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Police Helicopter Simulator Serial Number

Police Helicopter Simulator Serial Number

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About This Game

With the Police Helicopter Simulator, you can now experience the daily routine of a helicopter pilot.

During your career, you take on tasks that become more and more 5d3b920ae0

Title: Police Helicopter Simulator
Genre: Simulation
Aerosoft GmbH
Release Date: 8 Nov, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64Bit)
  • Processor: Quad-Core with 2.6


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Unfortunately, Police Helicopter Simulator is not very good. The option of u201cUS or German settingsu201d means that a tiny handful of models are swapped out, but with a lot untouched. This does means that the cops in the police station are now walking around dressed like US beat cops while the control room operator and your own co-pilot are still wearing Polizei jumpsuits (complete with German flag insignia and u2018POLIZEIu2019). All the scenery remains unchanged, as do the town names. East on your compass is even still u201cOu201d (for u201cOstenu201d). The actual translation is equally appalling and shonky, as is the dialogue and voice acting. There is no manual, and no flight lessons. The only way to figure out what the controls are is to go into a menu once youu2019re actually playing the game. The controls cannot be reconfigured in any way, so you are stuck with the presets. On a gamepad, the means the triggers are your collective (or as the game calls it, u201cthrustu201d). The actual flight model is appalling. Because there is no way to reconfigure the controls, the sensitivity means you are throwing the helicopter around the sky. Extremely heavy use of the pedals is needed to change heading. The game limits how far you can pitch and roll, which is just as well as the sensitivity would result in your tumbling hopelessly if it didn't restrain you. There is almost no sense of weight, so you can ascend far faster than you realize, or likewise land far more heavily than you realize. I slammed down hard several times on helipads with no ill effects, and likewise touched down gently in a field only for my patrol to immediately end because I had damaged the helicopter too much. Travelling anywhere is just sawing at the controls trying to maintain a steady attitude, heading, and altitude. The description mentions "flight dynamics for beginners and advanced players" but if this actually means you can choose a more advanced flight model, I sure as heck couldn't find the option to change it. Inside the cockpit, your co-pilot just sits there looking around expectantly. Neither you nor her actually touch any of the controls apart from the pedals. The majority of the instruments in the cockpit are not functional u2013 many that are, are tiny, blurry, and unlit, making them impossible to read. A vertical speed indicator that you could actually use would go some way to helping you maintain straight and level flight, as opposed to accidentally flying too high (which is likewise an instant mission failure) The missions are boring. Fly around at random on patrol and hope you see something happen. Oh look, a ship leaking into the water. Automatically reported to control, nothing else happens. VIP needs a ride? Land next to them, fly to their destination, land again. Missing person? Fly around a random area hoping you spot them (the mission script might will trigger that you see them even if you, the player, havenu2019t). Multiple choice options to report the status, which determines how control dispatches assistance, and you hover and watch. The world itself is boring. Endless forests, towns of dense buildings abutted by more forest. No streetlights or building lights come on when night falls u2013 only a few hangars at the otherwise lifeless airport, maybe a sign at a service station. Car headlights are tiny and hard to see. SimCopter was over 20 years ago and superior in almost every aspect. The cities were big and convincing; the missions frequent, varied and exciting. You had ten helicopter models to choose from and lots of additional equipment. You had direct control over dispatching support units on the ground. You could get out and walk around to assist. The world was lively, funny, alive. The flight model was clunky but at least it was smooth. $30 is far too expensive. You could buy GTA V just to fly around aimlessly in a helicopter and have a better time in terms of the graphics, physics, and experience. ArmA3 has superior physics and modelling, to say nothing of Bohemiau2019s dedicated helicopter game Take On Helicopters, which is seven years old now and better in every conceivable way, from flight model to missions to graphics.. This game needs a dramatic amount of work. It should have not been put on the store in this state. The missions I was able to complete were timed and the helicopter took a minute to take off wasting time. On day one mission failed because I went to high. To be clear there was no indication that there was a maximum height I could fly at. Day two when I found what I was looking for I was told to stay on site and decided to set down the helicopter to wait and save fuel but even coming close to the ground cause the mission to end saying that the helicopter took to much damage. Also the training was poorly put together, and the dialogue seemed to have no thought behind it.. A short and clear Review for everyone who is interested in buying this game and wants to know what they will get for 20 Euros or wherever they come from. Missions: The Missions are boring and not detailed you basically hover around the mission area till a few Vehicles from Police, Fire Station or Ambulance come around. After that the mission is over nothing happens in between nothing happens while your backup comes and nobody on the roads stop for the people who had crashes or major accidents I cant write much about other missions because after I quit the game the other day and wanted to play it again the next one I never got into the game again (never got over the loading screen). Besides one other mission which was a state visit where I hovered around the mission area for about 30 minutes and nothing happens other missions never showed up for me or didnt spawn (the cars for the mission never popped up I just couldnt find them even with hovering over the marker dedicated for it). Helicopter Controls: The Helicopter Controls are easy to learn but not remappable (very bad in my opinion because I didnt like how you could control the helicopter) I am an Arma Player and wanted to try this out just to see what other games could do in another setting like here a Police Helicopter not Army or other classes. The Controls are okay but nothing Special the ones who look for a complex flying model or crispy clean controls are wrong here (but thats not the group of People that the developer is going for here I think). For others the controls will be pretty easy to learn and not hard at all. Graphics: The Graphics are not good but I didnt expect it from such a game anyway although it surprised me that the Helicopter was nicely modeled and very detailed. Otherwise you are not looking at much here, Trees are not moving when you hover over them neither is Grass which would be a nice feature. Having said that the Performance is horrible I am way over the recommended list with an overclocked 8700k intel processor at 5ghz and a gtx1080ti the game ran smooth and good but not in the fps I expected it to, which means for people who dont have that good of a machine will definietly have problems. All in All it is an alright game for people who dont expect much of a flying model and amazing to good graphics. People who dont care about missions in which nothing happens besides the arriving of Backup Vehicles that do nothing besides standing around till the mission is over. So why do I not recommend it then ? The Answer is simple The Price doesnt make sense 20 Euros are way too much for a game that is basically a mediocre flying Simulator. For 20 Euros I expected something more for example Police or Fireman that really do something at the Places where you at. Also I expected to see at least some basic graphics not graphics that I saw on games from 2014 in which people had animations. Would I recommend it for less ? Thats hard to say I would never pay for a game like this and I like to just fly around and do nothing but even for me this was boring so no I wont recommend it even for less than 20 euros not even for 10. Thanks for reading this review and I hope I could help you.. This game is way to plain. No interaction nothing you get in your heli and fly around. The game is a bit wierd when you come to a demonstarion it ask if it is a calm, agressive or if it ended well you cant realy see if it is calm or agressive wich is bad. You fail your mission if you fly to high which it never warns you about.

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