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Reboant: Endless dawn is a first person shooting game set in a futuristic star war background. In the near future, human s 5d3b920ae0

Title: Reboant - Endless Dawn
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Early Access
Darklord Ltd., China
Darklord Ltd., China
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2018


  • OS: windows7
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX970

English,Simplified Chinese

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First of all I want to say I play plenty of Audioshield and Onward. I know how FPS games and VR games should feel and work. I feel the creators of Reboant have never played a VR game. FIrst, The Teleporting mechanic is the ONLY good thing (if it can be called that) in the game. The fact you do not actually teleport and use a grappling mechanic makes it feel much better. Now, when I actually try to USE the grappling mechanic, it often does not work or does not go where I want it to go. Now on to the other controls. When using the gun, you are expected to "aim" your controller at the floor when you want to aim forward. This is not how guns work, or feel, and I suspect anyone playing this game for an extended period of time would need surgury to fix hand complications that have developed from being forced to use terrible hand posture. I played for about 10 minutes and my left shoulder actually physically hurts and I probably will not play more VR today to let my body rest from the 10 minutes of terrible gameplay that this game offered. The graphics are fine, except when the "statue" takes over your vision and it turns all blue and bright and blury, it makes my head hurt and is not a pleasent experience. Spoilers a statue hurts your eyes. The game could be good if they fix the gun holding position, add more difficulty to the game, have an actual health bar so you know when you are going to die or not, and make the grappling mechanic work better. But, the game looks like it is going down a dark path so I will be refunding due to this game being one of the worst experiences I have had so far in VR.. Runs poorly. Tremendously laggy feel. Looks nowhere near as good as video and images. Avoid.. very dissapointed in every way.. Honestly really stupid, just a stupid tech demo that isn't even that good graphically because I can't Super Sample anything and it looks blurry AF. The controller angle is all wrong when you pick up a weapon and the reloading is stiff and odd.. Can't even play game to give an opinion. Laggy, laggy,laggy, laggy,laggy. Tracking is haywire, delays on every move I make part where it's suppose to explain how to teleport doesn't even come on at all so I'm just standing there with my laggy arms and jerky movements. Please help me devs. So for now I would say save your money. Will update if I get some assistance.. I'll be fair as it is Early Access . Its a relatively good looking game, screenshots look way nicer then it is, but its still nicely detailed in game. You see your full arms which is a nice touch, snapping to two handed weapons at first seems to work well, reloading is simple , same with putting away your weapons. Movement is a grappling hook hand which is kind of like teleporting, but makes me feel a bit sick because of the way you 'leap' to your destination. Weapons, well, it looks nice, but theres no proper 'aiming' you just roughly point where you want to shoot and base your tracers off where you should be shooting. Not good. The sound of the weapon is so so monotonous , just a 'PLONK PLONK PLONK PLONK', also feels very weak and not very punchy. Enemies are just dump run towards you and die with some that duck behind cover to shoot you, and you have to hug walls and return fire, annoyingly cover does nothing as I Was still getting tagged while hiding , almost laying down to avoid fire. They just run past your friendlies and go straight for you just ignoring their fire. Voice acting from friendlies is pretty awful, annoying dialogue for the most part. Some of the level design just makes me think 'what , why ?!' for example near the beginning you (as a typical game like this does . ) get 'cut off from your team mate and have to find a way around !!11!' , basically a stone / tree / thing just falls over hindering your passage, but considering it had JUST introduced you to the grapple / jump mechanic you think you could LITERALLY just hop over it. but I digress. The tracking or should I Say animation on your hands is very sluggish, theres a delay / slow movement in game from where you actually move your hands to. All in all, I think it needs a hell of a lot of work, but its just a dull shooter in my opinion. I'm sure it could very well turn into something better, but for now, not worth it.

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