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About This Game

Potatoman Seeks the Troof is a challenging potatosophical platforming adventure from Pixeljam Games, creator of the classic prehistoric racer DINO RUN.

Potatoman will put your reflexes and worldview to the test as you journey through scorching deserts, dark forests, busy cities, the tallest mountains and eventually your own potato-consciousness in search of the ultimate answer. Are you prepared to face the TROOF?


  • Bone-breaking challenges and intriguing perspectives.
  • A unique story that will make you question everything you knew about potatoes.
  • Squirrels! Vultures! Monkeys! Star Tetrahedrons!
  • The Troof

Some very nice things people have said about Potatoman:

Potatoman will delight, surprise, and challenge you. I had so much fun playing through his little adventure, and I know I’ll replay it many times in the future. And the ending is amazing! Definitely play all the way to the end. ~James Kochalka, American Elf

Potatoman is an awesome bite-sized platformer that is as fun as it is, well, insane. ~Northernlion, Youtube

Good, addictive fun, with a nice balance between level-memorization and hand-eye coordination. ~Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing 7aa9394dea

Title: Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 3 Dec, 2014


What does it mean to be human (or potato) in this possibly infinite universe? How is one supposed to cope with that? What is important in life? What is the truth and where can it be found? Join Potatoman's quest for meaning, in this charming, short platformer.. What does it mean to be human (or potato) in this possibly infinite universe? How is one supposed to cope with that? What is important in life? What is the truth and where can it be found? Join Potatoman's quest for meaning, in this charming, short platformer.

Upcoming Patch 1.0:
Hey everyone!

You've been fixing the clocktower for almost three weeks now and we've been listening to your feedback, watching your livestreams and walkthroughs.

We are currently working on Patch 1.0 (coming soon), to fix some bugs, improve gameplay and movement, based on your comments and suggestions. With it's release we'll list all the changes and fixes that have been made.

Until then, we'll be helping you in the forums!

We hope that you have a good time playing “The Watchmaker” and if you do, please consider leaving a review! It would help us a lot!

. 1.1 Update is OUT NOW!:

Greetings Everyone!

Christmas is almost here and we’ve got a new update for you that includes new gameplay additions, improvements, balancing and bug-fixing! We’d like to thank all of you who helped us to improve the game by providing your valuable feedback.

Check out the patch notes below to see what this update brings you:

  • Added "Year Item" that recovers 1 year of life and that allows to guide the player on the map.
  • Alexander ages 30% faster, but is well compensated with the number of items that recover life.
  • The enemies now die in one fell swoop and they give you 5 items that recover life.
  • Added items that recover life by breaking the vases of level 2.
  • The puzzles were simplified for better feeling and are used more sporadically.
  • The syringes of stamina have been eliminated.
  • The magnetic shield was removed based on players feedback.
  • Loading time has substantially improved.
  • Physics boxes were eliminated.
  • The effect of the shadow is introduced in the second level since it is where it is most occupied and we do not saturate the player with information in the first level.
  • General gameplay improvements.

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts below about what changes you would like to see next.

Lastly, we’d like to thank each one of you for supporting us so far, and share our wishes for a happy New Year!. Pixeljam Presents NOVA DRIFT - A Deep ARPG-SHMUP:
Hello all,

We're excited to announce that after almost 5 years in development, NOVA DRIFT is ready for the world to play:

(Click anywhere that's NOT the 'add to cart' button for more info on the game)

It's an ARPG-Styled space brawler with tons of customization options, depth and polish. Kind of like Asteroids meets Path of Exile...

If you'd like to help us spread the word about launch, please RT!

We hope you love it!

-Miles @ Pixeljam

. FREE GAME OFFER / 80% Off The Entire Pixeljam Collection / 10% Off Nova Drift This Week:
Hello all,

This week we are running a big discount on our entire collection of older games:

Get the bundle for 85% off!

Our newest published title NOVA DRIFT is also discounted 10% this week:

Also, the Nova Drift OST Composer Miles Tilmann (me, actually) is selling his entire 20 year discography for 80% off:

Finally, if you'd like a free game, fill out this survey and share one of our announcements as well (links are in the survey):

Take care,

-Miles @ Pixeljam
. Dino Run 2 Kickstarter & Massive Pixeljam Steam Sale:
Hello all!

2 big things going on:

1) We're in the final week for our Kickstarter campaign for Dino Run 2. Click here to check it out!

2) All of our games are on sale right now, and if you buy them all together it's under 10 dollars, or less depending on how many you already own:

That's it for now... take care!

-Miles @ Pixeljam. Update #3: Potatoman just launched on iOS!:
Hello all,

A quick note that Potatoman just launched on iOS yesterday:

If you know anyone that might like the game on that platform instead of the obviously superior Steam version, let em know :)

Also, we have not forgotten about true controller support for Steam, we've just been busy getting the iOS version up and running.

Until next time.... Update #2 : Controller Deadzone Fix:
Made a slight update today (build 474767) that should help with the controller deadzone issue. Full dpad support coming soon. Also coming soon: trading cards and maybe even some free DLC :). Kickstarter Campaign Live!:

Hello everyone

We are working hard to finish "The Watchmaker", but we need your help to complete it, if you want to support us on kickstarter you can do it by clicking Here .

. We're Crowdfunding For Dino Run, DIY Style:
Hello Potato-Folks,

For those of you that play our other games, you may have heard about Dino Run. It's probably our most popular game, and today we launched something pretty big for it:

We created our own crowdfunding platform to make some major improvements to it.

Dino Run SE is going to be retired, replaced by Dino Run DX. Anyone who owns the current game (SE) will get a free upgrade to DX, and of course a free Steam Key when we release it on Steam.

Estimated Steam launch: late September, about a month from now.

More details on the site.

If you want to help us out, please contribute or retweet this:

Thanks for reading!

-Miles @ Pixeljam. The Watchmaker is coming out on 17th May, has a new story trailer and new demo!:
Hey guys,

it has been a while but we finally have something for you! Release date + brand new story trailer uncovering a little more about our main protagonist Alexander and his story. And on 17th of May you can finally play the full version! But that is not all! We also uploaded a new demo onto Steam so go check it out!

Story trailer:

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