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Pizza Express is a fast-paced restaurant simulation for Windows, developed by one-man studio Onni Interactive, where you'll join the laborious Gastone and 5d3b920ae0

Title: Pizza Express
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Onni Interactive
Black Shell Media
Release Date: 25 Jun, 2015


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Extremely detailed and expansive management sim + tense, reflex-testing pizza-making marathons. It manages to feel both very fun and very tiring. Honestly, this game feels like hard work! With the stakes being raised each business day, you feel a constant pressure to do more, better, faster or lose everything. With the stress comes great relief and a sense of accomplishment from surviving another throng of customers. Best in short bursts but has enough content to keep you playing for a long time.. A simple idea (making pizzas) made fresh with the addition of cute characters, funny dialogue, colourful 8 bit era graphics and catchy (if a tad repetitive) music.. I am unexpectedly delighted with this game! I grew up during the DOS years, and have seen gaming evolve over several decades. I never thought that something that nowadays looks so primitive on the surface would entertain me for so many hours! Pizza Express is a casual game in which you build your pizza restaurant in order to be top in the town. Gameplay revolves around two phases: planning and business hours. During Planning, you find out what new ingredients you've earned, create new pizzas to put on your menu, spiff up your restaurant with furniture & special deals for customers, buy advertising, and set work hours. One of the cool things is that you can create your own pizzas to put on the manu, even customizing the name to make them easier to remember. They can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. During Business Hours, notify your carpal tunnel to be on the lookout! It's a fast-paced build-a-pizza sim where you construct each pizza pie in the orders before the customers lose their patience. Up to 6 pizzas per order, these come directly from your menu. You can mouse-over the name to remind yourself of the recipe. If you make a mistake, just start a new pie. The game simplifies baking and giving to the customers -- a simple click on the pie will send the pizza on its way! Pros: + Fully customizable Pizzas: have up to 30 unique pizzas on your menu. + Customizable ingredients UI: choose which ingredients you want to use and where they go. + Customizable work schedule: make your day longer or shorter. + Upgrades for: Ingredients, furniture in the restaurant, tables, etc. + Advertising options to fit any budget. + Decent and varied soundtrack Neutral: Controls are a bit wonky during the tutorial. If in doubt, press Space. During regular gameplay, things work fine. 160 Achievements -- eek! Most of them can be gotten by playing through the story, and also making items over time. Cons: + Story segments are often quite long, and usually bring out the negative side in one of the characters. (Gets a bit tedious over time). I'm still amazed that I have been entertained for so many hours. Pizza Express has that addictive "one-more-turn" gameplay, and the enticement to see what will happen next in the storyline. After 6 hours I'm about half-way through the story.. An incredibly fun and addicting game for anyone who is into cooking games, or tycoons/simulators. Here's a gameplay & review video that showcases all the features I'm going to talk about Pizza express gives you control over so many aspects that come with running a restaurant business. The details are what make the game so satisfying to play. You choose open and close times for the restaurant, cater to vegans and lactose-intolerant customers by creating pizzas with your own chosen ingredients, and purchase different types of advertisements that have different effects. For example, you can spam people's email inboxes for a cheap price, but it is frowned upon and won't be as effective as a giant billboard by the road. Although going into the game I wasn't expecting to be introduced to characters or story, they're actually very well written, engaging and fun to go along with. You have choices that branch the story's path, which makes the game even more interesting. Going back to the level of control the game gives you, bankruptcy is a thing that can happen in this game. If you aren't careful, and buy more ingredients, give out too many free drinks, and make too many mistakes, you CAN run out of money. If you're careful, it won't ever happen, but it's nice to know that your choices matter. There's so much to talk about, but I really think if you like the sound of what I've already mentioned, then you should give the game a try. One of my top 2 cooking/restaurant running games I've ever played.. I first saw this game on greenlight ages ago, and I'm glad they were able to release it! Controls are a bit awkward at the start, as you have to use both mouse and keyboard to navigate the menu, but you quickly get the hang of it. As someone who has played a lot of management game, this one is a very good example of the genre. Complete control, have a lot of basic pizzas or really complicated ones, invest heavily in advertising or not, it's up to you.

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