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Psychiatrist Simulator Ativador Download [addons]

Psychiatrist Simulator Ativador Download [addons]

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About This Game

Have you ever wanted to be a psychiatrist? Now you can! Be a shrink for 14 days. Meet 14 patients with unique stories of their lives. Help them with their problems, give them medication, say good word to them or lock them in mental hospital. The choice is yours. Diagnosis, treatment, chosen dialogues have impact on history of patients, so make your choices wisely. There are three patients each day, so there are total 42 visits. Nearly 5 hours of possible dialogues with unique characters. Patients have animated faces that express their emotions.
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Title: Psychiatrist Simulator
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 13 Feb, 2018


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An amazing idea that just needs a little more polish to be awesome.
Add some voice actors, work on the facial animations a bit.
The core gameplay is cool, listen to patients, diagnose them and recommend treatment.
At the current price, what have you got to lose?

https:\/\/\/2K8HQFEW_4A<\/a>. Well, this game was... something. It's really hard to explain how this game is. It's creepy and uncomfortable and it has a lot of really strange issues. It feels much more like a base concept than a full game. As much as I tried to take the game seriously and help people with the given issues they came in about, I couldn't help but consistantly feel... unnerved about basically everything. The people are ugly and creepy and everyone talks through various text-to-speech voices (hell, even you do). It also has some of the worst menus I've ever witnessed, but that really is one of the lesser problems the game has. I honestly can't explain it all that well, but the bottom line is that the game is bad as a game, but is still a unique experience in its own way. I can't recommend this game at all in terms of quality, but if you really want to figure out how downright strange this game actually feels, the only real way is to experience it yourself.. "You should kill yourself" - The worlds greatest psychiatrist.

Also there is a patient by the name of Eric Harris, thats a nice touch.. game wont work when someone knocks on the door i click the dorr and taken to some yellow screen and stuck there. i thought this was a meme game until i started playing it, im now depressed. This game is so horrible lol, most sessions are repetative responses and questions. I had good sessions with a few patients and they ended up dying? Only the narcassits and OCD patients ended up living somehow. I only had one conversation with the drug abuse woman as well... I wish we were able to call in certain patients. Mathew Blaze was a worthless character who never showed up to another session. I gave him conflicting medications to see if it would kill him but nothing happened. I feel as if the diagnosis and medications do not contribute to any part of the game. There is potential for this to become a better game but i don't understand why this half\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665game was released. Felt as if the Dev was trolling us with the facial expressions the patients gave after they spoke as well. Why did i think trying to play this game actually trying to cure the patients was a good idea, I would have had a better time picking the bottom hilarious responses to the characters to see their reactions. This game in all was so terrible and made me want to code the game and dialouge responses myself. Thanks Dev you the ultimate troll for this \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665so called game ahahhaha. I wanted to re-write my old review. But summarize it. So, here goes.

it's a pretty gross, and disturbing game. The game lacks... well, the game play experience of playing a good game.

I'd also like to state, this is just my opinion. Some people may enjoy the experience this game has to offer, but I personally do not. If you're planning on getting this game, don't take this post as a "You should definitely not get it." because as I said, this is my opinion. If you're planning on getting this game, just watch some YouTube videos on it, you might even see what I mean by what I said, and understand my reasoning even more.. GG
check it out , decisions based , you have to read and listen ;D
its fun, interesting and you can learn sth.
the voice speech is not like in the trailer, now.. I mean it's real...

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