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Sakura Clicker - Knight Outfit Torrent Download

Sakura Clicker - Knight Outfit Torrent Download

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Unlock the knight outfit for your main character! 5d3b920ae0

Title: Sakura Clicker - Knight Outfit
Genre: Casual, Indie
Winged Cloud
Winged Cloud
Release Date: 11 Aug, 2015


tl:dr DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY INTO THIS GAME AND JUST PLAY IT FOR FREE, FALSE ADVERTISING ON CARDS, SIDE STEPPING STEAM TAXES BY LINKING TO A PERSONAL ARTIST ACCOUNT PATREON SUBSCRIPTION DO NOT BUY DLC FOR THIS GAME DO NOT BUY CARDS FOR THIS GAME UNTIL BOOSTERS ARE FREED FROM THIS HOSTAGE SITUATION The Steam DLC doesn't count towards booster unlock. In game only to unlock, no in game shop, only in game purchase option goes to a patreon and all discussions end with "just buy off the market" or they'll even say, "gems", but once again, this is ignoring the very glaring problem of not being able to get the booster unlock. The discussion page even has a sticky post that says cards are coming.half a year ago with a n/t = no text. Clearly, people have booster capability and the devolper is ignoring questions on how others may also obtain it. Not being able to unlock booster while others obviously have seals the deal, I know a racket when I see one, but just when you thought broken and discontinued items on steam were bad enough, this is clearly misadvertised as having "trading cards" when the low amount and high prices for the cards AND BOOSTERS clearly screams some of somebodies buddies were given the feature so they can sell the cards while others weren't. At a ransom price for cards in general. .30 cents for one reg card. Is this a f2p that I can spend 40 dollars with my steam wallet or a hostage situation? I'm going to look around for someone to make this right, but for all intents and purposes, DO NOT BUY DLC IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO UNLOCK BOOSTER, SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG HERE AND IT STINKS.. Knight looks nice, but the shoulders and elbow pieces look odd. Also the armor is only on the torso, no leg armor is shown on screen. Nore is anything like a shield, etc. It would have looked better if it had a sword that you could hold or a shield that you could hold. but the weapon addon DLC all it does is give you a weapon on your back :( So can't say I'm a fan of this Knight Outfit. I like it, only cause it is armor and not just some cloth outfit, but I don't like it cause it seems like pieces of it were just an after thought.. The image displayed for this DLC is exactly what you're getting; it's best not to assume anything else. I personally really like the Knight Outfit, and believe it to be well-designed. Though if not for my play-time and enjoyment of the game itself, I'd consider the price of the DLC to be a bit much for what you're actually receiving. Simply put, if you don't openly play this game, implying it's not minimized 24/7, then it may not be worth your purchase.. Reminds me of Saber for Fate/Stay.just with bigger bewbs and hopfully still 14.

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