • Intense Soundtrack & Soundscape: The sparse but powerful soundscape keeps you focused and scared. The soundtrack provides occasional ominous synths to compliment intense boss fights and big moments.

Genre: Action, Indie
Ruari O'Sullivan
Release Date: 11 Jun, 2018


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You are thrown into vague goal - collect 5 crystals.
you havw a map, 5 glowing targets, and a gun.
You can jump, air uppercut for more height + punch enemies and you can shoot.
you can also wall jump, Mario style. ( no ninja gaiden clinging to walls, you drop like a stone if you don't jump off )

You die in one hit, and if that happens - the area of the screen starts to lose the edges as a light source, making a smaller circle of the screen visible.
Die again, and they srhink it even more.

Did I mention you die in one hit?
Also, your ammo doesn't recover - and as it gets low - the light source can get REALLY small. You can't see your hand in front of your face.

Did I mention you die in one hit?

You find a crystal, and then it becomes a boss.
Partway through the fight, the lights flicker on and off, now the boss is gone...or is it?

Pretty good atmosphere.
Good challenge ( and they added an assist mode for ppl to enjoy the game if it's too hard )

As you kill enemies, the HIve grows stronger. enemies start to climb walls, spit acid, and it stacks for each boss you defeat.

good stuff.. Good stuff.. This is the one exception in which judging the book by it's cover could be put to use, because of course OVERWHELMing you is everything the game's trying to do against you. That one article describe this game the best by calling it essentially a reverse megaman, you could choose which bosses out of the 5 you're going to deal with first ensuring a certain route through the branching map of the game that could somewhat ease your journey, there's also a pre-boss battle corridor further proving it's homage.

But the ones getting new abilities won't be you, the game will morph twist and turn itself against you based on the boss you just defeat, a sub-par facehugger will start walking on walls and materializing offensive slurs to spit on you, alien bees will inject themselves with steroids, etc. The droning sound design only compliments the oppresive flow of the game with slices of silence in between.

Despite the one-hit lifespan you're given 3 lives that could be replenished by accomplishing some actions like killing bosses, despite the limited ammo your rifle hits harder than the realization that you're adopted, these mean that a good majority of deaths will probably be your fault. The game's hard like that in case you haven't figured it out just yet, but it's certainly doable. The one thing this game could work with is probably some replayability value because after beating it once there's not much else to do unless you're a speedrunner or some sort. Some random spawn teaks could probably do this game justice by not spawning facehuggers right in the place where the camera would switch.

Overall it's a fun, short, opressing experience especially considering there's only one guy working on this, 8/10. Gameplay is okay, but a horrible, annoying sound constantly plays every time you are on your last life. With no way to turn that off without muting the game completely, I'm gonna have to give this one a pass.. This game is for a very particular audience of players and is by no means perfect, but I enjoyed it a lot.

The concept of "enemies get power up, you don't" is amazing and with every boss defeated the game world itself becomes more treacherous and dangerous (the enemy placement is always randomized). Also, subsequent bosses will be more erratic, with your characters hallucinating more often, which leads to the bosses teleporting and to all kinds of little tricks to unnerve you. Overall, you have to plan your route by considering the difficulty of the bosses, the difficulty of how to get to the bosses and the powerup that your next target will give to the Hive. Every route has pros and cons and you have to plan the most efficient way for you to make it out alive.

The controls are responsive and satisfying but most of all, the atmosphere is amazing. It's scary, extremely tense and the great sound design contributes to making the player feel uncomfortable. Yes, even the LAST CHANCE sound is a perfect fit, but can be turned off if you find it so annoying. Getting to the last remaining bosses while nowhere is safe anymore, vicious enemies pop out of every corner and you are killed again and again until your last life is an incredibly draining experience, but in a good way. Completing the game without assist mode feels like a titanic accomplishment (I suggest not turning that on, since the games loses its very purpose and 99% of its longevity, since it's a very short game and if you set unlimited lives it will last very little).

The game has big fariness issues at times, though. The camera does not accurately follow you 100% of the time, and seems to be anchored to specific "zones". When you exit these zones, the camera follows you with a delay and that can cause you to run into some scorpion or flying enemy you coulnd't even see. This problem is minor if you play the game slowly and carefully, but sometimes you just want to blaze through an area you already did a lot of times. The issue is particularly evident when you are at 4 crystals (more enemies all around and no safe zones) and at 5 crystals (I won't spoil it but you'll have to move lighting fast and colliding with things you couldn't even see is very unfair in that very tense situation). Also, the Kraken boss moves its tentacles in such a way that they become impossible to dodge in certain situations. Once, I had a spider dropping onto me THROUGH A SOLID PLATFORM, making me lose a life in a pivotal moment. That is not fair at all.

So I can't really recommend Overwhelm at full price, because it can be an incredibly frustrating experience at times. But this discounted price is perfect, especially if you like ungodly challenge and a constant sensation of tension and discomfort. When everything clicks, Overwhelm is a little masterpiece, so you should really try it.. The core mechanics are way too plain for the game to orbit around them for so long without expanding them
The idea that as you progress the enemies are the ones who level up instead of you sounds interesting in paper but its executed in a very mediocre way. One of my favorite games this year, Overwhelm makes the act of just running, jumping, and shooting so much fun that I keep coming back again and again.

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