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Puzzle Ball is a puzzle game where your main task is to move a ball from the start to the finish. The goal is to complete the level with as many points as possible. The mai 5d3b920ae0

Title: Puzzle Ball
Genre: Casual, Indie
Почежерцев Влад, Кашковский Антон, Бурков Никита
Release Date: 1


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Pretty fun game, as a person that really enjoyed the game Ballance, which is amongst the first in this 'genre', this game seems very much like a modern carbon copy, but I can't say it's a bad thing, since the game does improve in a lot of aspects. Visually and not to mention feature-wise, as there's more types of blocks in the game, however it seems to have stuck to the standard three-ball system. The biggest deal is the level editor & user levels. There are a lot of user levels made that are of pretty great quality, and overall the editor is quite intuitive. Unfortunately the base game doesn't actually feature many "vanilla" levels, and some of them are of really poor quality, but it's counterbalanced by all the user levels. Considering the game doesn't have nor need a story, it can only benefit from that. I can recommend the game, although there are also some otherwise minor issues: Achievements will only be received after exiting the game - they don't seem to work during the game. The tutorial is pretty much pointless - and in my experience it didn't even work properly. Random language errors across some menus, such as finishing a single-player mission. During a multi-monitor setup the game launched on the leftmost monitor as opposed to the primary, and it was a bit of a hassle fixing the resolution, but it worked out eventually. As for some suggestions: Allow us to use mouse camera as well, or at least adjust the tilt of the camera. Expanded zoom option/button so that we can see more of what is around us, without needing to go down a path off-screen we just find out it's locked. Multi-heighted parts in the level editor should show multiple levels while tab is pressed. (Such as ramps should specify the height change) Extra score nuggets (or whatever they are actually supposed to be called) and 'keys' should attach better to the player. I find myself rolling away from the score points until they accumulate and eventually reach me just from me standing still. This is not an issue as the points are received instantly anyway but overall it's kind of weird.. Sadly, really unfinished. I regret buying it now. If you're thinking about buying it just because you played Balance; please don't do it.. This game is some weird mix of 3 different languages and no way to make it just 1 language.. I played this game when it was named Balance, and it was so cool and beautiful. The beautiful environment and the relaxing graphics were amazing so i bought this game hoping for a same experience. It was disappointing. This game is something else. Critical bugs and much, much heavier than balance, even the physics of balance were better.. First review, go easy. To the nay-sayers here I'd advise remembering two things: 1) The game costs just u00a31.99 and 2) Ballance never had a level editor! In all seriousness the levels in Puzzle Ball do seems a touch easy, or their in-game level-ratings are incorrect. The sometimes Russian text is a small bug that shouldn't take too much to fix. I'd like to have access to all the levels shown in the preview video, there are definately some missing from this first release. Graphically the game is fairly good, I am glad to find others who like this genre enough to create a game and add a level editor. I have to say thank you for that. Now, there says there is a Multiplayer option, but I cannot seem to find much information about it, or access it in game, any Ideas? - Also this would be perfect for sharing user-created maps surely? Anyway, for u00a31.99 - If you enjoyed Ballance and fancy something simerlar. Buy Puzzle Ball.

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